Consider These 7 Vital Factors Before Buying An Auto Insurance Policy


Buying an auto insurance policy isn’t something to take lightly. Because it is a significant expense and can be a long-term commitment.

So it’s important to do your best to find the best deals before you sign on the dotted line. There is a lot to consider if you want to get a good rate though.

There are a lot of factors that go into calculating your premium. Most people are aware that your driving record, age, and gender all play a role in determining your monthly premium.

And most people do their best to get the more obvious discounts, like completing a safe driving program.

But there are a lot of other factors that you can control to get the best rate available. 

Find The Average Rate


It’s important to find the average rate in your region. This helps you develop a baseline to work with. Knowing the local average premium rates empowers the shopper to get a good deal.

That’s because know they know the real price of the product. When haggling, knowing the true price of a product is what you need to get the lowest price. 

There are a few different ways to find the local average. One way is to get a quick insurance quote from a few different providers. That’s going to give you a good idea of the local rates.

You can also look around online at various websites that will provide the average for your area. Although it will be less realistic compared to getting actual quotes. 

Use Your Baseline To Compare


Once you have a baseline average premium price in mind, you can start really shopping. You definitely don’t want to pay more than the average.

And most people should be able to get a rate significantly cheaper than that. After all, that’s the point of determining the average. 

Use your newfound knowledge to leverage your rate. It may help to talk, chat, or otherwise converse with an actual agent to get the best rate.

Even if you find an excellent premium, make sure you investigate the policy to make sure that it isn’t too good to be true. Even if you find a good policy, you may want to hold on for a minute. 

Prices Fluctuate

It is sometimes a good idea to wait before jumping on a policy. And that’s because rates are constantly changing. This is especially true if your average rate seems higher than it should be.

If you wait a few days, you may find that it’s come down a bit. You’ll need to compare prices frequently to find the lowest premium.

If you choose to pay monthly or quarterly, it’s a good idea to investigate prices again before you pay. That’s because you can always jump ship and find a cheaper provider at your discretion. 

Paying Annually Brings Discounts

However, paying annually always provides an additional discount. Insurance providers utilize your advance payment for investment purposes and it offers them more stable subscriber numbers.

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It’s a good idea to pay once a year because of the discount that it provides. You’re going to need insurance the whole time anyway.

However, this is only a good idea if you’re pretty sure that you’ve found the best rate you’re going to get. Otherwise, frequently jumping ship to a cheaper provider is likely to provide better savings. 

Bundling Insurances Cuts Your Premium

Another important consideration is bundling. Bundling insurance for your home, business, life, health, and auto insurance saves everybody a bunch of time and money.

Customers receive significant discounts for bundling multiple insurances with a single insurance provider.

It also saves the customer a lot of time as there is only one payment date for all bundled insurances and only one payment needs to be sent.

Even if you use autopay, it’s still a lot easier to establish and manage when you’ve only got one payment instead of four, all coming out of your account at different times. 

Adding Safety Features Slashes Your Rate

It’s fairly well-known that adding safety features to your car will decrease your premiums. It may also save you or your loved one’s life.

There are several features that reduce premiums. They include: 

  • Passenger and side-impact airbags
  • Daytime running lights
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Crash resistant paneling
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Seat belts
  • Electronic stability control

These are some of the best investments you can make when buying a car and they pay themselves off over time because of reduced rates(and reduced hospital bills should you ever have an accident).

You Get Better Deals With These Cars


Finally, some cars get better rates than others. These cars are usually safer, more efficient, and cheaper.

So it’s a good idea to get a car that’s compatible with insurance providers if your intention is to save money and make the wisest choice possible.

Try out the Kia Sorento, the Mazda CX-5, a Honda Civic, and Hyundai Elantras are all great choices amongst others.  

Comprehensive Approach For The Best Deals

Take everything you already knew about getting a good rate and combine it with what you learned in this article to get the best possible deal.

The power is in your hands if you have the knowledge. Use your power to get a great policy and save a bundle. 

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