Instaforce Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Instaforce Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Instaforce Review 2024

In case you weren’t aware, Instagram is always changing things up when it comes to their algorithm.

This means that it’s going to be very hard for you to keep up with the changes and adjust your Instagram engagement strategy accordingly.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

As you can see, it’s almost impossible at this point to apply your engagement interactions manually, which is why a lot of Instagram users are turning to third-party companies for help.

However, the trouble with third-party companies that can help you with your Instagram growth is that a lot of them aren’t worth your time, or your money.

The biggest reason for this is that the social media marketing industry is largely unregulated, allowing companies near and far to take shortcuts and sell their clients engagement that isn’t going to be sustainable.

They ultimately want to just make a quick profit, and find a way to get clients on board, without having to give too much in return.

You might think that you are someone who can easily avoid companies like this, but you would be surprised at how easy it is to be deceived.

This is why we execute reviews like the one below, so that you can feel confident about the companies you are using and know that there’s no way that they are going to be compromising your Instagram reputation.

At this point, we don’t know whether Instaforce is a legit company or a scam, but we are about to find out.

Let’s review one of those companies.

What is Instaforce?


Instaforce is a growth tool that claims to help you grow your Instagram engagement. We think otherwise.

They claim to have a team of eCommerce experts that can help you implement some of the most effective marketing strategies out there so that you can generate more leads and sales for your brand through social media.

They say that they want their clients to gain real exposure from their potential community through their services, which is what a lot of companies offer these days in this industry.

They also claim not to use fake engagement when implementing your strategy too. However, we don’t think that this part is true.

We think that they are using a bot to conduct their client’s Instagram growth, and we also think that on the side they are selling fake engagement.

They are making sure to cover both, so that they can make the most profit. The fact that they claim not to use fake engagement on their website almost ensures that they are using fake engagement, because if they felt confident about their features and the fact that they were authentic, they wouldn’t need to prove anything.

Another thing that is a red flag to us here is that they talk about their features, instead of just letting them talk for themselves.

If this company had a good reputation among its existing clients, then they wouldn’t feel the need to overcompensate by saying all these exaggerated things on their website.

When it comes to their experts, what they’re really saying with this is that they help their clients grow their Instagram profile with an Instagram bot, which is an automated piece of software that is going to get you in trouble with Instagram.

It definitely violates Instagram’s terms and conditions and goes outside of Instagram’s data limits. It is difficult to know what’s worse, fake engagement or an Instagram bot, but we definitely recommend that you stay away from both.

Getting Started with Instaforce

To get started with Instaforce, first, you watch a video on their website to learn how they work and how they can help you as a client.

Once you’ve done this, you tell them all about the vision you have for your Instagram profile: what kind of people you want to target and how big you want to grow your brand.

Once Instaforce has a good idea of what your target audience looks like, they can begin to target them for you.

They will like a few of their photos to get their attention, and they will use any hashtags you give them to do this, too. If you’ve got a location that you want them to focus on, you can include this when you communicate with them, as well.

Instaforce says that this can help you gain more exposure for your brand. This is because your target audience will receive a notification when you interact with their content, which will increase the chance of them wanting to check out your account.

Once you sign up for Instaforce, you are protected by a thirty-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can see how their service works for you, and if you don’t like it, you can back out and get your money back.

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The entire process that you have read about above is their way to distract potential clients from finding out the true nature of their business. Yes, they might have you believe that they actually care about what your target audience looks like but trust us when we say they don’t.

We also are concerned with the fact that they are claiming to offer their clients a money-back guarantee.

We have seen no evidence that they follow through on this promise and believe that it’s going to be a lot harder than you think getting out of a subscription with them.

You will most likely be waiting around for a long time to make a connection with them at all, let alone being able to get any of that money that you’ve given them back.


Review: Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at Instaforce’s pros & cons:

  • Visible price points
  • No live chat support
  • Website isn’t secure with https
  • Organic growth isn’t organic
  • Fake followers
  • Not a lot of onsite information

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit

Pricing Review


Insaforce has one price point, and it is billed monthly.

It will cost you $125, and this includes all of their services, including weekly growth reports, highly targeted followers, personal customer management, and compliance with Instagram’s terms and conditions.

When compared to other Instagram growth companies, we think that Instaforces’ one price point is on the cheap side.

We also really don’t like the fact that they have just one price point. Again, this points to the fact that they are being lazy with their features, and they are just bundling them all into one package.

They can’t be bothered coming up with more than one approach to their packages and pricing, they would rather just sell their clients a flat rate and get their money as quickly as possible.

We have a problem with this obviously, because we believe that you are going to end up receiving engagement that you didn’t ask for, and that you wouldn’t have paid for if you knew that you were going to get it.

Another thing that we have to mention here about their pricing is that it’s on the cheap side of things. When a company is offering pricing that you think is too good to be true, then we have to let you down gently and make you realize that is probably is.

There aren’t too many companies out there that can claim amazing rates for their features, while putting next to know effort into the development of those features.

They have to pass on at least some of the cost of making their features to their clients, so the fact that they’re not doing this here definitely raises our suspicions.


How Long Until I Get My Engagement?

