Firing Table Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Firing Table Review – Is it Safe & Legit or a Scam?

Firing Table Review 2024

If you use Instagram, it is important to know how to safely and legitimately gain followers. Your followers should be real people who are interested in your niche and who will engage with your content.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

With the plethora of choices in Instagram growth services available, you need a way to narrow down which ones are safe to use and which ones you need to stay away from.

This Firing Table review will help you decide if this company is suited to your needs and Instagram goals.

What is Firing Table?


Firing Table is a registered business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a bot that operates 24/7 to ‘boost your account’, according to the website. It was established in 2017, which means it has been around for a couple of years. That is long enough to build a reputation.

Their system is designed to help you build your Instagram presence organically. This unique program will give you the brand exposure needed to attract thousands of Instagrammers.

The system allows you to customize your settings to target relevant people, hashtags, and keywords to enhance your success on the Instagram channel. The constant, but within Instagram guidelines, interactions provided by this company is how your account grows.

Your only job is to create the best quality content that will engage and interest your target audience on the platform.

Features to Expect from Firing Table

The features such a company offers are important to knowing whether or not this system matches your needs. Firing Table offers these services and features.

  • Unlimited growth
  • 24/7 interactions
  • Affordable prices
  • Real followers
  • Priority support
  • Fast interaction
  • DM services
  • Comment services
  • Phone support

These features are contingent upon which package you choose, which will be discussed next.

Getting Started with Firing Table

Getting started with firing table is easy and fast. It takes less than 60 seconds. You simply choose from one of these packages, click ‘Sign Up’ by entering your Instagram username, and they take over from there.

Depending on the engagement you need and want, these are the packages from which you have to choose.

  • Personal: Real Fans & Followers, One Account, 1-Month Term, 60% Interaction Rates. Cancel Anytime.
  • Professional: Priority Support, Increased Interaction, 1-Month Term, Fastest Interaction, Cancel Anytime.
  • Business: Phone Support, DM New Followers, Comment for You, Fastest Interaction, Cancel Anytime.

We consider their price points, starting at $29.95, to be affordable and a good value for what they deliver.

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Their onsite reviews tell a story of satisfied clients that provide stellar reviews for these services. We believe their onsite reviews to be genuine.

Firing Table also offers ‘liking’ services you can buy from their website. If you just want likes, you can buy a package and let them deliver.

They want you to create the content and they will engage with users based on the information you provide about audience targeting for your niche.

Pros and Cons

Like any other company, online or offline, there are pros and cons associated with Firing Table. There is no such thing as a product or service that is 100& perfect.

This information helps you to ascertain whether this service meets your expectations and values.

  • Affordable prices
  • No growth limits
  • Personalized service to help meet your goals
  • Increase your fanbase by thousands (speed results will vary)
  • Https secure website
  • Straightforward pricing structure
  • Verified payment systems
  • 24/7 operation and engagement
  • Operation within Instagram guidelines
  • They have no dedicated Help or FAQ page
  • They don’t provide 24/7 customer support/service

There are more pros than cons achieved from using Firing Table. Still, you must decide if this service is suited to your Instagram growth goals.

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These FAQs are derived from reading the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service on the website as well as from our knowledge of the inner workings of the security measures taken by this service.

Can they steal my information?

The fact that the website is secure, and the payment gateways are verified tells us that they have no intentions of stealing or using your information in an unseemly manner. Their “Terms of Service” are straightforward and clearly listed on the website.

Is Firing Table Safe?

There is no guarantee of complete safety and security online or offline. Firing Table is as safe and secure as any other similar website. They have taken the appropriate safety and security measures to ensure your privacy and safety on their website.

Do I have to give them my username?

For them to engage with your Instagram content, they do need to be able to find you. It is wise to have your profile set to public. It is likely a requirement for this type of service, even though there is nothing to indicate this on the website.

Do they guarantee I will get followers?

No company that provides Instagram growth and engagement can honestly offer any guarantee. Results will vary according to your content, niche, and other factors. This is not the kind of service that offers specific guarantees for results. However, they will likely work for you in the event you are not happy with your results.

Review Conclusion

Please remember that it is up to you to create quality, relevant, and engaging content to post. All the likes from Firing Table can get attention to your posts, but ultimately, they cannot make other Instagrammers like your content. That’s up to you.

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Customer service, responsiveness, and engagement are the best ways to attract interested users to your profile. These elements are also up to you. These types of services are only effective if you are doing your part.

All that being said, we believe that using this kind of service will help boost your exposure to relevant Instagrammers. Always follow the instructions for any of these services.

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