Best VPS for Instagram Bots (Jarvee & Follow Adder)

Best VPS for Instagram Bots (For Jarvee and Follow Adder)

If you want to leave an app running 24/7 without having to keep your computer on the whole time, it’s going to be important to use a VPS. Today we’re going to talk about what a VPS is and recommend our favorite on that’s currently on the market.

There are a lot of accessories out there that try to rope you into buying them for your social media marketing, but a VPS is something that is essential.

Let’s take a look at the best VPS for Instagram botting & automation; and talk a bit about what a VPS is.

Best VPS for Instagram Bots (Jarvee & Follow Adder)

Cheap Windows VPS


Cheap Windows VPS describes themselves as the best remote desktop for all online activities from game servers, proxies, VPN’s, web surfing, SEO tools, and a lot more.

This company allows you to create as many Windows VPS’s as you need, with a low fee of just $3.75 per GB. They also have a customer service support number that you can call if you get into any trouble, or you can just send them a message directly, and they’ll get back to you ASAP.

Their top features include guaranteeing that your VPS is available 99.99% of the time, as well as the ability to uplink at an incredibly fast rate. With their reliability and speed, this is an affordable, reliable solution to all your app running needs.

What is a VPS?

In case you were wondering, VPS stands for virtual private server. A VPS is designed to emulate a separate computer that you can access from a remote location and have complete control of. You can run software and set up your apps just the way you do on your home desktop. It literally is just a piece of space on a server. It’s going to be able to operate as your own desktop, except it can always be on so that you can run apps on it all the time while being able to turn off your desktop.

Obviously one of the best parts of using a VPS is so that you can turn off your home computer from time to time without having to keep it on constantly. We all know that it’s important to turn your computer off from time to time, so this is going to prolong the life of your desktop.

Features of a VPS

Let’s check out some of the features that come with a VPS:

  • Data Backups: just like with any hosting feature out there, a VPS should offer you a way to successfully back up your data. This is because anything could happen with the network, so it’s important that you find the right service that cares about your data and is prepared to back it up. Ideally, you’ll want to find one that can help you manually back up your data, so you can keep track of the last time you saved it.
  • Domain Hosting: while you can do multiple domain hosting on shared hosts, a lot of the time they don’t have the resources for you to do this while having a smooth run. VPS is going to allow you to host multiple domains at the same time without any issues with speed and performance.
  • Server Monitoring: the right VPS provider, like Cheap Windows VPS, is going to keep track of its network in general, so that it can sort out any glitches that come up, protecting your account as a result. This is going to help prevent anything from getting in, including malicious software and hackers.
  • Support and Management: a good VPS hosting provider, like Cheap Windows VPS will ask you to help manage your own server. There are cases where the company itself will provide support that can help you with things like administrative tasks, and if you’re someone who isn’t technically proficient, you may want to look out for this advantage.
  • Root Access: this is going to give you access to your VPS, ultimately giving you control over all kinds of different features, from installations of new software to configurations. Again, if you’re someone who likes to keep a lot of the control in your hands, you may want to look out for a company that does things this way.
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Pros of Using a VPS

Let’s take a look at some advantages to using VPS:>

  • Flexibility: a VPS allows you to choose the software and the operating system that you want to install on your server, which means you’ve got a bit of flexibility.
  • Resources: using a VPS is going to give you more space to store things, including RAM and CPU.
  • Performance: when you’ve got an increased amount of resources with a VPS, you can benefit from faster loading times, among other things.
  • Stability: the activities and traffic of other people using the same VPS are not going to get in the way of your operations. This will only occur if you’re using shared hosting.

Cons of Using a VPS

Now that we’ve talked about the positives let’s discuss the negatives.

One of the most significant disadvantages to using a VPS is that it can end up costing you more money than if you were to just use shared hosting. This means that for websites that don’t necessarily need a committed hosting service, it could end up costing more than it’s worth. This is something to consider if your budget isn’t the biggest right now.

When it comes to service, too, there can be some issues. Some companies will offer their clients VPS hosting, but they won’t divvy out the resources correctly. This means that if a website uses its resources constantly and at a high rate, you could come up against issues. This is because the website may have gotten greedy about its space and oversold it. A a result, you may experience issues with the server itself that are going to affect all websites that are using the server.

A great way to ward off this issue is to make sure you know exactly how many sites are using the server at one time so that you can allocate appropriately.

Final Thoughts

VPS hosting can be a great way to bridge the gap between dedicated and shared hosting. One thing we love, particularly about VPS hosting is that it gives you complete control over the hosting.

However, it’s important to do your research and know the resources of the company you’re going with back to front, so you don’t come across any issues further down the track.

Again, we recommend Cheap Windows VPS if you’re looking for a simple, yet effective VPS server that isn’t going to blow out your budget.

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