Convert Restricted Coupons to Unrestricted Coupons


A user who wishes to remain anonymous sends us this tip:

“OfficeDepot frequently puts out coupons that don’t apply to technology products. They have a $15 off $150 coupon out right now that excludes technology products. I was buying a printer a few days back and OfficeDepot had a great deal on it. The coupon didn’t work, so I bought some office supplies worth more than $150. I went back and returned the supplies the next day and asked for store credit because I had lost my receipt. They gave me store credit for the full cost of the office supplies, including the $15 coupon. I then bought the printer with the store credit. The end result is that I converted a coupon that excludes technology into an unrestricted coupon! You could probably do this at any store that gives store credit for returns without a receipt. The store did ask me for identification so I don’t plan to do this very often.”

Tried this tip? Let us know how it goes.

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