Is The NFL Scripted?


You might have heard the rumors that the NFL is scripted. And if you have any doubts, this article may help to clarify things. Football ranks amongst the most prevalent sports in America. A large part of its popularity can be attributed to the NFL. 

The National Football League has consistently mesmerized the fans. Exceptional performance and the extraordinary skills of their players on the field are amusing. But whether the NFL scripted is a concern that’s been in the minds of many football fans. While there is no legitimate evidence that the NFL is scripted, there have been many rumors around it. 

In this article, “Is the NFL scripted?”, we will discuss all the arguments people put forward to prove their opinion. We would also discuss some football games that seem too good to be true.

Is the NFL Scripted?

Scripting a game implies that the entire season of a particular match plays out on a detailed script. This script is decided before the start of the season, which is planned in the head office. In this section of the article, “is the NFL scripted,” we will discuss if it is actually scripted or not. 

Most people believe that the NFL season is also scripted from the start to the end, just like professional wrestling. This insinuates that the miraculously winning team is a part of the script written to make the season more entertaining. 

People think the NFL is scripted because of the storyline that runs through the season. This story keeps the fans glued to their screen for the next game. However, others feel there is no way the NFL is scripted. They believe in the twist and turns of the game and that the teams are loyal to their sport. 

Here are a few reasons why people believe that the NFL can’t be scripted.

Too Many People Involved in The Game

There are many people involved in the NFL season. For the game to be rigged, you will require every player, coach, and team staff to be in on the plan. Everyone has to meet and decide how each game would come out a certain way. The involvement of so many people makes it difficult for the NFL to be scripted. 

Since there are so many people involved, there is no way that the secret could be this well kept. It only requires one staff or team player to reveal the entire thing. But this hasn’t happened to date. 

We hear so many stories about the famous NFL stars who have lost their money & mansions and are now broke. They could have let out the secret and earned loads of money from the media. This is one of the most plausible reasons for the question – is the NFL scripted?

The Game is Too Expensive

Some people believe that the NFL pays off all the players and coaches to keep their mouths shut. However, in this way, hiding the secret would become far more expensive than the actual earnings of the game. Even when you consider this possibility, the NFL will become bankrupt while paying off former or current players, coaches, and staff. 

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NFL competition

Revenue Sharing

In this section of is the NFL scripted? We’ll discuss another reason to describe why it’s impossible to script this game. The NFL has structured itself as a single entertainment corporation. This means that the league is no longer subjected to the United States antitrust laws. 

These antitrust laws allow the team to limit which teams the player can negotiate with. This also allows for revenue sharing. These reasons make it a little difficult to believe the NFL scripted fact. Revenue sharing ensures that teams in Green Bay are just as financially stable as teams in New York City.

Another reason why it’s hard to believe that the NFL is scripted is the coaches and general managers getting fired. Each time a team has a losing season, the general managers and coaches are fired. Suppose this is all a part of the script, then aren’t they just doing their jobs. The idea that people will be fired and shamed just for the script seems a bit unreal.

Could the NFL be Fixed?

Scripting and fixing a game are pretty different from each other. It means that every person involved in the game follows a set script and acts in a manner. On the other hand, the fixing means that a few players or referees have been paid to affect the game’s outcome. In this section of the article, is the NFL scripted? We’ll discuss games and fixing. 

It is plausible that a few NFL games can be fixed. This is because fixing a game is much easier than scripting it. However, there has never been any hard proof confirming that a game has been fixed. But, yes, an NFL game may be fixed or rigged. 

A few convincing arguments support the fact that NFL games are fixed. The good storylines offered throughout the season suggests that there may be some planning involved. Additionally, referee’s statistical anomalies and bad calls during important games also hint towards NFL fixing.

Is the NFL Rigged?

Football is amongst the most loved sports in the US. 

The 32 teams that take part in NFL tournaments continue to entertain football fans with their agility, tactics, and exceptional skill. The Super Bowl is the biggest football event, which is watched all around the planet. But, have you wondered about what goes on behind the scenes, or thought, is the NFL rigged?

While there has been no hard proof of this fact, most people believe that the NFL is rigged. And their attention is most often focused on high-stake football games, particularly those linked to the Super Bowl. The rigging is generally done by paying off the officials or referees and stacking the odds against one team. This helps the other team win. 

There have been cases when players were asked to throw the game away since it’d be better for the league. These games are rigged to generate more money from viewership and sales.

Who Benefits from a Rigged Game?

There are different reasons why the NFL might be rigging their games. We have discussed a few of them.

Improvement in Ratings

The NFL would always want more and more viewership on their games to increase sales. If the number of users is higher, their revenue will also be higher. A group of analysts studies the audience’s behavior to determine what most people want in terms of victories. 

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By rigging the NFL and making the popular team win, their ratings would keep on improving. This, in turn, would get them more viewership, sponsors, and better deals to make more money. Additionally, the money made by playing advertisements when a large audience views the match is also higher.

Ticket Sales

NFL does rig matches to sell the highest possible number of tickets in the stadium. The increase in sales of tickets helps make money for both the league and the team. This is a pretty good reason to comprehend why the NFL is rigged. 

The NFL can also rig the match by making the Super Bowl host team win the game. This will bring more local crowds to the stadium and increase sales and promotions for their sponsors.

Raise the Stakes of the Game

Everything becomes more exciting when it is planned out. The same goes for NFL games as well. These games are rigged to create stiff competition and rivalry among teams. This gets the fans more interested and helps the league and the teams make more money.

The Most Rigged Football Games

In this section of the article, is the NFL scripted? We’ll discuss some of the most popular rigged games in history. 

Super Bowl III

In Super Bowl III, the Jets were up against fan-favorites, the Colts enjoyed a stellar season and won almost every game with over 20 points. However, the Colts lost to the Jets in one game with a score of 16-7. This embarrassing loss was faced by the Colts when Earl Murray led them. Earl is one of the most fantastic football players ever to have participated in the NFL. 

Most people believe that the Colts have intentionally thrown off the game. They were paid in good numbers to lose the match and make the AFL look more legitimate.

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers 2014 Divisional Match

In a football match in 2014, The Green Bay Packers were leading the game by 25-21. with 5 minutes left in the game. We same Dez Bryant sprint along the sideline on the left and jump over the Packers defender to grab the ball. The Packers challenged the catch, and to everybody’s surprise, the call was overturned without any conclusive data. 

This turnover cost the Dallas Cowboys their well-deserved win. Three years later, the NFL did admit that Dex Bryant caught the ball, and it was the referee’s wrong decision.

There can be many such incidents where the referees would have made the wrong calls. The officials are told to do what’s best for the NFL and the league.


While you can be inclined to believe that the NFL is scripted, it is not true. It is almost impossible to script such a huge game with so many people involved. However, the NFL is fixed and rigged by the majority of stakeholders. This helps them earn more money from viewers and get better deals.

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