Gramflare Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?


Gramflare Review 2024

If you’re not getting anywhere with your Instagram growth and you need a bit of a boost, there’s always an option out there. You may have noticed that lately it’s been getting more and more difficult to implement your own engagement strategy manually.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

With all the people that are using Instagram out there these days, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to do so unless they are a celebrity. This is why a lot of people are choosing to outsource their engagement to a third party company, which usually knows a bit more about doing it than you might. Let’s check one out.

What is Gramflare?

One of the first things you’re going to notice when you visit Gramflare’s website is that they offer a free three-day trial, so you can check out how they work against your account before you commit to anything or sign up for them.

They claim to have helped at least 8000 Instagrammers get ahead with their engagement and content, and they have reviews on their homepage that appear to be legit.

Another thing we noticed straight away is that they’ve secured their website with https, which means that they are pretty serious about being an above-board company.

Gramflare has divided their price points into three, and you can get started with them for just $28 a month, which we think is pretty affordable, especially when you compare this to other companies out there. With this package, you get help managing one account. Their next account up is going to cost you $42 a month, which can help you with three accounts.

Lastly, their unlimited account for $60 a month can help you manage up to five accounts. At this point, it’s evident that you choose the right package based on how many accounts you want to be managed.

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

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Gramflare says that safety is one of their biggest concerns when working with their clients. They know that their clients have bit reputations to lose online, which is why they claim to keep within Instagram’s terms and conditions so that you don’t get in trouble.

Another feature that they offer is that they can send an automated welcome DM to new followers, and you can customize it to say whatever you want. You can also schedule upcoming posts with Gramflare, too, so there’s a lot on offer beyond just helping to manage more than one account at once.

Final Thoughts

We are impressed that Gramflare has kept its prices visible so that everyone can check them out. This also means that they can’t hit you with hidden costs further down the line. We also like that they have secured their website, which means that your personal details are going to be kept safe if you choose to share them.

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Gramflare is a well-rounded Instagram growth company with user-friendly services and prices, and an existing database of clients that appear to be happy with what they bring to the table.

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