Pro-Tips On How To Find The Best Silver Jewelry Supplier For Your Business


When launching a jewelry business, one of the most critical tasks is to find the right supplier for your business who can be trusted to provide you with high-quality products consistently. These products need to be durable and reliable to maintain your standard on every order.

This can help you avoid numerous issues down the road, such as faulty or damaged products being returned, and refunds being demanded. Furthermore, a reliable wholesaler will reduce complaints about sterling silver items not being of the quality expected.

Additionally, when a strong partnership has been established between the wholesaler and the jewelry shop, the shop will benefit significantly from ordering in bulk or being a long-term customer. Ultimately any jewelry shop should ensure they find a wholesaler that gives them exactly what they want as this will help them greatly in the future.

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Selecting A Distributor Of Silver Jewelry

Choosing a silver jewelry wholesaler is often determined by the quality of the jewelry products the wholesaler is selling. If a potential wholesaler provides jewelry that is not up to the expected quality, then there is no point in working with this wholesaler, even if it is cheaper than others.

When selling jewelry, quality is an essential factor all customers will consider when purchasing products. Therefore, the wholesaler chosen by the jewelry shop must be guaranteed to meet the quality and reliability standards of the shop every time.

This will not only guarantee that customers will be happy with the jewelry items they purchase, but it will also ensure that the reputation of the jewelry shop is not tarnished.

Benefits Of Buying Jewelry In Bulk

Many factors convey professionalism in a jewelry wholesaler, which can also benefit the jewelry shops they work with. For example, a wholesaler may offer free shipping for orders of a specific size or a discounted price for ordering in bulk.

This should be expected from most wholesalers, especially when orders are particularly large or numerous. Most will offer some sort of discount to attract jewelry shops to return for more orders. Other services, including international customer services and low minimum order requirements, would also be expected from an experienced jewelry wholesaler.

Shopping for 92.5 sterling silver jewelry from a wholesaler has many advantages for jewelry shops or businesses. For example, purchasing jewelry with a 92.5 sterling silver stamp means that the purity of the jewelry is guaranteed.

This is extremely important for a jewelry shop, especially attracting customers by offering high-quality products. Additionally, a 92.5 sterling silver wholesaler is much more likely to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier of goods when one does not sell 92.5 silver jewelry.

Ultimately if the wholesaler you are interested in sells 92.5 silver, that is generally a good sign that the wholesaler will provide precisely what you want.

From starting a business to delivering your first order, it can seem like a daunting and frightening process for many entrepreneurs at first, especially for the ones who want to break into the world of online silver jewelry. 

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Basic Online Store Check List:

If you are one of these people, here is a basic checklist to get you organized for an online shop:

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1. Establish your brand, a good example of branding is, their website establishes trust quickly when you’re looking for high quality 925 silver

2. Purchase a domain and a business email based on your company or brand name

3. Define who your target audience is (B2B or B2C) and how would you fulfill orders for them. Once you have that figured out, it is highly recommended for you to draft out your terms, conditions, and policies

(Pro Tip: It is wise to mention in your policies, that the fluctuation in the price of silver, which would intern influence the cost of production) at this stage.

4. Find a reliable supplier, wholesaler, or manufacturer based on the number of jewelry categories you would like to sell

5. Find and set up your online store based on where all your potential customers would be easily reached (Example: Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, etc…)

6. Take attractive pictures and compelling content for each product. (You could request your supplier or manufacturer to provide you with high-quality pictures of the products you have purchased. However, not all the suppliers or manufacturers would oblige)

7. Find the sweet spot between the cost of goods sold and your profit margin. The easiest method would be to check competitor pricing and align your prices accordingly. You can also provide value-added services such as product packaging, barcode/QR code stickers, and custom invoicing if possible.

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