How To Clean An iPhone Speaker?


If your iPhone speaker is not working properly, you might want to know how to clean an iPhone speaker. Occasionally, you may be able to fix the low-volume problem on an iPhone by adjusting the volume in the Settings app or through the Volume buttons. Sometimes, you have to remove water or clean the iPhone speakers. So, how do you do that?

You’ve likely heard conflicting advice about cleaning your iPhone speakers if they’re clogged with dust or debris. You can use painter’s tape as it works well for cleaning. Some people also recommend using a soft brush or compressed air to clean the iPhone speaker. Either way, clean them as often as possible to avoid issues.

Methods to Clean An iPhone Speaker

The following are the best and easiest methods you can use to clean an iPhone speaker easily.

Method 1: Using Painter Tape

Most people who paint walls use painter’s tape to keep paint from adhering to edges and other wall parts. You can also use this tape to clean iPhone speakers. 

Its non-stickiness means that it will not leave behind a sticky residue when it picks up dirt. Follow the steps for cleaning an iPhone using painter’s tape.

  • You can clean your iPhone by tearing a small strip from the painter’s tape.
  • Roll the tape into a tiny loop by reversing the tape so that the sticky side faces out.
  • After that, wipe the iPhone speaker with the sticky side of the tape.

Method 2: Using Soft Brush

Cleaning iPhone speakers with a soft brush may be the simplest solution. Such a brush could be anything from a paintbrush to even a toothbrush. 

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Choose something super-soft because the bristles of a stiff brush may damage your iPhone. Once you have done choosing the right brush, follow the given steps.

  • Rub rubbing alcohol on the brush’s tip.
  • Avoid soaking the brush thoroughly. If you want to use a lot of moisture, make sure it doesn’t drip into the phone.
  • Brush the speakers a few times with the damp brush to remove dirt and dust.

Method 3: Using Compressed Air

Compressed air is another method for cleaning iPhone speakers. You can clean keyboards, computers, and other electronic devices by blasting air from these air bottles.

It is a good choice for either your first cleaning step or your last step after you have used other methods. Hold the nozzle away from the iPhone speaker if you will use compressed air

It is recommended that the compressed air nozzle be at least 8-11 inches from the speaker. Getting too close could damage the phone.


I would recommend cleaning the speakers of your iPhone if you’ve been using it for some time. It’s because the speakers can collect a lot of gunk. 

That includes the lint that collects in your pockets when you keep your iPhone in them and dirt and dust. Your iPhone speakers will have more problems as more debris builds up. Maintain your iPhone’s sound quality by cleaning the speakers regularly.

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