How To Check Voicemail On An iPhone?


You might not know how to check voicemail on an iPhone if this is your first iPhone or if you are new to using voicemail. When you can’t answer your iPhone when someone calls, you’ll be able to listen to the message left on your voicemail to respond when you are able. But how to check it?

Hit the Phone icon on your home screen and tap voicemail. After that, you need to choose the voicemail message you want to check. Press the play button. Using the speaker icon will also allow you to listen to your message on speakerphone.

Steps to Follow to Check Voicemail on an iPhone

When a caller leaves a voicemail, the message is electronically stored for the intended recipient to retrieve later. Based on the recipient’s telephone system, retrieving the stored message can be done through an iPhone or similar device. 

There are features in the voicemail that allow you to select, play, and manage messages. Senders of voicemails have the option of playing or delivering their messages. 

A notification feature also lets recipients know their messages are waiting. On some iPhones and providers, you can also read the voicemail transcription visually. Follow the instructions to check your iPhone voicemail.

  • First, reach the phone icon by tapping on it.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find an option called voicemail; select it.
  • From here, you will be able to select the voicemail message you would like to hear.
  • Click the play button to begin listening. It is also possible to tap the speaker icon to listen to your message on speakerphone if you would like.
  • Sometimes, carriers will also provide voicemail transcription services, which allows you to read the message rather than hear it.
  • If you tap on the Call icon, you will be able to contact the person who left the message for you.
  • If you do not need to save the message, tap the Delete icon; your Voicemail box won’t fill up with more messages.

Is It Possible to Check Voicemail on an iPhone If Its Battery Dies?

Even if you have a dead battery or your iPhone stops working for other reasons, you can still access your voicemail via a landline or a second mobile phone.

When you turn on your iPhone, any changes to your voicemail messages will appear on the device. When your iPhone device dies, you will still be able to access your iPhone voicemail messages, which is one of the beautiful things about this feature.


By using voicemail, your employees and business will always be reachable. The experience of receiving a voicemail is often less enjoyable than the experience of speaking to someone personally. However, it still beats not being able to reach someone at all. 

It is beneficial for users who are away from their phones. It is also very useful for users who usually attend meetings and cannot answer their phones. Further, I hope this article will help you check voicemail on your iPhone.

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