BuySocialMediaMarketing Review 2023: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Buy Social Media Marketing Review

BuySocialMediaMarketing Review 2023

With everything being online these days, you’re really selling yourself short if you haven’t got your brand out there.

Big-name companies are paying millions, sometimes billions of dollars to have their product put in front of the right people, so it’s big business that can really pay off.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

However, it’s more difficult to execute than you may realize.

You need to work hard, and you need the time to do it. Most people can’t afford the luxury of having enough time to implement their engagement, so they get a third party to help them.

Let’s review one of these third party companies named BuySocialMediaMarketing, and how they claim to help their users with their online branding.

What is BuySocialMediaMarketing?

BuySocialMediaMarketing claims to want to gain you website visibility by putting it in front of thousands of potential clients around the world. They don’t think that you should just settle for a medium amount of growth – they want to take your brand all the way to the top.

They have divided their engagement features into different categories, depending on which social media website you want to promote. If you want to buy views for YouTube, they have a service for this. More fans on Facebook? They’ve got a feature for this too.

They have a number of different ways that you can pay, and you can even pay in bitcoin if you have it, which is great – there aren’t too many of these types of companies that offer so many different ways to pay.

We also see that they have secured their website with https – this means that if you share any personal information with them while you’re on there, it’s safe from would-be hackers.

This also means that they plan on being around for a while, another sign that you can trust them. All of this is well and good, but it’s not all that it seems. We think that underneath the facade you’ve got some pretty average features that aren’t actually going to help you in any way.

What Are BuySocialMediaMarketing’s Features?

BuySocialMediaMarketing offer their clients features that are so simple, you’re going to get bored just listening to them.

We will talk a little bit further down about how they have chosen quantity over quality, but let’s focus on their features right now. They can help you buy Instagram followers, Facebook fans, and TikTok followers.

There is nothing to verify that these features are legit, and are actually going to add to the credibility of your accounts. They are most likely fake, which is going to compromise your credibility.

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What is BuySocialMediaMarketing’s Pricing?

For the benefit of this review, we are going to look at Instagram followers that are offered by BuySocialMediaMarketing.

They say that 100 followers for your Instagram profile is going to cost you $2.99, and they say that this is a one-time fee.

They claim to have a new followers formula, which we don’t know anything about, and they also say that you don’t need a password to get started with them.

Lastly, they say that you can get your results within 12 hours. 250 Instagram followers is going to cost you $5.99, and 500 Instagram followers is going to cost you $10.99.

How Did BuySocialMediaMarketing Do in Tests?

We put BuySocialMediaMarketing to the test to see how they would do, because when we review companies like this, we need to make sure that we are recommending the best out there for you.

We signed up for their Instagram followers, and we bought 100 of them for $2.99. We are disappointed to say that they dropped off again after just a couple of days, and they didn’t actually interact with our content.

This means that they are fake, and random followers that don’t have anything to do with our niche or industry.

BuySocialMediaMarketing Advantages?


They claim that they have good customer support, as well as quick delivery. They even feature a few customer reviews on their homepage, which come with first and last names. We don’t think that their customer support is all that great, and we don’t think that their delivery is as quick as you would like. We also don’t think that their customer reviews are legit.

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Review Conclusion

BuySocialMediaMarketing is not that great of a company. They claim to help you with not just your Instagram or Facebook, but with other companies like Twitter and even YouTube. This is why they have features that can help with it all. However, we think that they have gone for quantity over quality.

Don’t trust a company that doesn’t have legit reviews, and doesn’t offer good customer support.

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