If You Unblock a Number, Will You Receive Old Texts?


If you unblock a contact, will you receive old texts from them? When you unblock someone and realize you missed an important text from them, you may wonder about this. Do you call them and ask about the information you need? Or is it still lying around in digital space waiting for you to receive it?

Your phone does not receive old texts from blocked contacts after unblocking them. Any MMS, SMS, or iMessages a person sends is rejected when you block their number. But since the blocked contact sent the texts, you may ask to read them from their phone. That’s because the purpose of blocking a line is not to receive texts, calls, or voicemails from someone.

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, it’s essential to know how you can access old texts. But is it possible? Let’s find out.

Why Would You Block a Number?

If you are thinking of retrieving old texts from a blocked contact, why did you block them in the first place? A significant reason is that you are not on good terms with the person in question. You would therefore not need to communicate with them. Such a person’s calls or texts could be the last thing you want to receive.

Another reason for blocking a person’s number is they are a disturbance. Think of those telemarketers who call or send texts to people they don’t know. The best way to avoid such unnecessary texts or calls is to block these numbers.

And sometimes, you want to hide the association between you and someone else. It may force you to keep any communication with them private. In such cases, you may block their number to avoid exposing details of your conversations via texts to others. But since such a person is essential to you, how do you get their messages after unblocking them?

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How to Read Old Texts from an Unblocked Number

If You Unblock A Number, Will You Receive Old Texts? When you decide to unblock someone, that’s the time you will start seeing their texts or calls. If reading their old texts is crucial, you may call and ask to read them from their phones. However, you are not guaranteed to get these texts. 

They may have deleted them after seeing delivery reports showing they were not received. Therefore, next time you decide to block someone, send their messages to a screened message folder. You can always access these texts at a future date if you decide you want to resume communication. It’s an excellent way to protect yourself from losing text you may need at a later date.


If your question is if you unblock a number, will you receive old texts; you now know the answer is no. You should prevent such a situation from occurring by not blocking numbers unnecessarily. You can always ignore someone’s calls and texts instead of blocking them altogether.

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