How To Restart an Apple Watch?


Knowing how to restart an Apple Watch is helpful if problems occur. The easiest way to fix some issues is to restart your Apple Watch. Restarting your iPhone and Apple Watch will help you establish and experience a better connection. So how to do that?

Press and hold the Side Button in for a moment until the slider is revealed. Slide the Power Off slider to the right to turn the device off. Your Apple Watch will automatically shut down. Wait a few minutes, then restart the Apple Watch. You can do this by pressing and holding the Side Button again until it displays the Apple logo.

What Are the Steps for Restarting an Apple Watch?

The only way to restart an Apple Watch is to use the device itself. If you follow the following instructions, you should be able to do it.

  • When the Side Button is pressed and held on the Apple Watch for a short time, the slider will appear.
  • Select the option entitled Power Off from the three options displayed on the slider. Then, swipe your finger to the right towards the Power Off option.
  • It may take a moment, but you must wait for the Apple Watch to completely turn off before switching it back on.
  • When the Apple Watch shuts down, you’ll have to press and hold the side button for about a few seconds to restart it.

How to Force Restart Your Apple Watch?

You can force restart your Apple Watch to fix many problems such as lagging, freezing, or an app causing your device to crash frequently. That said, you should not execute a force restart until you’ve exhausted all your other options. 

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You cannot restart an Apple Watch from your iPhone. Even after a regular restart, if your Apple Watch continues to lag or freeze, you must conduct a force restart. Follow the steps provided to execute a force restart. 

  • Hold down the Digital Crown, which is the rotating button, and Side button on your Apple Watch simultaneously.
  • The screen will light up in around 15 seconds.
  • Wait two minutes after releasing the two buttons.
  • Keep the Side button in for a moment when the black screen appears.

What to Do If the Apple Watch Is Still Not Restarting?

If your Apple Watch is still not restarting, and when you have exhausted all other options, you can contact Apple. As long as you still have a warranty on your Watch, the company will make sure that your Watch gets repaired.

There’s a possibility that you’ll to take your Apple Watch into your nearest Apple Store for repair. All you need to do is make an appointment at the Genius Bar and take it in.

After that, you’ll need to wait to see if Apple determines you have a problem with your Watch. It is unlikely they will need to replace the Watch completely, but it is possible.

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Restarting your Apple Watch can solve various issues. If your Apple Watch is laggy, freezes, or crashes, understanding how to restart it or force it to restart will improve your experience. You should be able to run your Apple watch smoothly and at high speed after restarting it.

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