Follow Adder Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

follow adder review

Follow Adder Review 2024

Follow Adder is a popular Instagram automation tool that has been used by big and small brands alike to help with their Instagram engagement.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

It’s also an excellent choice for influencers looking to create a solid foundation for their online presence. Let’s take a look at Follow Adder, what their features are, and why they’re a great choice instead of buying your likes and follows from a company with a dodgy reputation.

Follow Adder vs. Buying Your Followers

So, should you buy your followers and likes from a random company or should you put your faith in something like Follow Adder?

If you’re someone who is looking for those numbers to go up overnight and don’t really care about the consequences, then by all means by your followers and likes.

However, if you’re serious about being an influencer and you want to be able to build up a strong, loyal community that has your back, then you’re going to want to use a company like Follow Adder.

One of the fastest ways to build up a solid community is to do so using a bot. This is because it’s simply not possible for you to spend all of your time on Instagram – nobody has that much time on their hands. If you’ve got a brand and you want to get more attention on the social media giant, you need to take it slow with a trusted service like Follow Adder and watch as you gain in popularity over time.

With Follow Adder, you’ll be able to safely automate your Instagram growth without being in fear or getting shut down by Instagram.


So, what is Follow Adder exactly? Follow Adder is one of those companies that’s been around since Instagram first began. It’s been around the block a few times and knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to building up your Instagram profile.

It’s got a long-standing reputation with hundreds of clients now and goes from strength to strength – Instagram is no match for this veteran of the Instagram marketing industry. It also increased in popularity when other companies like Mass Planner got banned by Instagram and had to shut down.

Follow Adder can help you with all the basics when it comes to your engagement: from following and unfollowing to commenting and liking. They can also help you post your content as well as direct message people. One thing to note about Follow Adder is that it can only be used with Instagram.

There are many companies out there that can be used with many different social media platforms, but for whatever reason Follow Adder has chosen to stick with Instagram and put all of its focus into this social media app – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Follow Adder is definitely going to be able to help you grow your Instagram account with just a small amount of effort.

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Dashboard and Login

The Follow Adder dashboard and login is incredibly simple and straightforward. Once you’ve paid for their service, you will be able to register the software with your account.

Follow Adder can also let you manage more than one account with their service, and they also have really helpful instructions located on their website, along with FAQs that can help you as well if you get stuck.

Once you have set up your accounts through their dashboard, you can quickly learn how to use their simple features and get going with your Instagram growth.

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Setting Up Your Account

Follow Adder makes it nice and easy for you to set up an account with them. They even have an account settings tab so that you can set exactly how and when you want to run your automation.

For example, you may want to run the automated engagement overnight while you’re sleeping, or for a few hours during the day – the point is, it’s up to you. You’ll also be able to put a slight delay on when you upload things, so you don’t come across as too aggressive.

Another thing that we like about Follow Adder is that you can use a proxy if you want to hide your IP address. This feature is only relevant if you’re managing more than one Instagram account at a time. Instagram is going to block any activity you do from the same IP address if you’re managing multiple accounts from it.


Follow Adder lets you find potential followers in many different ways. This is done through features like locations, users, hashtags, the following list of other users, and even users who have already engaged with posts you have liked.

We think that it has a pretty diverse range of features, which is important because you want to give Instagram the impression that you’re doing all the work yourself, and the more varied your engagement is, the less they’re going to suspect you of using a bot.

If you’re doing the same mundane actions every day, again and again, Instagram is going to grow suspicious and potentially ban you. Follow Adder already knows this, which is why they’re provided you with many different feature options so that you can constantly be changing things up.

For example, you can engage with others using the hashtag feature in the morning, and switch to the user feature in the evening and then swap these two around the next day and even add more features in. If you’re just doing the same old action every day, Instagram is going to suspect you of using a bot.



We think that the features Follow Adder has on offer are relatively straightforward and simple, which is great if you don’t have a lot of time to play around with their interface. You get to control the speed at which they engage for you, as well as create a white and blacklist. You can also schedule any upcoming content you want to post.

Unlike other software options out there, Follow Adder doesn’t restrict the speed at which you engage. This means that you’re pretty much in control of all of their features, which can be both a good and a bad thing. With this in mind, we recommend going slow at first, so you don’t appear to be too spammy if Instagram happens to be looking your way.

You want to show Instagram that you’ve become more active without being too aggressive with it. If you’re too aggressive, then Instagram is going to suspect you of using a bot, and they’ll ban your account.

