Can You Fail a Drug Test Because of CBD Oil?

Can You Fail a Drug Test Because of CBD Oil?
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The CBD industry has exploded over the past three years or so, resulting in a new natural remedy that has the potential to help with many different health issues. However, one issue that has risen from CBD oil is whether it can pass a drug test.

Generally speaking, CBD oil isolate isn’t supposed to contain more than .3% THC, which theoretically will come up negative on a drug test. However, there are other factors to consider, too. Let’s take a look.

Does CBD Include THC Too?

When a standard drug test is performed, it’s looking for THC. Where people get confused is in thinking that CBD oil is completely free of THC. The term cannabis is used to describe both the marijuana and hemp plant. However, these are two different types of plants, primarily because one contains THC, and one doesn’t.

While THC is found in the marijuana plant, so is CBD. You can extract CBD from the hemp plant, as well, but companies vary when it comes to which plant material they choose to extract their CBD from. If they’re extracting their CBD oil from the cannabis plant, it’s usually to include THC, which some people like. When companies extract CBD from the hemp plant, they’re doing so in order to prevent THC being included in the final product.

Beyond this, you’ve also got isolate and full-spectrum oils as well. Isolates are when only the cannabinoid CBD is included, whereas full-spectrum oils include other compounds such as CBN and THC.

Reasons Why You May Fail

There are a few common reasons why you could fail a drug test with CBD:

  • Using a THC Product: the most common reason for failing a drug test for THC is because the CBD oil product you’re taking includes more than .3% THC. This could be because you’ve unwittingly purchased a product that’s low quality and contains more THC than regulation recommends. While most companies will say that their product doesn’t contain THC, there are no guarantees.
  • Cross Contamination: if the material that the CBD has been extracted from contains THC, then there is the risk of cross-contamination. This is more likely to occur if you’ve purchased your CBD oil from a dispensary that also sells cannabis products.
  • Wrong Product Labels: as we’ve mentioned, your CBD oil shouldn’t contain more than .3% THC. However, they’re a lot of companies out there that mislabel their products by claiming that they don’t contain any THC, when in fact they do, mainly because their product is low quality. The biggest reason for this issue is that CBD companies are not regulated by the FDA.
  • Second-hand Exposure: while this isn’t the most likely scenario, it’s certainly possible. If you’ve been in the same room as someone who has smoked pot recently, there’s a chance that trace amounts could be found in your hair, which will come up positive in the drug test.
  • CBD Oil Breaks Down: in the rarest of cases, there is a chance that your drug test comes up positive as a result of the CBD oil you’ve taken breaking down into THC in your stomach. Again, though, this is a rare occurrence and highly unlikely.

Avoiding Getting a Positive on a Drug Test

If you take CBD oil regularly, there are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t test positive on a drug test:

  • Research your CBD company beforehand so that you know its products are pure and the company behind them has a good reputation.
  • Make sure that the CBD oil itself has been extracted from hemp, not cannabis.
  • Ask questions about how the plant material is processed and what they do to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Try to avoid second-hand exposure to THC through other people that are smoking it.

Top Rated CBD Companies

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4Hemp Bombs
5Charlotte's Web

Final Thoughts

It should be almost impossible to get a positive drug test from taking CBD oil, mainly because pure CBD oil is supposed to contain less than .3% THC. However, because there is no regulation about the manufacturing of CBD oil products, you can never be sure that the product you’re taking has a THC level lower than 0.3%.

This is why it’s important to do proper research before choosing a CBD oil company and making sure the CBD oil you’re taking is of the highest, purest quality.

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