10 Beautiful Instagram Themes You Need to Know About in 2021

10 Beautiful Instagram Themes You Need to Know About in 2021

An Instagram theme is an overall style of posting including important elements such as colors, cropping borders, patterns in the feed, fonts, and so on.

When you use a certain theme, your profile including the 9-grid section will appear more stylish and focused. In fact, you show your posting consistency by using a specific theme.

If you want to create an Instagram theme, you need to think of several highlighted items that can be used in all your posts. This will make your feed unique and distinguish it from countless accounts on Instagram. 

For example, when you use a white background in all your posts, you’re using a theme and this can impress your visitors the moment they watch your feed.

Social Tradia says that influencers who want to trade IG accounts use themes to make their feed attractive and influence the visitors’ minds.

In this article, we’re going to introduce different kinds of Instagram feed themes and the way they can help you to grow your Instagram marketing.

Clean Background Theme

One of the greatest ways to emphasize a subject without any distraction is by using the clean white background. This theme is sometimes called the white background theme because if you want to make the sense of being clean, the best choice is a white background.

This can make your feed perfect and entice niche visitors to follow your Instagram account. To create such a theme on your Instagram, you need to make a clean room and take all your photos in it.

Here is a good example of this theme:

image 1 3321774

Color Coordinated Theme

This theme can make your feed appear as a single body with a single set of color. In fact, you need to choose your color(s) and repeat them in your Instagram posts

Try to stick to the same color palette all the time. If you continue this style, you’ll get ahead of the competition on Instagram.

Of course, you need to choose your colors based on your brand’s niche. As an example, look at this account which has used pink and white in all posts making the feed more inspiring. In this example, the color appeals to girls and will encourage them to follow.

image 2 4219984

Same Filter Theme

If you don’t have any idea for your feed arrangement or your pictures style, it’s good to use the same filters for all your posts. This will unify your social presence and get the attention of visitors instantly.

Try to choose your favorite filter in image editing apps and stick to it in all your posts. Here is an example of using a filter:

image 3 1549272

Color Splash Theme

One of the most attractive themes on Instagram is undoubtedly the color splash theme. With this theme, you make parts of a picture black and white while the rest of the image remains colored.

This effect can highlight the parts you want to emphasize on. Fortunately, the Color Splash feature in image editing tools are available to create such filters.

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This is also an artistic filter which is suitable for artists, fashion influencers, models, travel influencers, etc.

Here is a good example of using this theme on a page related to travelling in Japan: 

image 4 1059434

Rainbow Theme

Another tricky feed theme for Instagram is when you want it to appear like a rainbow. You need to change the color of your feed’s photos so that the combination of them makes a rainbow.

Rainbow feeds aren’t used frequently these days but they’re one of the most attractive ones. Look at this example to see how a rainbow theme can impress you, although the colors might not be exactly similar to a real rainbow:

image 5 5572815

White/Black Border Theme

One of the simplest themes on Instagram is the white/black border theme. When you’re sharing very different pictures, you might not be able to use many themes.

In such cases, you can simply create white or black borders for your pictures and make a theme on your Instagram feed.

You can use photo editing tools to create such a fantastic theme and make your photos stand out in the search results. Black borders are very rare on Instagram at the moment and if you use them, your feed will be highlighted.

Here is a good example of using the white border theme:

image11 8920248

Alternating Border Theme

This is another tricky theme related to the borders of your pictures. You can alternate between portrait and landscape pictures and make your feed like a chess board with vertical and horizontal pieces.

You can use tools such as InShot that have framing features. Here is a beautiful example of the alternating border feed theme on Instagram:

image 6 6940431

Vertical Lines Theme

This is a simple but tricky theme. You have to rearrange your posts so that all posts of a column in your feed appear the same in terms of color or content. Here is a good example of a company related to the health industry.

Sometimes, you may need to create extra posts so that your arrangement can be completed.

image 7 4560707

Horizontal Lines Theme

This one is kind of similar to the previous theme. However, in the horizontal lines theme, you need to create horizontal blocks so that all three posts in a row appear the same in terms of color or content.

A vivid color contrast is a good choice for this theme. This a perfect example of the horizontal lines theme:

image 8 2229967

Puzzle Theme

A puzzle theme will link all your feed photos together and create a bigger image just like a puzzle.

It’s one of the trickiest themes and needs a bit of time and patience to be made. You have to take care of the quality of each single photo that conveys a complete message as a separate post. Simultaneously, the whole picture should be exactly integrated and make sense.

It would be so difficult to integrate all 9 pictures together. But you can connect them using some cool tools such as InDesign or Photoshop whiz or some free templates.

Keep in mind that you need to schedule your posting to make sure that all pictures are in order and everything is fine with them.

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Here is a nice example:

image 9 7169893

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