Gold vs Silver Jewelry

Gold vs Silver Jewelry

Regardless of how much time passes, there will remain some questions people will keep asking.

This happens because, as individuals, we go through situations and get confused about things.

One such question is: Should I wear gold or silver jewelry?

People also get confused about gold vs silver jewelry.

Well, if you have the same question, then you are in the correct place.

In this article, we’ll address the age-old question: gold vs silver jewelry. You’ll learn the factors that will help you pick the best one.

What Is the Deal with Gold Jewelry?

Gold is an incredibly attractive element, and people are crazy about it. For centuries, gold has stood the test of time and came out as one of the most wanted possessions in current times.

The human touch to this beautiful element has made it irresistible.

In its pure form, it is bright, soft and rocks a slightly orange yellow appearance.

But it also comes in many styles. This means you can have a Bohemian or minimal glam style gold. You also have the options of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. This depends on the alloying elements added.

Hence, in a nutshell, people love gold and its variations.

But this doesn’t mean it is the only jewelry type people go for. No, because many people love silver, while others love platinum.

Gold and Skin Tone Relation

The first thing you need to know is the perception people have around this topic. Many people approach this subject by focusing entirely on the skin tone.

If you ask them, they won’t hesitate telling you a world of things about the relationship gold shares with a particular skin type.

While skin tone is a critical factor in selecting a type of jewelry, it isn’t everything you should worry about.

The general perception is people with dark or olive skin tone and yellow undertones look spectacular with gold jewelry.

Types of Gold Jewelry

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Now, let’s dive deep into this topic: Gold vs Silver Jewelry. In this section, we’ll discuss types of gold jewelry.

You can divide gold jewelry broadly into four categories. 

The first is fine gold.

Gold jewelry rated 14 or 24 karats contains varying composition of pure gold and alloying elements.

The more the karat, the more the percentage of pure gold in the jewelry.

The second is plated gold. This gold jewelry has a thin layer of pure gold over a brass plating. You can expect a varying percentage of pure gold in this type.

The third type of gold jewelry is a gold vermeil.

What is it?

This type of jewelry has a thicker gold plating over a.925 sterling silver core.

The composition includes 92.5% pure silver core and 2.5 microns of pure gold plating.

Finally, we have the last type: Gold-filled. This type of jewelry is a mixture of brass and 2-3 layers of gold. The standard says a jewelry must contain at least 5% of gold to qualify as gold-filled.

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Now, you have a better understanding about gold jewelry. 

Enough about gold!

Now, let’s discuss silver jewelry.

What Is the Deal with Silver Jewelry?

Gold and silver are always at war against each other. They put people in tough positions while selecting a type of jewelry. While some prefer gold, others choose silver without a second thought.

Silver is one of the most desirable metals in the world.

It is lustrous, highly reflective, and malleable, which helps jewelers turn it into different alluring jewelry.

Like gold, silver has a relationship with skin tone. People use this relation to shape their decisions.

Silver and Skin Tone Relation

The general perception around this topic says silver jewelry looks spectacular on people with pale skin and rose undertones.

While many people consider this as a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t.

You should respect your preferences and go with the one that makes you comfortable, regardless of any perceptions.

Types of Silver Jewelry

Now, let’s discuss different silver jewelry to help you understand the topic: gold vs silver jewelry.

You can divide silver broadly into three categories.

The first is sterling silver. If you see the label “sterling” or “.925” on a piece of silverware, it means the item has 92.5% pure silver in it.

The second type is fine silver. This type of jewelry has 99.9% of pure silver. It is the highest quality of silver jewelry you can purchase.

Finally, you have silver fashion jewelry.

This type has a mixture of pure silver and alloying elements. The percentage of silver varies depending on the last item.

Ultimate Comparison

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Let’s compare different factors to help you decide on the topic. 

  • Gold is costlier than silver.
  • Gold is more durable than sterling silver.
  • Silver is more lustrous than gold.
  • Silver jewelry requires more maintenance than gold.

You should also know gold and silver  jewelry might contain alloying elements like nickel, which when comes in contact with the skin causes itchy rashes.


There you have it. Now, you know all about the topic: Gold vs Silver Jewelry.

You also know different factors that affect this topic and the types silver and gold jewelry. I hope this article helps.

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