Can A CBD Oil Tincture Benefit Your Lifestyle

Can A CBD Oil Tincture Benefit Your Lifestyle
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You may not be aware of it but CBD has been treating health and physical ailments for thousands of years and is becoming increasingly popular of late, perhaps as its awareness is more widely spread or the fact that we are searching for alternative options to the harsh medicines of the medical industry.

As a parent or a guardian we are always looking for more organic or chemical-free options of treating the constant bumps and bruises or aches and pains that kids seem to have, and if it means taking advantage of a plant that is naturally grown in nature then all the better. 

CBD has shown to be a constant renewable treatment source that needs no pesticides or flavorings to reach its maximum potential and aids health issues from the inside out.

When scientists discovered just how beneficial the workings of the CBD plant were they began experimenting and implementing it into various products.

Turning a Tincture Into a Treatment

A tincture for those of you who are new to the world of all-natural and organic alternative medicines is a concentrated liquid solution – see here for the technical and in-depth explanation.

It is a solution whereby the natural active ingredients of flowers, fruits, and tree bark are extracted and absorbed into the ethanol solution concentrating it the longer it is left in.

Once the process has completed it is then converted into oil, most popular being CBD oil, and implemented into products ranging from beauty, edibles, and topical.

This alternative to chemically-grown medicinal products is sought after for the fact that it is safe for consumption by all ages and its versatility allows it to be taken in various methods. 

  • Topical. This method is whereby creams, oils, or iodine solution is applied directly to the surface of the affected area and treated accordingly. 
  • Dropper. An easier option for those concerned with over dosage or regularly measured amounts. A dropper bottle allows you to simply put a few recommended dosage amount drops under the tongue and hold it for 30seconds, simply swallow and enjoy the health and physical positives of the CBD flower. 
  • Inhalation. Ingredients such as Benzoin which is derived from the bark of trees has a strong incense aroma and has been known to be used for medicinal purposes, flavorings, as well as for perfumes due to its strong aromatic characteristics. 

Why CBD 


What we know today of its genetic makeup and positive health attributes is just the tip of the iceberg when discussing and discovering what Cannabidiol can give us. 

Studies have shown that children with severe epilepsy and adult cases too who have tried everything as a method of treatment and who have turned to CBD as a last resort have had a massive improvement in the number of seizures per day.

Some reduced their epileptic fits by up to 80% and others, perhaps not as severe, eliminated them altogether. Success stores are pouring in daily and the rave reviews about the transformation in the quality of lives speak volumes.

CBD has given patients a new lease on life, a future to look forward to as opposed to one filled with despair at the thought of hundreds of medical treatments still to endure. You can read a great article on the topic in this link and see how this humble plant that was right in front of our eyes the whole time has now had a light shone onto it.

If you have tried all the prescriptions, tablets, or capsules known to man and still struggling with health issues, perhaps backaches, or inflammation in your joints then CBD could be just the answer you have been searching for.

CBD Working Internally


Our internal system, the lymphatic or neuro system has the same cannabinoid receptors as those found in the CBD plant and why it is so compatible with our bodily functions.

The receptors in the brain (the neuro system) that are responsible for the sending and receiving of pulses to maintain and manage our inner workings are regulated when we absorb CBD into our body.

No more outbursts or overloading of pulses (which cause the continuous epileptic episodes) and the buildup in the joints and muscles are soon a thing of the past.

Thus the pain associated with that buildup and those inflamed joints are no longer, you wake up with fewer (if any) aches and pains and you don’t have to count to 3 before rolling onto your side to get out of the bed in the morning. 

CBD has all these perks and so much more, and when you use a quality product, to begin with, you have the best of both worlds.

Purchasing reliable products such as the cheefbotanicals CBD oil allows you to reap the positives of a reputable and effective ingredient, and knowing that a company prides itself in ethically harvested products you have peace of mind that you are in capable hands. 


For years we have been using nature as an organic pantry so why would it be any different when it comes to using and implementing CBD into your life?

We have been given all the ingredients to make the cake of our dreams, let’s use them to the best of our abilities and live the quality of life we have always dreamed of and deserve, is it not?

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