17 Best YouTube Bots for More Views & Subscribers

Best YouTube Bots for More Views & Subscribers

If you’re not already recruiting a top YouTube bot to help you with your engagement you could be missing out big time.

It’s no secret that the competition is high on the popular video channel, which is why most people these days are outsourcing their engagement for better rates.

When your overall goal is to get your channel growing and have it growing fast, then automation is going to be your best option.

Best YouTube Bots

In the fast-paced world that we live in, there’s really no alternative. Let’s take a look at the best YouTube bots currently on the market that can take your YouTube account to a whole new level.

1. UseViral


In our opinion, UseViral is one of the most sophisticated YouTube bots that are currently out there. With this automated tool, you can use it to grow your YouTube account faster than you ever thought was possible.

It comes with a number of unique features that really makes it stand out from the pack, and you can opt for the free package that brings with it all the basic features of a bot.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Grow Your YouTube Now

SidesMedia is a great contender for being one of the best YouTube bots in the industry, mainly because of their level of accountability and trust. You would be amazed at how many companies in the social media marketing industry struggle to win over their clients, primarily because the industry itself is unregulated, so you have a lot to prove.

Companies like this have to spend a lot of time and effort on their features and their website to prove to their clients that they aren’t a scam.

What we love about these guys is that they have been named the most trustworthy YouTube bot in the industry, so you can definitely trust them to help you with your growth, and not rip you off in any way.

We also think that their delivery time is excellent compared with other companies, and the fact that they can guarantee quality features goes a long way.

3. Stormviews


Stormviews is, as far as we are concerned, an ideal YouTube bot, mainly because they can help you just with YouTube. Of course, if you are a brand, you are probably looking to expand your content across the board, but for now if you’re just trying to focus on YouTube, these guys are a great choice.

They say they can help their clients buy 100% genuine views, likes, and subscribers for their YouTube channel and they have adjusted their features accordingly so that you can choose which aspect of your engagement strategy you want to focus on.

They also say that they have a really fast turnaround rate, and there are plenty of positive reviews for you to look through on their website, in case you have any doubts about their abilities.

4. Media Mister

Media Mister YouTube Views

Media Mister – who hasn’t heard of them at this point? If you haven’t then it’s about time that you did.

Media Mister is only one of the top YouTube bots in the industry, and one of the biggest reasons why is because they can help their clients with so much more than just their YouTube views.

They can help them across the board with other social media sites as well, which makes it easy for you to get organised with all of your engagement in one place.

👉 Get YouTube Views

👉 Get YouTube Subscribers

👉 Get YouTube Likes

👉 Get YouTube Watch Hours

We like that Media Mister guarantees that their completely managed growth is going to help your profile look better than the rest of them so that you can make a real difference.

They have a money-back guarantee as well, and they say that they have a 100% satisfaction rate with their clients.

They also seem to have pretty good customer service as well, which of course is an essential part of the whole thing. Media Mister is great if you need something trustworthy and reliable.

5. FollowingLike


You could consider FollowingLike to be pretty similar to Jarvee when it comes to the type of reputation they already have and the service they provide for your YouTube channel.

Their YouTube bot can help you successfully manage your YouTube account while still finding the time to make great video content.

If you have more than one YouTube channel, just like Jarvee they can successfully help you manage that one as well. We love how FollowingLike works hard to mimic human activity so that you don’t get in trouble with YouTube for using automation for your engagement. While Following Like can be used on other social media platforms, it has special features that cater to YouTube.

You can expect to receive all the usual features that come with an automation service when looking at YouTube features. These are going to include subscribe counts, comments, likes on a video and sharing of videos as well.

Following Like is the type of business you want on your side if you’re thinking of really working hard to scale your brand in the near future and need help managing more than just one YouTube channel.

If you’re really serious about YouTube and making a career out of it, you’ll have more than one channel running at the same time – and Following Like can make this a streamlined part of your brand.

We also like that Following Like offers free updates on their features and services, so you don’t have to expect any hidden costs to come out of the woodwork once you’ve been signed up for a while.

We like that these guys have fair and affordable price points. What we like particularly about Following Like is that their prices are one-off payments, as opposed to a subscription that you have to keep paying.

For their one account package, you’re looking at a one-time fee of $51, while their multiple account package is going to cost you $73. Again, considering these are one-off payments, we think they’re pretty good.

Choose Following Like if you want to be affiliated with a company that knows what they’re doing and can help you with all different aspects of your YouTube channel, including managing more than one account at the same time.

6. Followersup


Followersup is kind of like Media Mister, so if you liked the sound of that YouTube bot, you’re going to want to check out Followersup.

They have a lot of similar features and can help you with everything from YouTube to Instagram, so there’s a lot of merit in being able to consolidate your engagement strategy. Their features are divided into different categories, based on what websites you need help with right now, which can be beneficial.

Once you’ve paid for their services, you can start getting help with your growth. We love that this can help you with the boring parts of growing social media, so that you can focus on the more exciting aspects, like your content. They also offer a money-back guarantee, so that there’s no love lost if something goes wrong with them.

