Boomul Alternatives: + The Shut Down & What Happened

Boomul Alternatives

Boomul Alternatives: Times are tough in regards to your Instagram marketing. It used to be a lot easier to find a company that had a good reputation who could help those numbers grow. These days, however, it’s challenging to come across the right company that’s not going to get your profile shut down.

Instagram growth companies are working less and less, and most of them like Boomul have been shut down. The reviews are negative, and the services are inconsistent. Let’s take a look at some viable alternatives to Boomul that may actually help you get your Instagram back up off the ground.

What Was Boomul?

Boomul was just another Instagram bot, even though they tried to hide this fact by churching it up on their homepage.

They actually described themselves as an automation company that sells Instagram growth to its customers. While this may look okay at face value, at the end of the day, this is nothing more than your average Instagram growth bot. Boomul even said that their services came with a personal growth manager, as well as a free trial.

When looking at the software they used, it appeared that they used quite a variety of techniques to help with your engagement. However, now that they’re shut down it’s clear they had ulterior motives.

Why Did it Get Shut Down?

The most likely reason why Boomul got shut down is because of its botting services.

Instagram tries to keep all of its marketing and advertising in house. This means that they hope to get all of their users purchasing their ad promotions, instead of outsourcing their marketing needs. As a result, Instagram has come down hard on companies like Boomul lately that are their direct competition.

Boomul was violating Instagram’s terms and conditions by operating a bot service, so it was only a matter of time before Instagram figured this out and put a stop to their features.

Boomul Alternatives

Even though Boomul is no more, there are some options out there still. When choosing between a bot and a growth service, we always recommend going for the latter. It’s safer, and it’s going to make your account look genuine and authentic. Let’s take a look at some options.

Alternative #1 FanBump

One of the reasons that we like FanBump so much is their commitment to safety. One of the first things you’ll read on their website is a disclaimer that says they don’t sell their customers fake followers, and they’ve never had an account removed. They say that they have a personal account manager who can sit down with you and talk about the kind of customized organic strategy you want to implement with your engagement. This is going to help your content get in front of thousands of new eyes every month.

The result? Fan Bumps clients get new followers every month that love their content and engage with it regularly. By telling them all about your niche and your vision for your Instagram brand, Fan Bump can bring it to life and create a longlasting community around it. You can track their progress and make sure that they’re finding the right people for you.

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Alternative #2 Stellation Media


Simple is often the way to go, but sometimes you need it to be a little bit more technical than you anticipated. This is why companies like Stellation Media exist – so that you can cover all the bases without having to shop around too much. Stellation Media is your go-to brand for all things online. They can help you with everything, from giving your website a makeover to sending out an email marketing campaign and even help with your social media management.

Stellation Media know that it takes a lot more than just Instagram engagement to get a brand off the ground. They know that if your website doesn’t look great, people who have visited from Instagram aren’t going to keep coming back. You’ve got to think of it all for it to line up correctly, and Stellation Media has the services to turn this into a reality. What’s more, they even provide a free consultation so you can talk to someone exactly about what it is you’re looking for.

Alternative #3 Follow Adder


It’s good to keep up with the play and stay on top of what’s new and trending, but it’s also good to remember tried and true brands as well that have remained the same since the beginning. Follow Adder is one of these brands that has been helping people with their online engagement since the need for it first began. Their prices are simple, their features are straightforward, and their reputation is unwavering.

Follow Adder also comes with a dashboard that you can have on your desktop. This way, you get more of a say in what happens to your engagement and how your audience is targeted.

Alternative #4 Hashtags for Likes

In a world where being original and standing out is your best chance of success, Hashtags for Likes is an expert. They know what it takes to draw people in who don’t want more of the same. This is why they’ve approached Instagram marketing from a completely different angle – hashtags.

You already know how important hashtags are on Instagram. It’s even more important that you don’t use the wrong ones. With Hashtags for Likes, you can search all your favorite hashtags to make sure they’re working for your brand. If they’re not, you can find ones that are.


While it’s difficult to find companies that are worth your time and money these days, it’s not impossible.

Boomul has been shut down, and for a good reason too – but we’ve got some alternatives that are going to bring your page back to life. You don’t want to settle for mediocre anymore, because that’s just not working for anyone. Instead, opt for the best, and see just how effective companies like the ones on our list can be for your Instagram marketing campaign.

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