How To Search Text On iPhone


Like most people, you probably use your iPhone for just about everything. And that includes communicating through text messages. But what if you need to find a specific message? Perhaps you forgot to save a phone number or address, or you want to re-read an amusing exchange.

Luckily, the Messages app has a built-in search feature, making it easy to find what you’re searching for. In your Messages app, select the “Search” option on the top right-hand side. Type input whatever you’re searching for, and tap “Search” on your keyboard. The search results will appear below. You can then tap on a search result to open it.

This article is what you need to know about searching for text on an iPhone across various techniques.

How to Use the Spotlight Search on Your iPhone

One of the quickest ways to search for text on your iPhone is to use the Spotlight search feature.

  • Swipe from left to right on your home screen to a search bar and type in whatever you’re searching for.
  • When done searching, tap the “Search” key on your keyboard to get your results.
  • You’ll see the results the search bar below, which can be accessed by clicking on them.
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How to Use Siri to Search Text on Your iPhone

If you’d rather not type, you can also ask Siri to search your text messages for you.

  • Press the device’s Home button in and hold it to activate Siri. Or, if you don’t have a free hand, use voice activation by saying, “Hey, Siri.”.
  • Then say something like, “Search my text messages for XYZ.”
  • Siri will then display a list of results that match your query.

Searching for Text Messages on iPhone Using the Messages App

Here’s what you need to do from the Messages app.

  • To search for a message in the Messages app, locate the “Search” bar right at the top of the screen and tap on it.
  • Then, input the words you’d like to search for.
  • The results will show any messages that contain those keywords, and you can tap on any one of them to open it.


You know now how to search text on an iPhone to quickly find the message you’re looking for. Whether you use the Spotlight search, Siri, or Search option in the Messages app, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in no time.

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