We love that Followersup shows a lot of promise in caring about their clients’ safety – they care enough to secure their website, and not let their features go outside of the safe zone.

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7. Sprizzy


Sprizzy claims to have already helped over 100,000 people with their videos on YouTube. They have helped this many people go viral, and their automated bot can help promote your videos so that they can reach a certain target audience. You can even choose the country you want them to promote your content in, so you can get subscribers who are going to want to continue watching your content.

We also love that Sprizzy has a good customer support team that will be in touch with you as soon as you sign up for their service. They will work side by side with you so that you can get everything straightened out and growing your account in no time.

From targeted placement to comments, subscribers, and views, there’s not a lot that these guys can’t do for your YouTube channel. Sprizzy has a total of four different packages that you can choose from, and their most basic package is going to cost $25, which we think is pretty reasonable.

Going up from there, you can expect to pay $50 and then $100, and it’s all to do with how much engagement you want on your channel. If you’re happy with 2000 views, you can pay $50, but if you want 4000 views, this is going to cost you $100.

Either way, we think that these price points are pretty reasonable, and we see nothing wrong with this company as a way to boost your YouTube engagement and get your content out there in front of the people who want to see it the most.

8. Tube Adder


The last YouTube bot on our list has actually been shut down, but it was great while it lasted and helped a lot of people with their YouTube engagement and channel growth.

Just like the other YouTube bots on our list, Tube Adder helped its clients with things like engagement and channel growth using their botting software.

Tube Adder did as much as they could to make sure that their YouTube automation services fell within YouTube’s terms and conditions, but sadly, it wasn’t enough. From automated video commenting, to channel commenting, liking, subscribing and unsubscribing, there wasn’t a lot that Tube Adder couldn’t do for your YouTube channel.

Additionally, they were available to be used on Mac, Linux, and Windows, which made it accessible to everyone. Even Jarvee can only be used on Windows, which of course limits its scope.

9. Tube Assist Pro


You’ve got to watch out with Tube Assist Pro, because you could easily get these guys confused with another YouTube bot, Tube Assist, which definitely isn’t as good as these guys. If you’re looking for a way to get more subscribers on your channel, then you need to check out Tube Assist Pro.

Remember when we talked about FollowingLike up there? Well, the two are pretty similar, so if you liked the sound of them then you’re more than likely going to want to check out Tube Assist Pro as well.

The one thing that stands out to use about this YouTube bot is that they just help their clients with YouTube, which we think is great – we need more companies that can specialise like this, to make their features more appealing. They come with the typical features you can expect to find from a company like this, and their prices are pretty good for what you get.

Their packages are also divided between how many channels you need help with. This means that if you need help with just one channel, you can start with their basic package.

10. Promolta


Promolta has one goal in mind – to help its clients get seen out there on YouTube. They know that there is a lot of merit in expanding your channel on the popular viewing platform, which is why they’ve put a lot of emphasis on it already. They can help you with the boring side of things so that you can get excited about making even more awesome content that everyone is going to love.

The only thing that we have to say against Promolta is that they might be a bit too advanced for some because they have put a lot of time and effort into their features already. You’ll need to give them a bit of time so that you can get used to the type of features that they have, but we’re willing to bet that once you’ve done this, they will become one of your favorite YouTube bots.

They have done this for a reason, and the reason is so that they can be one of the best. They can help you figure out even which countries are going to respond best to your content, so you better believe that their targeting is specialised. They also have great price points, making them a popular contender out there.

11. Subpals


We love that you can get up to 10 new YouTube subscribers every 12 hours with their free package.

This is more than enough if you’re just starting out, but if you’ve been around for a little while and are ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level, then you may want to look into one of their paid packages as an alternative.

We love that Subpals offers real users and they’re easy to use as well. Subpals aims to grow your account by connecting you with fellow YouTubers. This means that the subscriptions you gain from them are going to be authentic, which means that overall, they’re an incredibly affordable and effective way to grow your YouTube channel.

As the growth continues, you’re going to be able to keep track of it as you can see your subscription count continue to increase. Additionally, Subpals offers great customer support, which means you can expect to hear from them in a timely manner if you need help with anything or just have a question you want to ask.

Their price points are all to do with the number of subscribers you want to gain. For $20, you can get 50 new subscribers to your channel. They also offer other features which include views, shares, and likes.

All you need to do to sign up for U is log in to your YouTube channel, activate your plan with them, subscribe and like other people’s videos and you will begin to receive engagement on your content in no time. This is a great way to boost your channel’s momentum and even go viral with the amount of growth your channel is doing.

12. Hypeddit


Are you someone with a YouTube channel where you have a passion for music? Then you need to check out Hypeddit. This company has an eye for clients who want to make music get big through their channel, and they have the features to suit. While this does mean that they’re a bit limited in what they can offer their clients, we also like that they are specialised, and are experts in what they know.

One good thing about Hypeddit is that they can help you with your social media growth across the board, no matter what website you’re trying to gain more attention on. They have a pretty good success rate when it comes to music videos, so they’re a good option if your niche falls into this category.

