BioCBD Plus Review 2024: Are They Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

BioCBD Plus Review

We have water-soluble cannabinoids on the market at the moment, a feature that makes it easy for the cannabinoids to be distributed across the body. It takes more than just taking in the supplement, but it needs to be soluble for it to be dispersed across the whole system.

One of the companies that place its name on the list as the originator of the water-soluble cannabinoids is BioCBD plus. Let us review them and peek into its mechanism.

BioCBD Review 2024

BioCBD is a company that combines the healing powers of CBD with nanotechnology to make the products more available to your body. The company offers products ideal for general body care, joint pain, and muscular pains.

According to the website, the company has put in 30 years of R&D into their products

It has various products for the market: Total Body care is all about general body wellness. It also has topical oil for muscle and joint relief while the Vape cartridge is ideal for oral use for faster absorption across the body.

The Mechanism of BioCBD Plus

The Manufacturing Process


BioCBD Plus uses a unique processing method to get the best oil for your needs. It sources its industrial hemp from Scandinavia. The raw material is shipped in the form of CO2 extracted oil. Once the company receives the oil, it uses a process that incorporates nanotechnology to make the oil more available to your body.

Bio CBD Plus also incorporates Ayurvedic herbs to increase the effectiveness of the products.

Due to this process, you find that the products from BioCBD Plus are claimed to have a high level of CBD, with a very low level of THC.

The process eliminates contaminants making the product safe for your needs.

No “High”

So, can BioCBD Plus’ oil make you high? The answer is a big NO! This is because the oil contains trace amounts of THC, which is the active ingredient that makes people high. The CBD oil also blocks the THC from producing the intoxication.

High Potency

You need to apply the dosage as needed. The product is highly potent and you only need a little to experience the relief you need. For instance, a drop or two will relieve the pain in a particular area of the body. Even though the oil works fast, the relief lasts longer than you might expect. This means you don’t have to reapply the formulation to the affected area.

What Makes BioCBD Plus Different From Other Brands?

The water-soluble nature of BioCBD’s products makes it possible for the oil to dissolve fast. Oil, on the other hand, takes longer to dissolve, which affects its bioavailability.

Top Rated CBD Companies

RankCompanyMore Info
1Verma FarmsVisit
2Absolute Nature
4Hemp Bombs
5Charlotte's Web

The Pricing Model

BioCBD’s supplements are priced depending on the formulation and the package. For total body care, you pay $120 for 30 capsules (for one month), with a 3 month’ supply going at $300.

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Review Conclusion

This depends on where you live because BioCBD Plus’ products are legal in only 23 states in the USA. If you aren’t in any of these states, you might not be able to get the product.

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