Instaforce says that once you’ve signed up for their service and paid for the subscription, they will need 48 hours to process your order and get your account set up and ready to go.

You can expect to see new traffic come and check out your profile. They also explain here that because they are so organic, they only use follows and likes to attract people to your account.

However, we don’t think that they can actually follow through on this every time.

Will I Get Shadowbanned?

You may have heard of shadowbanning before, and you’re a little bit apprehensive about it, especially if you’re considering using a third party to help with your Instagram engagement.

The good news is, using a third party to help you is not going to get you shadowbanned.

This is because shadowbanning has a lot more to do with what hashtags you use. If you use hashtags that Instagram considers being inappropriate, or they’ve been banned in the past or are currently banned, this is when Instagram may shadowban you.

What this means is that your content will be limited, so only your existing followers will be able to see it, so you won’t be able to grow your account very successfully.

While a company like this might not strictly get you shadowbanned, they can hurt your account in other ways.

Why Should I Not Use Instaforce?

We think that one of the biggest reasons not to use Instaforce is because all of the claims that they make on their website.

This is troubling, because they are making the kind of claims that could entice you to try them out, but at the end of the day, they’re only going to be selling you fake, low-quality engagement that isn’t going to add to your Instagram reputation at all.

In fact, it could very easily take away from it. The trouble with companies like this is that they say things that they don’t really mean, like not going anywhere near fake engagement for the sake of their clients or having a team of experts to help you with your growth.

But the reality is that they are taking those shortcuts, and unless you know what you are looking for, you won’t recognize this.

Review Conclusion

As you can see, Instaforce is an Instagram growth company that claims a lot of things, but doesn’t back them up.

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They disclose a couple of times on their website that they don’t use fake followers, and they ask each client to explain what their target audience looks like so they can be intentional about their interactions.

This is all well and good, but they’re not being genuine.

They aren’t being genuine because they aren’t disclosing the truth, which is that they are nothing more than your average Instagram bot.

It would be nice if they were sitting down with each and every client and promising them the kind of engagement that is targeted, but they’re not.

They’ve just got one price point, and they just send this out to clients all day. They don’t actually think about your target audience, they only think about how much money they are able to make.

If you want to find a company that does actually care about your target audience and what your Instagram goals are, then you need to look elsewhere for help.

Best Instaforce Alternatives

Obviously, at this point we thought that it would be a good idea for us to recommend to you some of the best Instaforce alternatives in the industry.

One of the hardest things about reading a negative review is not really knowing where to go from there, so it’s nice to have options so that you can set your Instagram profile up for success, and forget companies like Instaforce that are just going to screw you over.



Growthoid is the kind of company that is going to maintain a completely managed service for its clients, so there’s no need to worry at any point about being taken advantage of, or think that they are only thinking about themselves.

These guys truly want what’s best for their clients, which is why they are dedicated to helping them find the right people for their content.

They do this through targeting the audiences of your rivals, so instead of these audiences looking at their content, they’re looking at yours instead.

We think that this is a neat trick, and is sure to get the right people in the door and considering your profile. They even have a free trial that you can make the most of, so that you can get to know them before making any decisions.



UseViral is just as dedicated and passionate about what they do as Growthoid, so they make a great Instaforce alternative.

They know that one of the best ways to grow an Instagram profile is to get its content in front of the right people, and they think that the only way to do this is to be friends with people in the industry.

The more people you know withing your network, the easier it is going to be to grow your profile and expand your content’s reach. UseViral has a team of professionals that can do this for you, making your job a whole lot easier.



Growthsilo is similar to Growthoid, and as an Instaforce alternative, they make some pretty good arguments for why you should use them.

We love that they manage everything about their service for their clients, so that you don’t have to worry about the growthability of your Instagram profile.

Of course, they say on their website that they can help you with real, organic growth for your Instagram page, and we love that they do this through targeted engagement.

You are only going to be interacting with people who actually care about what your profile has to offer.

likes-io_-6264879 is here for it all – to help you as a client grow your presence on Instagram, to help you with your views, followers, and your comments – but of course, those likes have a special place in their heart.

They know that being all-encompassing with your engagement strategy for Instagram is the best approach, but they also know that it pays to stand out and have something unique to offer.

This is why you can just get help with your Instagram likes if this is what you want to push right now, or you can get help with everything else at the same time.

They leave decisions like this in your hands, which is super empowering.



MoreLikes is an Instaforce alternative that might have you believing that they can just assist their customers with likes for Instagram growth, but again they are versatile enough to include everything else as well.

They even say on their website that they are the world’s most versatile, advanced tool for helping you with automatic likes, and they also say that they can help their clients save big on time and money.

The bottom line with a company like this is that they are safe and reliable, which is all you can ask for in a growth service that wants to take care of you and your Instagram growth.



SocialViral might have you believing that they can just help you with Instagram, and that they are somewhat basic, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, these guys are what we consider to be an OG of the social media marketing industry, primarily because they have been working with their clients for a long time now, and they know that their reputation precedes them.

What we really like about this company is that they know you are wanting something exclusive and creative, and we think that you can get it right here.

All of their features will help you increase your organic reach.

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