Follow Adder Features

  • Direct messaging
  • Post scheduling
  • Unliking
  • Liking
  • Commenting
  • Following
  • Unfollowing
  • Customization of settings
  • Ignoring users
  • Following people back
  • Many different target features, including users, locations, and hashtags
  • White List
  • Black List
  • Time delays of scheduled posts
  • Account stats

Activity Log

This feature is helpful for you to see what Follow Adder’s bot is doing to help grow your account every day. You can figure out which hashtags and which users are bringing you the most engagement, and you can also figure out if you’ve unfollowed somebody, as well as which pictures you’ve unliked. This is a great tool if you like to keep up with everything.

Reporting Feature

Follow Adder comes with a reporting feature which we think is actually pretty simple – there are definitely more sophisticated models out there. It simply puts all of your followers and unfollows into an easy to read graph. With this in mind, we don’t think that it’s their best feature.


We used our test account to try out Follow Adder for ourselves. This is because we wanted to make sure that we didn’t receive any warnings or blocks from Instagram for using it. At the end of our free seven-day trial, we got pretty pleasing results. We didn’t get any of those warnings and blocks that we were worried about, which means that Follow Adder is a safe bet if you want to grow your Instagram.

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Follow Adder has a number of different options when it comes to pricing. They differ based on how many accounts you want help with. Their cheapest option is for $49, and this lasts for six months, which means it’s just $8 a month. Their most expensive plan is $425 every six months, which is still quite a lot cheaper than other Instagram marketing companies out there.

What We Like About Follow Adder

So, what do we like about Follow Adder, then? The biggest thing that impressed us with this company is their feature that allows you to ‘unlike’ pictures.

This is really helpful when you don’t want to be associated with explicit or spammy content on Instagram. You can like the picture initially so that the user sees you and then you can unlike it again.

Additionally, we also like that with Follow Adder you can schedule your activity, as well as delay it. You can switch up the botting process as much as you like so that you can stay under Instagram’s radar, which, of course, is the main objective here.

Finally, we find it incredibly simple and straightforward to use.

Common Concerns

Is Follow Adder Safe?

Of course. When we tried it out, we didn’t see anything that we thought was risky or unsafe.

Are My Login Details Safe?

Definitely – plus, if you’re at all worried about them, you can always change them.

Do I Risk Being Shadowbanned?

Firstly, what is shadowbanned? This occurs when your posts don’t show up in other people’s hashtags searches. It’s highly unlikely that you will be shadowbanned with a company likes this because the only people that get shadowbanned are people who use too many tags or ones that have nothing to do with their industry or niche.

Will My Account Get Banned or Suspended?

While you always run the risk of having your account suspended or banned with these types of services, there are definitely ways to avoid this happening, and one of these ways is to slow the service down and not try to gain too many followers too quickly.

This is because the majority of Instagram accounts get suspended or banned because people leave the same comments everywhere, and send people messages that include dodgy links. Just don’t get spammy with the settings that you choose with Follow Adder, and you’ll be fine.

Pros and Cons

  • Free seven-day trial right here
  • They are affordable
  • They offer activity scheduling
  • The service is low maintenance
  • They have an unlike feature
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Simple features
  • Uses your IP address
  • You have to pay your subscription twice a year
  • Could do with better reports
  • Your computer has to be on all the time
  • Does require a little bit of maintenance
  • Can only be used with Instagram


Follow Adder offers a 7 day free trial & occasionally offers promo discount coupons or deals – especially when paying annually.

We think that Follow Adder is definitely worth giving a go, so get your free seven-day trial here.

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Follow Adder is an effortlessly simply Instagram automated bot that can help you gain genuine, authentic likes, and followers.

All of its features are meant to help influencers in particular gain more followers and likes, and we love that they have an ‘unlike’ function as well – you won’t find this with every company. We also appreciate their other engagement features as well, which include following, unfollowing and of course liking. This is one of the fastest ways for you to grow your Instagram account and gain real followers.

Their services are entirely automated, so you can sit back, focus on other parts of the business, and watch as those numbers keep growing. No longer do you have to manually do these types of things.

Instagram has been on a rampage lately and has shut down many services that are similar to Follow Adder. These guys have stayed strong though, and have been around since the beginning. Instagram hasn’t been able to ban or shut down Follow Adder because they can’t tell for sure whether an account is using them or not.

Additionally, Follow Adder falls well within Instagram’s terms and conditions, something that we love about them.

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