GetInsta Review 2024 – Is It Legit?

GetInsta Review – Is It Legit?

GetInsta Review 2024

In today’s time, online scams have reached biblical proportions. Instagram is just the latest platform for fraudsters and spammers who are always on the lookout to make a quick buck. With more than a billion users from around the world, Instagram offers up a captivating and large crowd.

Today, we live in a very competitive world. This means that it is important to get your brand online, especially if you are working in a very dedicated and small niche; if you face a lot of competition, you will have to work hard to get that recognition.

Of course, it is not easy to grow and improve your Instagram stats. Therefore, you can make use of external tools that can help you increase and improve these stats and boost your visibility. However, there are some companies that you should wholeheartedly avoid. GetInsta is one of these platforms that you should stay away from.

Easy GetInsta / GetInsta Review

GetInsta is a company that has been around for quite some time and claims to help its clients increase various Instagram parameters like followers, likes, views, etc. While all these promises do sound enticing, our detailed observation noticed quite some red flags that could not be ignored.

What is GetInsta?


Also known as Easy GetInsta, GetInsta is an ‘Instagram growth service’ that claims to offer 100% free followers, likes, etc. from your Instagram profile. The company also claims that you do not have to provide any personal information to make use of these features.

While all these may sound great, we have a lot of reasons to believe that GetInsta is a fake business.

GetInsta is a company that is very proud of its features, which came to us as quite a surprise because we know that it is nothing more than a fake company that provides fake engagements and other Instagram parameters.

As mentioned previously, the company claims to provide high-quality followers and likes for your Instagram account for free; additionally, you do not have to fill out any survey or share your password. This means that there is no risk to your account.

However, we beg to differ on this aspect. While the platform claims to be completely safe, you will have to download the app to use the features, which is very weird.

What Are Some GetInsta Features?


According to the company, GetInsta’s main feature is to add real followers to your Instagram profile. The company says that every user gets coins for following other Instagram profiles and liking their posts.

With the help of the coins that you earn, you can get nearly limitless followers and likes for your Instagram profile. We come to know from this is that you will have to get some work done, which you may not have the time for.

Apart from this, the company is also known to sell fake engagements, since reciprocal networks like these rarely work out.

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Pricing of GetInsta


Again, we have mentioned that the services of GetInsta are free to use. This means that you do not have to spend any money to use these features to try to improve the engagement of your Instagram profile.

The company claims to provide unlimited followers and likes for free. When you use these benefits in the network, you will be provided with a lot of coins so that you can buy followers and likes for your Instagram profile.

The platform will ask you to complete simple tasks to get more coins. From this, we understand that the company works to sell fake engagements to its customers.

How Did We Test GetInsta?

Yes, we did our research before writing this review. After signing up on GetInsta, we immediately understood that the company just provides fake engagement. We had to complete a lot of tasks to get some coins. Once we did get the coins, we were very surprised to see how little the number of followers you get for your Instagram profile.

While we did get some followers, we were not impressed with it. We lost the followers just as quickly as we got them. Additionally, we viewed the profiles of these so-called followers; they are fake bots that have no followers or posts. These profiles will also start spamming on your posts and drop messages to your inbox.

Next, we decided to try out the customer care services. When we visited the website, we saw the email address and the phone number of the customer care agents. We first tried to call the agents via phone. Even after a lot of tries, we were unable to get in touch with the agents. Next, we tried the email option.

We typed down the problems that we faced and waited for a reply. For any decent company in this niche, it should not take more than 24-48 hours; sadly, we received an email well after 3-4 days. We were not happy with this, especially after reading the email.

They provided no solution to our problem. Judging by the way the email was written, we felt that the agent was way too carefree and could not be bothered by our problems.

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Review Conclusion

As we have come to the conclusion of this review, we can say that GetInsta is not a great option at all. While you can use this platform for free, you will definitely not love the rest of the company. We feel that GetInsta is not worth your time – in fact, the platform will end up wasting your time.

We believe that GetInsta is a company that provides fake engagement and services. All such activities are not considered safe and you could get into trouble for it. Additionally, it is known that Instagram will ban any profile that makes use of such platforms.

Of course, you may feel tempted to make use of GetInsta since it is a free company. However, you should resist this temptation and not be fooled – GetInsta is not worth the risk. Instead, you need to look out for better alternatives. While these alternatives may not be free, you will certainly get much better engagement and permanent Instagram parameters like followers, views, likes, and comments from real people. 

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