FanBump Vs. Stellation Media: Who’s Safer? What’s the Difference?

Fan Bump Vs. Stellation Media: What’s the Difference? Who’s Better?

FanBump Vs. Stellation Media

So, what’s the difference between these two Instagram growth services? Are they both above board and legitimate services?

Are they both going to be safe for you to use for your Instagram? Which one is going to be better?

Both have been making a major impact on people who are in the market for a managed growth service for their Instagram.

We’re confident that you’ve checked them both out but are struggling to know which one is slightly better.

Hopefully, we’ve got all the answers to your questions in this article, so you can choose which one best suits your needs. Let’s get into it.

Instagram Intro

If you didn’t already know, Instagram has an impressive one billion active monthly users – and this is only getting bigger.

They’re also wiping the competition out with their social media platform, with Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat falling far behind these numbers.

The number of businesses that are paying hundreds of millions of advertising dollars for Instagram ads now is pretty mind-boggling. Additionally, there are influencers out there who are being paid up to $250,000 per sponsored post.

It’s never been easier to be an Instagram influencer, and we’re sure you want a piece of the pie.

The Services

Both Stellation Media and FanBump offer similar growth services, and both provide you with automated software that can help you grow your Instagram. You don’t have to do anything on your end except create amazing new content that your audience is going to love. Let’s take a look at what they both have to offer:

Stellation Media – this marketing company is excellent at what they do across the board. They have many different features and services, from web design to social media marketing, email marketing, social media advertising, Instagram growth services, pay per click, and even help with your branding. Now, at this point, you may just be interested in their Instagram growth services, but ultimately, Stellation Media can do it all.

FanBump – FanBump is totally focused on being an Instagram growth service. This is all they do, and they’re known for being pretty good at it. They don’t have any other services on offer except this one, which means that they’re going to spend all of their time focusing on improving your Instagram for you.

Techniques and Methods

Stellation Media – under techniques and methods, Stellation Media can do everything your average Instagram bot can do, including commenting, direct messaging, following, liking, and unfollowing. The only difference between these guys and an Instagram bot is that they do the work themselves, which ultimately keeps your account safe. Stellation Media also has a ‘power likes’ service as well, which we think is a bit of a bonus.

FanBump – this company offers a pretty similar service to Stellation Media, and can do everything we mentioned above that an Instagram bot can normally do. Probably the biggest difference then at this point between the techniques and methods is that FanBump doesn’t have a ‘power likes’ feature. This means that the chances of your account getting real, genuine engagement is higher with FanBump.


Stellation Media – Stellation Media can offer you weekly analytics reports so that you can see exactly how they’re helping you grow your account. They also claim to give you access around the clock to their reporting dashboard so that you can continuously be in the know – and this bonus feature comes for free with their services. A lot of other companies charge extra for this. At the very minimum, you will be able to get weekly growth reports with Stellation Media to see the progress that they’re making on your behalf.

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FanBump – these guys also offer a dashboard where you can see all the work they’re doing for you, which includes following changes, a growth estimate, total posts, engagement rates, and growth trends. It’s a similar feature to what Stellation Media offers.

Customer Reviews

Stellation Media – these guys have a number of positive client reviews that they show on their website. They also have real client results to show you, as well as video testimonials.

FanBump – you can see many different client reviews on FanBump’s website as well. They are all positive, and they have client results through screenshots as well. Of course, they’ve blurred the names of the clients out to protect their privacy, but all of their reviews and real and positive.

Instagram Results

Stellation Media – so, how good is an Instagram service going to be if they can’t even get their own followers? Stellation Media is one of those companies that’s also doing really well on Instagram, which we think says a lot about who they really are.

FanBump – these guys are slightly bigger than Stellation Media, and their account looks just slightly more authentic than Stellation Media’s. However, they both have great growth for how many posts they have.

Customer Support

Stellation Media – the customer support that you receive from Stellation Media is determined by the type of plan you choose to sign up for. Their basic plan allows for email customer support, while their premium plans give you a dedicated, personal account manager. However, they don’t make it clear whether this is through the phone or over email. They do have a contact form available on their website if you need anything, but it doesn’t appear to be a live chat.

