9 Best Restaurants in Washington for Dinner

Best Restaurants in Washington

Washington DC is one of those cities where new restaurants keep popping up every other day; however, the classics are still considered the best when it comes to providing the best services.

In Washington DC, you will find some of the best restaurants ranging from quick takeout to fine dining; all of these outlets are known to offer an amazing range of delicacies. 

These best restaurants in Washington are known to offer various types of cuisines ranging from Lebanese, French, and Mexican to Ethiopian, Filipino, and good old American dishes.

You will find everything in Washington. You can choose to eat a standout hot dog or iconic burger stand or drive to a specialized restaurant for Vietnamese and Thai cuisines.

Overall, these diners have very high standards. In this article, we will talk about some of the best restaurants in Washington. 

Best Restaurants In Washington DC

Some of the top-notched restaurants that you can find in Washington include:

1. Del Mar

Del Mar is a stunning restaurant that was established by Fabio and Maria Trabocchi, a husband-wife duo. Here, you will find everything related to Italian cuisines and also some Spanish delicacies.

Del Mar has a very nice interior where you will see a mix of stunning patterns and colors right from the plates to the tiles. The staff also wears a custom uniform to match the interiors of the restaurant. 

Overall, the owners have spared no expense in creating the interior of the restaurant; overall, you will notice a Mediterranean touch. The view of the nearby river adds more elegance to the outlet.

As for food, you will find a wide range of delicacies like charcoal baked potatoes with brava and aioli sauce, Andalusian gambas al ajillo, etc. 

2. Altura

Altura is a great fine dining establishment that is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The restaurant is known to offer the best of Italian cuisines that have been inspired by the flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

The outlet was opened by Chef Nathan Lockwood and Rebecca, his wife, in 2011 with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients for its amazing seasonal dishes. 

The interior of Altura looks very elegant, rustic, yet casual. Diners have the choice to choose between roughly 15 tasting menus or a 3-course regular menu.

Here, you will find delicacies like Oregon Fallow venison with Brussel sprouts, trumpet mushrooms, yellow carrot puree, and squid ink tagliatelle with Dungeness crab and roasted with chilies and garlic. 

3. Arrowleaf Bistro

Arrowleaf Bistro is a quaint and charming restaurant that is located in Winthrop, a touristy town in Methow Valley.

This friendly and warm bistro has a very comfortable interior environment; however, you also have the choice to opt for outdoor seating with a view of the river. The menu of Arrowleaf Bistro keeps changing. 

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The culinary team here strives to create everything from scratch. Diners are offered items like the Methow Valley Lamb which is prepared in four different ways to reflect the season.

Or else, you can also opt for the house mage tagliatelle pasta that is filled with cream, upland cress, Parmigiano-Reggiano, garlic, and wild mushrooms.

This restaurant also offers the best local wines and is open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday. 

4. Bakery Nouveau

Bakery Nouveau is another one of the best restaurants in Washington. It is a multi-award winner bakery that is open in two different locations.

Bakery Nouveau is filled with a beautiful aroma that keeps wafting through the air. The overall environment here is quite relaxing, which is why this café is so popular among its patrons. 

If you are looking for a venue for catching up with your friends, then Bakery Nouveau is a great choice. Two of the most popular dishes here are the twice-baked almond croissant and the buttery croissant.

Some other dishes you can find here include roast beef on brioche, quiche Lorraine, cakes, macaron, and other mouthwatering desserts. 

5. The Black Cypress

The Black Cypress is a friendly restaurant and bar that is located in Pullman, near the Idaho border. The food here is inspired by Italian and Greek delicacies. The venue is quite eclectic and stylish and consists of a burlap-tented ceiling and exposed brickwork. 

The culinary team at The Black Cypress is known to make use of only the best ingredients that are sourced locally.

Some of the most popular entrées you can find here are the kima pasta with Greek-inspired meat sauce, extra virgin olive oil, and mizithra cheese and roasted chicken with fresh herbs, seasonal greens, and bread salad. 

6. The Herbfarm

The Herbfarm is a multi-winning and stunning eatery that is located just outside of Seattle, in Woodinville.

If you are looking for the best dining experience, it is recommended that you visit this restaurant. The location is very picturesque and charming and is surrounded by an amazing landscape.

The restaurant has its own farm and garden to grow the ingredients and the wines are imported from the Pacific Northwest. 

The Herbfarm remains open from Thursday to Sunday where diners are offered a 9-course meal, along with five or six types of wines, on the house.

Each dinner session follows a particular theme that keeps changing every few weeks, like A Menu for Red Heads, The Truffle Treasure, etc.  You will have to get done with the reservations because there is only one seating per evening. 

7. Lovitt Restaurant

The Lovitt Restaurant is an amazing bistro that is located in a century-old farmhouse in Colville Valley.

This bistro is owned by Kristen and Norman Six and is famously known for offering the best regional cuisine. Only the best seasonal ingredients are used to create delicious food here. 

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When you take a look at the menu, you will find a wide range of items, including the wild mushroom stroganoff with handmade egg noodles, chicken pot pie with Brussel sprouts, etc.

Another great aspect of this diner is that you also have a lot of vegan options. It is recommended that you get done with the reservations to get a seat. 

8. Mountain Home Lodge Restaurant

Mountain Home Lodge Restaurant

The beautiful Mountain Home Lodge Restaurant is an amazing resort that is located in Leavenworth and opens throughout the year. One of the best aspects of this resort is the amazing dining room that is open on Saturdays only. 

In this restaurant, you will find a wide range of items that are made from locally-sourced ingredients and the resort’s gardens and orchards.

The menu keeps changing each week; however, there are some items that remain the same, like the Basque-influenced chicken with plums, olives, apricots, vegetables, and Parmesan orzo. You can also ask the culinary team for special dietary needs. 

9. Wild Sage Bistro

If you are looking for classic Northwest cuisines, then the Wild Sage Bistro is considered the best choice. This bistro has also won multiple awards. The menu consists of seasonal ingredients that are sourced locally.

Some of the best dishes you can expect to find at the Wild Sage Bistro include pan-seared duckling breast with hazelnut brown butter, the pecorino-romano and mushroom-tomato ragu, and the almond flour ravioli with Burrata cheese. 

Final Thoughts 

It is never easy to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best restaurants in Washington DC. There has been a steady rise of restaurants and bistros in the city.

If you are looking for the best diner to fill your stomach and satisfy your soul, then the above-mentioned names are considered the best choice for you.

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