How to Fix “Try Again Later” on Instagram

How to Fix “Try Again Later” on Instagram

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform in the world.

This photo and video sharing social networking service offers thrilling experience to its users through its application.

You can do a plethora of things on the platform.

For instance, get post notifications from people you follow, post content in various formats, share stories by adding music to them, create reels, market your business with advertisements, and the list goes on.

The possibilities are endless with Instagram.

But there are situations where the users face difficulties in the form of errors.

If you face them often, they can get frustrating. 

One such error users have complained about is: “Try again later”.

Why does this happen? What does it mean? How can you fix it?

Today, in this article, we’ll discuss everything about the error: “Try again later”. 

We’ll also go through some quick solutions to fix the error.

Why Did I Get the “try Again Later” Error on Instagram?

There is a common reason behind many errors users face on Instagram.

Well, the same reason is also responsible for this error: “Try again later”. 

What is it?

This error occurs when you use third-party automation tools. But this can also result from a glitch on the platform.

Instagram also imposes blocks as errors to stop spam on the platform.

This is because many people take advantage of automation to spam other users and create an unhealthy environment.

Instagram takes care of such behavior by blocking accounts or even banning them permanently from the platform.

But then again, there are users who face this even if they are innocent. 

Well, if you are one of them, it sucks.

In the next section, we’ll discuss some solutions to fix this error.

How to Fix “try Again Later” on Instagram

So, how can you address the issue: “Try again later”?

There are a few fixes you can implement. For instance, you can change your password, delete the link in your bio and log out of the application and log in after some time.

Most people freak out when they see the error and wonder how long it will last.

Well, the “Try again later” error lasts around 24 to 48 hours. Hence, you can also wait and try again, executing the operations on the platform.

This is because Instagram temporarily blocks users. They even provide suggestions to help you.

Now, let’s go through some fixes to make the process simple for you.

1. Log Out And In.

Log Out And In

Often, logging out and in of an application solves many issues. This is also true for Instagram. Many users have shared that simply logging out and in of their Instagram accounts helped them solve the issue: “Try again later”.

Say, you waited for some hours for the issue to get solved, but unfortunately, it didn’t. Now, you can log out of your account, wait a few minutes and log in to check if the issue persists.

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But there is a catch. Simply logging out and in won’t solve the issue. This is because you need to clear the application cache. Clearing Instagram cache helps free up space on your device and often solves errors.

So, how can you do this?

The first thing you need to do is log out of your account on Instagram. You can do this by navigating to settings and clicking on log-out.

To remove Instagram’s cache from your system, open settings on your device. Then, click on storage and find Instagram under “other apps”. Finally, click on “clear cache”.

Now, you can log in immediately into your account or uninstall the application and reinstall, then log in. This fix helped many users get rid of the “Try again later” issue. 

The best thing about this fix is it is simple. You don’t have to follow a complicated process to execute the solution. All you need to do is navigate through some settings in your system and log out and in of the Instagram application.

Hence, you can implement this fix. But if it doesn’t solve the issue, move to the next one.

2. Change Your Instagram Password.

Change Your Instagram Password

Another fix that helps users with the issue “Try again later” is changing the Instagram password.

How does changing the Instagram password help you?

Well, the “Try again later” issue occurs when Instagram detects you are using third-party automation tools to automate your growth on the platform.

Automation tools operate when you give them access to your account by logging into your Instagram from their interface.

Hence, changing the password will log you out of all the third-party applications you have given access to.

This way, you can stop using automation to increase your growth. 

How can you change your password?

Well, you can do this by clicking on your profile in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Then, click on the hamburger icon and choose settings. Now, click on security and tap on password. This will open a window where you can change the password.

You can also achieve this by logging out of your account. Now, while logging in again, select “Forgot password”. Instagram will guide you to rest your password.

After changing the password, you’ll get logged out of your account. You can log in to check if the issue persists.

Let’s move to a new solution you can implement to fix the issue, “Try again later”.

3. Wait It Out.

Wait it out

Instagram often imposes blocks on users to stop them from sharing restricted content, spamming other users and using automation tools on the platform.

But these blocks last for a limited time. They are temporary and get lifted, eventually. Most users confuse the issue “Try again later” with an “Action block”.

This is incorrect because the “Try again later” issue has no expiration date or time.

What does this mean?

This means the block can get lifted anytime. It could take days, while in other situations, it can get lifted within hours. Hence, you can wait for a considerable period. 

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If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can implement other solutions.


Why, deleting the link in the bio helps solve the “Try again later” issue?

This is because Instagram prohibits the use of certain links on its platform. Hence, using such links can lead to action blocks by Instagram.

Many users have claimed removing the link from their bio helped them get rid of the issue: “Try again later”.

Hence, you can implement this solution on your account.

How to Prevent the “Try Again Later” Error.

The best solution to fix the issue “Try again later” is to never let this happen.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t face a block from Instagram or face this error.

How can you do this?

You can do this by understanding the reasons properly, and undertaking the actions to eliminate them.

Now, let’s discuss some techniques you can implement to avoid this issue.

1. Stop Using Third-Party Apps or Tools.

Instagram hates third-party automation bots and discourages users from using them on the platform.

Using automation bots can help you increase your growth by many folds.

They execute automated actions such as liking posts, commenting on them, sharing, saving, and following/unfollowing accounts.

Some bots even go to the extent of following/unfollowing hundreds of accounts in a short period.

This tells Instagram you are using a bot, or even you are a bot.

Hence, Instagram blocks you from the platform temporarily. But if you continue to do this, you can get banned permanently.

How can you prevent this?

You can prevent this by restricting access to third-party applications from your accounts. One simple way to do this is to change your password.

You can also navigate to your profile > settings > security.

Then select “Apps and websites” > Active > Remove all unwanted third-party apps.

2. Avoid Following/Unfollowing Users Excessively.

Following/unfollowing accounts excessively in a short period, tell Instagram you are a bot.

For instance, if you follow or unfollow over 200 profiles in a day, you can land in trouble.

Hence, you can aim to follow/unfollow less than 150 accounts per day to stay on the safe side.

3. Slow Down on Liking/Commenting.

You can follow the previous point and extend it to liking and commenting on profile. Everything depends on the number and the rate at which you execute these actions.

Say you like/comment on 300 posts every day to attract engagement to your profile. This might seem like a dominant strategy to increase your growth, but it isn’t. Instagram hates such behavior and blocks accounts that undertake the same.

This can lead to the issue: “Try again later”. Hence, slow down on liking/commenting on the platform.

How Long Does the Error Last?

The straightforward answer to this question depends on users. This is because the “Try again later” error doesn’t have an expiration period. Many users have shared that the error lasted a few days, while others said it lasted for a few hours.

But most of them confirmed the issue got fixed within 24 to 48 hours.

Hence, you can wait for 48 hours and, if then the issue persists, implement the solutions.

Does an Instagram Block Expire?

Of course, many blocks on Instagram expire after a definite period. The period depends on users and the reason for the block.


There you have it. Now, you know all about the issue “Try Again Later”. You also know the reasons this happens and some simple solutions to fix it.

The key takeaways are avoiding excessive engagement and use of third-party automation bots/apps. I hope this article helps.

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