FanBump – this company gives you a free consultation where you can schedule a personal call with an account manager. They also have a live chat on their website as support so you can get in touch with someone straight away and hopefully get an answer. We like it when services have a live chat feature because things are changing all the time, so it’s great if you can get in touch with them straight away.

Payment Methods

Stellation Media – with Stellation Media, you can pay for your service in many different ways. They accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and even PayPal. We love it when services like these guys offer a PayPal option. This is because you’re more protected when you pay through PayPal because you can dispute the payment if you need to. You also don’t have to give up your credit card information either.

FanBump – these guys offer all the same payment options at Stellation Media, except for PayPal. This isn’t considered very customer friendly.


Stellation Media – there are many different price points with Stellation Media when it comes to signing up for an Instagram growth service. If you’re only looking at using their organic growth service, this is going to cost you between $50 and $99 a month. With the $99 plan, however, they can help manage two accounts for you, which is double the value.

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With the growth and likes service, you’re looking at $100 to $199 a month.

FanBump – FanBump isn’t as varied and flexible when it comes to their pricing compared to Stellation Media. In fact, we consider their prices to be a bit out of many people’s budget. They only have two pricing plans, the first being $99 a month and the second an eye-watering $1500 per month. We also don’t think that it’s worth paying someone $1500 a month to manage your Instagram account for you, especially when you have other companies like Stellation Media.
Pros and Cons

Stellation Media:



  • Personal account manager
  • Affordable
  • Secure payment methods
  • Easy sign-up form
  • Honest about services
  • Many different targeting features
  • Real customer reviews
  • Completely managed service
  • Excellent results


  • Focused on influencers
  • Can only be used with Instagram
  • It takes 48 hours to set up




  • Excellent results
  • Completely managed service
  • Positive client results and reviews
  • Many different ways to target followers
  • Secure payment method
  • Focused on influencers
  • Honest about their services
  • Live chat support
  • Consultation
  • Can trace the owner on the website


  • No free trial
  • Focused on influencers only
  • Focused on Instagram only

Basic Concerns

Let’s take a look at some basic FAQs for both:

Are They Both Safe to Use?

We think that both of these Instagram growth services are safe to use for your Instagram growth, especially considering the positive customer reviews.

Is My Password Safe?

Again, with both of them, we think that your password is safe. If you’re feeling a little concerned or uneasy, you can always change your password.

Will My Account Get Stolen?

We can’t see with either of these companies any reason or motive for them to steal your account. This is because they can just make their own new Instagram account and then use their own service to grow it. Additionally, they both want to be offering their customers a high-quality service with a great reputation, which is why they wouldn’t want to make money from stealing your Instagram accounts.

Can I Get Shadow Banned?

You cannot get shadow banned for botting. However, you can get shadow banned for using hashtags that have nothing to do with your page, if you use more than 30 hashtags, if you use hashtags that are considered inappropriate, or if you use hashtags that have been banned.
Instagram sees all of these as spam, so they’ll ban your posts.

Can My Account Be Banned?

When you’re using a growth service or an Instagram bot, there is always the risk of having your account banned because these are against the terms and conditions set out by Instagram. However, both of these companies that we’re looking at today make sure to fall within Instagram’s terms and conditions, and they prioritize the safety of your account.

It’s worth noting, though, that we can’t guarantee the safety of your account completely, because we don’t know the history of your Instagram account.

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit


All in all, we think that both of these companies offer similar services. They basically do the same thing when it comes to helping you grow your Instagram, and they even give you reports so that you can track the progress they are making for you. However, FanBump only focuses on Instagram, whereas Stellation Media does a lot more. We like companies that have various different services and features – it means that they are experts in more than one industry, and can help you with other aspects of your Instagram beyond just the growth side of things.

We also can’t get past the fact that FanBump is going to cost you twice as much as Stellation Media. With these thoughts in mind, we have to say that Stellation Media is the overall winner.

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