Fastlykke Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit or a Scam?

Fastlykke Review: Is It Safe & Legit or a Scam?

It’s harder than you might think to find a company that actually cares about your Instagram growth. There are a lot of companies out there that might pretend to do so, but in the end, they’re just out to make a quick profit.

Some companies start out with the best of intentions but end up just ripping off their clients. Obviously, you want to avoid companies like this as much as possible.

Let’s review Fastlykke, which is a company in this industry, and decide if they’re the kind that will rip you off or the kind that will take your Instagram engagement to new heights.

Fastlykke Review 2024

Fastlykke is a growth company for Instagram that can help its clients get ahead and stand out from the crowd with unique features. It also claims to be able to help its clients with other social media platforms simultaneously. Lastly, Fastlykke claims that they are completely risk-free. 

Why Fastlykke?


How hard is it to find people within your niche that is going to genuinely like your Instagram profile? When you review companies like Fastlykke, you’ve got to know whether they’re going to be able to grow your page or not.

Safety aside, being able to use companies like this at all is definitely a bonus, and can make all the difference to your account. Instagram is just too crowded these days to make it on your own.

How Does Fastlykke Work?


Fastlykke works by helping its clients choose the right package to suit their Instagram growth needs. This means that they choose whether they need help with likes, comments, or followers, and then they enter their Instagram username.

From here, clients will choose further features, like whether they want Fastlykke to help them follow others or not. Fastlykke stipulates at this point that delivery is between 1 and 3 days, and clients are asked to pay for their order. Below these instructions is a visual of all the big brands that they claim to have worked with.

How to Get Started with Fastlykke

As we mentioned above, to get started with Fastlykke, you explain what features you want, and you go from there. They try to match features according to your niche and industry so that the engagement is specialized. They claim that they only need a username from their clients – nothing else is required.

Additionally, Fastlykke says that their marketing methods are safe, and they have a money-back guarantee in case things didn’t go as planned. They have a pros and cons list on their website where they compare themselves to other similar companies in the industry.

Pros & Cons Review

Every company has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look:

  • Secure site
  • Visible pricing
  • Hassle-free order
  • Affordable pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • No free trial

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit
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Pricing Review

Fastlykke have divided their price points into different categories that depend on things like budget and what kind of engagement the client wants. For example, if you want likes for your Instagram page, you can find the tab that will take you to this pricing page.

Their prices depend on how little or how much engagement you want, so the more you want to grow your profile, the more you’ll end up paying. When compared to other companies out there, their prices are in the middle.


Can Fastlykke Shadowban Me?

No, they can’t – mostly because being shadowbanned has more to do with the hashtags that you use. When you use hashtags that are inappropriate or spammy, or they have nothing to do with your niche, then Instagram might shadowban you.

Can They Steal My Account?

Don’t worry – we don’t think, based on our review, that Fastlykke is in the business of stealing people’s Instagram accounts. They are much more interested in growing their own services to be used with other people’s Instagram accounts than the other way around.

Review Conclusion

So, as you can see from the review above, Fastlykke is an Instagram growth service that can help its clients get ahead on not just Instagram, but other social media websites out there as well.

They say that they have affordable pricing, as we have talked about above, and they also say that they can deliver each order on time. Features like this are essential when you’re trying to grow an Instagram profile that has a lot of credibility.  

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