How to Protect Yourself From Internet Fraud When Betting Online


Are you a sports enthusiast who enjoys keeping up with the latest news and updates on your favorite teams, sportspeople, and coaches? Do you like predicting the outcomes of particular sports, learning about betting picks and predictions?

Have you heard of NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) and have looked for motorsport betting odds on websites like Ruoff Mortgage 500? Do you find online sports betting an exciting and enthusiastic hobby?

If all your answers to the questions mentioned above are YES, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some news to all those enthusiastic sports bettors online – enhance your internet safety and online security if you like online betting. If you’re wondering why, read our guide below on the most common types of internet fraud and internet attacks, how hazardous they can become, and what you can do to prevent them.       

How to Avoid Internet Fraud and Stay Protected and Safe Online When Betting Online?

Here is a list of the top three online safety and internet security measures you can implement yourself to stay free from potential fraud online, phishing attacks, and data breaches when you’re involved in online betting:

1. Use a VPN to Be Invisible Online

Unfortunately, not all online betting websites are reputable and trustworthy. Sometimes, if the betting website doesn’t meet all the rigorous standards for regularity and licensing, it can contain broken links.

A broken link is essentially a link that leads to a page other than the one you expect to visit by clicking on that link. In other words, if you, say, want to click on a betting promotion or a bonus to claim it, the link can take you somewhere else and use your visit to that address as a gateway to attack you. 

Namely, these types of online attacks are called phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are carried out by malicious third parties who want to abuse or steal your info.


For example, if you click on a broken link, and you’re not protected in any way, a third party (hacker, cybercriminal) can use that to steal your, e.g., financial information. Just imagine your bank account info getting into the wrong hands – hazardous, right?

For that reason, a good idea would be to implement a VPN service to the device you use to place bets online and increase security and safety for all tasks you carry out online. VPNs are tools that mask your IP address, making you utterly invisible to third parties; hence, those third parties can’t attack you.   

2. Implement a Proxy Service to Protect Your Internet Traffic

Whenever you perform a task online, there’s a particular internet traffic flow. You either download or upload information and data, whereas, in the case of betting online, you make deposits and withdrawals, which is a flow of financial data. Now, unless you are adequately protected online, your internet traffic flow can come across some interruptions, where, unfortunately, your personal information and data can leak and get into the wrong hands. 

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Suppose you wish to effortlessly enhance your internet safety and online security and stay free from potential interruptions, data theft, or abuse. In that case, you should implement a Proxy service without any considerations. Proxy service is essentially an online shield you place as your armor when performing tasks online.

In other words, a Proxy service is an intermediary (medium) between the server you use and the server of, in this case, the betting website you decide to visit. Indeed, Proxy services aren’t cheap, but given the growing threat of cybercriminals, you should consider equipping yourself with such a service and make an investment worth your while. 

3. Enhance Reputation Check-UPS for Each Betting Site You Choose

As mentioned in our section on VPNs, not all betting websites are reputable and trustworthy. Suppose the betting website doesn’t have all the licenses and regulations needed. In that case, it can highly likely contain some broken links or loopholes through which a third party can attack you, steal or abuse your personal information. Unfortunate as it may sound, it’s not an unsolvable downside of online betting. Luckily, you can check the credibility of each online betting platform yourself.

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Upon browsing through the betting website, you should first dedicate time to looking for a license on their website (before placing any bets or claiming any bonuses). A license should be visible on the betting website and available for download.

In it, you can read the thorough proof that the betting website is legal and reputable. If you can’t find the license easily, maybe the betting website doesn’t have it, which should be your first clue to look for another website with a license in place.      

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