FanBump Shutdown, & Original Review (2024)

FanBump Review

FanBump Shutdown

Update: FanBump has shutdown. Here are the top, most trusted alternatives.

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Original Review 2024 

Instagram is gaining popularity as the go-to social media platform for brands looking to gain a foothold in the niche they trade in. Millennials enjoy being visually stimulated, which means that a social network such as Instagram can be effective.

Instagram marketing is the entire buzz today because it has proven that pictures are worth a thousand words, and it has made it easy to communicate.

The advent of the smartphone age has also made it easy to take pictures because now all you do is use the smartphone camera and you have an image to post on Instagram.

However, to make it big on Instagram requires you to perform a myriad of tasks ranging from following to liking content. This can be tedious for you, which is why it is good to outsource the tasks to a service that does everything on your behalf.

One such service is FanBump, an organic Instagram growth service. Let’s review them.

What IS FanBump All About?

The service claims to grow your account using real targeted followers, and it adds organic followers to your account effortlessly. Let us look at the different features that it brings to your account.

Easy to Set Up

A task that is easy to set up is far way better than one that you have to take ages setting up. Not too long ago you had to download software, install it on your computer and then run it.

Issues arose when you had to run the software yet you didn’t have the computer skills to configure the various options. Computer jargon usually made it hard for you to run the software, and by the time you had it running successfully, you had lost a considerable amount of time on it.

The software was also unpredictable because it could run only when there is power and an internet connection.
Then came web-based services such as FanBump that allow you to configure everything on the web without the need to install anything. All you need to do to set up the service is to create an account on their portal, answer a few questions and you get linked to a growth manager to engage people on Instagram on your behalf.

The setup process takes a few minutes, which makes the service ideal for busy people as well.

Enjoy the Convenience of Smart Filters

Smart filters give you various options to use to configure your needs as a marketer. You get to target users using usernames, hashtags and location and many more. The account manager helps to customize the settings according to your needs as per your strategy.

Smart filters are automated and make it easy to choose what you want and what you donít want in your strategy.
Remember that every user on Instagram has unique needs. They want to get a specific goal from the engagement. This means that what you need in terms of filters isnít the same thing someone else needs, reason why you need to have many filters to use.

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit

Have Time for Core Activities

Instagram requires you to perform a lot of activities that become monotonous for you. Some of the core activities that are vital to your growth include:

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* Content research – you need to come up with the right content that suits your niche so that you can attract the attention of users on the platform.
* Crafting content – once you research content for your account, the next thing is to craft it in the best way for users to understand it. Crafting content means you choose the right images, add captions and hashtags before you post.
* Get the right hashtags – you need to make sure you get the right hashtags to make your content discoverable.
Once you have the information you need, then you leave everything to the account manager assigned to you from FanBump to do the rest.

Now that you have enough time on your hands for the various tasks, you can focus more energy on getting the right content. Remember that content is the one that drives engagement on Instagram.

After filling out the goals you need for the account, FanBump executes the various tasks for you.

Fast Growth

The engine that FanBump uses to grow your account ensures that you get extra fast results. This means that you notice results a few days within starting the service. Since you need to see results that will make you work faster, then this service is all you need.

Access to Detailed Reports

There is nothing more fulfilling like having access to reports that show what is happening with your account. FanBump gives you periodic reports (whenever you request) so that you understand what is happening to your account.
Knowing in real time what is happening behind the scenes gives you the opportunity to modify some settings so that you achieve what you want.

The Convenience of Choice

It is always good to have various options to choose from, especially when you purchase an item. FanBump gives you 3 options to select.

Why Choose Fan Bump Over Facebook Ads?

So, you’re on social media, including Instagram and Facebook, and you’ve got the allure of using their advertisement features to help you boost your presence there. Why wouldn’t you pick this over getting a third party in to help you? Let’s take a look.

The biggest reason why you wouldn’t want to do this is that they’re a huge waste of money. Simply put, if you don’t have an unlimited budget for your advertising and promoting, then there’s absolutely no point.