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We love that they have put so much energy into one thing – it means that they are going to have features that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

13. Sub4Sub


You might have already been able to tell this by the name, but this company can help you through an exchange system, so you work with others to exchange features including comments, likes and followers.

This means that you get to join their exclusive database full of other people wanting to grow their channels, who are just as interested in helping you as you are for them.

Sub4Sub gives you a list of videos that they need you to watch, which you can receive points from. These points can help you get more clicks on your channel. We love this way of doing things because it means that you get to grow your channel for free.

If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t have a lot to spare right now, this is an excellent place to start. This means that the followers and comments on your channel are going to be real. They even have a refund policy, just in case you’re not happy with the outlook. However, we have a feeling that you will be.

14. Vidiq


One of the things that you might notice about Vidiq before anything else is that they have positive client reviews, and we’re almost 100% sure that they’re real. This is a great way to start with a company – so that you can see that they’re legit, and have happy customers who are prepared to say good things about them.

Vidiq has a YouTube bot that can help you find the right people for your content. They can help you with your hashtags, as well as the views on your videos, too. This means that they are a really good all-rounder and even have some good customer support features as well, in case you get stuck at some point.

They’ve got phone number and email support, and this includes a contact form. They’ve got FAQs on their website that tell you all you need to know about their service, and they’ve got a pretty good turnaround time for the rest of their support. All in all, we think that this is a great YouTube bot.

15. YT Monster


YT Monster is a YouTube view bot that knows a thing or two about growing your channel for you. They are also an excellent networking service, because they can help you connect with other channel owners so that you can work together for the betterment of both of your channels. They make this process nice and streamlined so that you don’t have to spend too much time on it, either.

YT Monster is all about working together as a team for the greater good – and we really like what they have going on. They want their clients to become a part of the community, who can all work together to help one another do well on YouTube. They have a strict privacy policy, so while you might be networking with others, there’s no need to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands.

16. Video Marketing Blaster


One of the newest YouTube bots on the market is Video Marketing Blaster. These guys might just be starting out as a YouTube bot, but we think that their features show they’re already experts.

We all know that you want to find companies who can let you put a lot more time and energy into making awesome content, and Video Marketing Blaster can make this happen.

They can also help you drive traffic from Google to get even more people looking at your channel. We love that they don’t require you to have lots of experience growing your channel already to use them as some other YouTube bots do.

17. Jarvee


We consider Jarvee to be one of the best YouTube bots out there that you could use to boost your YouTube views. What we love about Jarvee is that you can use its services on all other social media platforms as well, not just YouTube.

Through their downloadable software that’s compatible with Windows, you can grow your YouTube account faster than if you were doing things manually. Jarvee can help you automatically subscribe to other YouTube channels, as well as unsubscribe from others who haven’t followed you in return. They can also help you like other people’s comments as well as leave your own on other people’s videos.

Jarvee offers proxy support too, which means that all of this automation is going to look like it’s being done by a human. This means that your YouTube channel is going to stay nice and safe when you use it.

They offer a free five-day trial, so you can check out what they do before you commit to anything. We think that five days is more than enough to give you a good idea of whether Jarvee is going to be a good fit for your channel or not.

If you’re thinking of going with Jarvee, they’ve got three different price plans, so you get to choose which one you prefer based on your budget. Additionally, you’re not going to need to share any credit card details with them when you’re trying out the free trial, which we think is a great security measure to have in place.

Their cheapest package starts at just $30 a month and allows you to run up to 10 different YouTube channels. It also allows you to use the service across eight different social media platforms, which we think is pretty good for the price.

Their second price point takes you up to $70 a month, and this gives you up to 70 YouTube accounts and eight social media channels. Lastly, you could go for Premium if your budget allows and pay $99 a month.

This is going to help you run 150 YouTube accounts, so if you work within an agency and run their social media, this could be a good – and still affordable – option. Whichever one you choose, know that you’re signing up with a great company if you choose Jarvee.

How a YouTube Bot Can Help You Get More Views

So, how does a YouTube bot help you get more views? Well, for a start, they find the right people to interact with. This means that they find people that fit into your niche and industry, and they view their videos on your behalf.

When someone sees that ‘you’ are viewing their content, they become curious about who you are, and most of the time head on over to your channel to return the favor.

This is a great, effortless way to grow your subscribers on YouTube, without really having to do anything.

Just make sure that your YouTube view bot is sticking to YouTube’s terms and conditions about using a third party for growth – otherwise, you could risk your account being suspended or banned. The companies on our list above, though, are really good about sticking to these limits.

Final Thoughts on YouTube View Bots

It’s not easy getting people to watch your content these days, especially when you have channels like Emma Chamberlain and David Dobrik to contend with.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, and most people on the internet’s most popular video website are using some kind of third-party to help their channel along. At this point, it’s worth going with the crowd and giving your channel a fighting chance of doing well in the face of so much competition.

Check out our list of the best YouTube view bots, and see just how easy it can be to give your channel a boost. You never know – you could even make one of your videos go viral!

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