A Complete Guide To Choosing Flowers For The Special Man In Your Life


Human beings have had a special relationship with flowers for ages. While some flowers provide primary medicinal uses, people mainly grow them for aesthetic qualities.

Traditionally, men send flowers to women. But everyone loves receiving flowers to express appreciation, congratulations, or love – including men!

A behavioral study by researcher Holy Hale (Rutgers University) and Jeannette Haviland-Jones (psychology professor) revealed that men who receive flowers register increased romantic specs. Getting your significant other flowers for his birthday is a brilliant idea and a unique gift.

Men who get flowers as gifts stand in closer proximity, have increased eye contact in conversation, and produce more positive smiles than those who do not.

Experts have proven that both men and women express extraordinary joy and improve social behavior when they receive flowers. Since giving men flowers is not common, this guide will help you choose flowers for the remarkable man in your life. 

Tips On Gifting Men Flowers

Getting the perfect flowers for your man is not easy. See below tips that will help you make the right decisions when choosing perfect masculine flowers.

Go for striking shapes: Men prefer flowers with strong structural petal shapes. When getting flowers for a man, choose bold and robust varieties. 

Pay attention to the scent: Flowers like carnations feature a spicy and robust fragrance with a clove-like smell. These scents help you to pick masculine flowers. Alternatively, playoff scents of his favorite cologne. 

Choose Bold Colors: Choose flowers that are rich and bold in colors like maroon, purple, yellow, orange or deep red as they are more masculine. Avoid pastel colors like pink. Neutral colors like white work well for both genders and on many occasions. 

Get a unique vase: Consider a vase made of metal or wood for men instead of the traditional crystal look. Vases made from wood or metal are more masculine and will work with his décor better. Go an extra mile and make your flower vase from his favorite beer, stein, if he drinks. 

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Ideas Of Masculine Flowers

More people are embracing the idea of sending men flowers as gifts; hence the act is gaining popularity. Besides being an excellent romantic gesture, flowers add a touch of greenery to his space.

Below are top masculine flowers for inspiration when and if you want to show genuine care. Also, consider buying other gifts and pairing them with a bouquet. 

White Anemones

Anemone flower bouquet as a gift is eccentric and unique. The deep indigo center of this flower communicates a romantic quality that shows a masculine look. Consider pairing a gift with your white anemone’s earth-toned florals like amaranth or pampas grass. 

If you are looking for a neutral flower that will appease men, the anemone is an excellent and safe choice as it adds a trendy touch to your gift. 


Boutonniere in a wedding takes the decor to a different level, and nothing does it better than Craspedia flowers.

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Also known as Billy Buttons, the round yellow flowers add a striking and vibrant appeal, making them masculine. No man can resist well-presented Craspedia flowers. 


Mix up flowers with succulent plants. This mixture presents a beautiful package if you are looking to stray from the floral route and want some green as part of the gift. Succulents are low-maintenance plants and fare well indoors and in dry places.

They also have air purifying properties like aloe vera, which is rich in healing properties. Succulents’ medicinal properties help conditions like sunburns, shaving nicks, and cuts, among other skin issues.

White Hydrangeas

White hydrangeas come in a classic androgynous design that is great in any bouquet. These are perfect appreciation gifts to express gratitude and emotion. Since they come in neutral colors, you can never go wrong with white hydrangeas. 

White Orchids

This pick embodies a gender-neutral and more sophisticated look. White orchids pass for great masculine flowers because of their crisp, clean color and the calming energy they add to any space.

Consider sending white orchids to your significant other if they are stressed out and need to relax. Since they are easy-maintenance flowers, they make an excellent addition to any space. 

Birds Of Paradise

Birds of paradise flower stand out due to its signature beauty with orange, crane-like blooms that they produce. If you are looking for a show-stopper gift, consider a bouquet of birds of paradise.

This bloom represents love, faithfulness, and thoughtfulness, which makes it a masculine ideal romantic flower. Due to its low maintenance nature, this unique is an excellent choice for those with busy lifestyles. 

Red Roses

Everyone loves red roses; hence you can get them for him! A bouquet of red roses will help express how much you love him. The timeless red roses symbolize romance; thus, this flower is an excellent masculine gift for the traditional yet classic man. Pairing it with a romantic dinner is one of the best ways to celebrate love. 

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies feature among the favorite houseplants for green thumbs. Besides how great these plants look, they are easy to care for and need minimal water. These flowers are best for men who love some greenery in their spaces.

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Most flowers bring a smile to the receiver, and gerberas do that best, thanks to their bright and happy petals. Gerbera comes in dark yellow, pink, scarlet, orange, and deep red, among many others, offering various choices. This is also an excellent choice for April birthday babies as it is their birth flower. 

Black Dahlias

These perfect additions to boutonnieres or bouquets come in a dark, moody color. The black dahlia’s deep hue is masculine, hence perfect masculine flowers with a luxurious look.


Flowers are no longer a ladies’ affair, as men receive them on occasions to celebrate milestones like promotions, anniversaries, father’s day, and birthdays, among others. There are no limits to celebrating your man as these masculine flower ideas and gifts will pass the strong love message you wish to convey in the best way possible. 

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