This is because while Facebook and Instagram ads do reach a lot of people, they aren’t thinking about the type of people you want to reach – they’re stabbing in the dark hoping that some of the people they show your ad to is going to click on it. You’ve got to do all the hard work on your end to make sure that your ad is optimized for the right audience.

Another issue we have with Facebook and Instagram ads is that you have to spend a lot of money initially before you even find your target audience. With companies like FanBump, they gather enough information from you to figure out the people to target before you’ve spent anything with them, so you’re not wasting a cent.

Additionally, when it comes to Facebook ads, their click-through rate is dismal. In fact, only one in every 100 people that see your advertisement on Facebook or Instagram is likely to click through to your page. This isn’t enough people to justify the amount you would have to spend on it.

Instagram Marketing

So, where do you think that brands or businesses go for product validation and brand awareness on Instagram? They look up influencers that fall within their industry’s niche and get them to do a sponsored post.

This means that they’ll pay you as an influencer to post a picture or content of their product on your page while giving them a shout out at the same time. Believe it or not, this is big money, and you get paid per post, which means you’ve got a decent chance of making quite a bit of money from this.

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So, how can you increase your chances of being chosen to feature a sponsored post? First, you need amazing content. Then you need a high engagement rate, which means that the number of followers you have reflects the number of comments and likes that you’re getting on that amazing content. Thirdly, you need to have a large following.

What do we think is the most important of all these? We think they’re all equal when it comes to being picked for a sponsored post. Unless you have a higher rate of engagement than 2%, you’re not going to be chosen, which means that even if you have a large following, that engagement rate still has to be up to par.

Fake Vs. Organic Followers

What’s the harm in buying fake followers – is it really all that bad? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. But it also comes down to what you’re trying to achieve with your Instagram as well. If you’re looking for quick validation and that number to go up overnight, then purchase your followers by all means.

However, if your overall goal is to slowly grow your Instagram and become an influencer that can collaborate with brands, then you need to consider the path to organic growth. Organic growth is all about the long-term game where you ultimately want to have a large community built around you as a brand or a product you may be selling.

Your organic community that you’ve built over time is going to do a lot of the work for you, sharing your content with their friends and building up your following even more.

Using a Social Media Manager

Why should you use a social media manager like FanBump, then? One of the first things to know about a service with a good reputation like these guys is that they’re going to want your login credentials. This is actually how you know that they’re a legitimate company – because they need to access your profile in order to emulate you. If they don’t ask for this, then they’re not going to be selling you an organic, legitimate service.

You need a social media manager like FanBump because they have more experience than you. They work closely with a number of different clients who fall into every industry you could imagine on Instagram, which means they are well-versed in helping people from all walks of life. They can help you quickly and efficiently boost your engagement and your following while keeping things natural and organic.

One of the biggest advantages of using a social media manager like FanBump is the time you will save. There’s nothing more time consuming than spending half the day engaging with potential people who could be in your community in the hopes that they will follow you. However, without this, you’re not going to get too far in the world of social media. When a company like FanBump takes the reigns, your time is freed up, and you can use it on other parts of your business which are just as important.

Lastly, companies like FanBump are affordable.

They know what they’re worth, but they don’t want to be out of everyone’s price range. They want to be accessible to all, which is why they have kept their prices at affordable rates. You shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for promoting your brand or yourself online, which is why FanBump is the way to go.

With Facebook ads, you have to spend a minimum of $5 a day. With companies like FanBump, it’s a lot less as you can see with their price points above. Don’t settle for more when you can have more for less. There’s no need to spend too much on your online promotion – you can achieve your Instagram goals while remaining well within your set budget.

Promo & Coupon

FanBump does not offer a free trial – they say that they want to give their paying customers their full attention. They do sometimes offer promo discount coupons or deals – especially when paying annually.

We think that FanBump is definitely worth giving a go, so get your discount here.

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For real organic growth, you need a service that gives you the flexibility you need as well as the right cost. Try FanBump today and enjoy guaranteed growth for your Instagram account.

FanBump won’t cost you more than $3.33 a day, which is even less than a Starbucks’ Latte.

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