5 Top Jarvee Alternatives (2024)

Jarvee Alternatives

Jarvee Alternatives: While there are some Instagram growth services that are hard to pass up, it’s always a good idea to have some options on the side in case anything happens.

In fact, there’s never been a better time than the present considering Instagram is really starting to crack down on third-party companies that violate their terms and conditions. Luckily, there are still a few left that are worth working with, and we’ve found them so that you don’t have to.

Let’s take a look at some viable Jarvee alternatives.

What is Jarvee?


Jarvee is a staple of the online social media marketing industry. These guys have been at it since the beginning, and have subsequently built up a large following of people who believe in what they offer. They have simple yet incredibly effective features that can get you ahead and in front of the people who matter. However, there’s been trouble in paradise lately.

Jarvee isn’t working? Some people have been complaining that Jarvee isn’t working as well as it used to – it could be that they’re trying to stay away from Instagram’s spotlight. Whatever the reason, here are some options you can try in the meantime.

Jarvee Alternatives and Similar Websites, Tools, and Apps

Alternative #1: Follow Adder


Follow Adder almost needs no introduction. There’s a reason that they’re at the top of our list – because they’re the most similar to Jarvee. They have incredibly similar features on offer, as well as competitive price points. One of the biggest differences between the two, however, is the compatibility of their dashboard.

Jarvee offers a dashboard that can only be downloaded onto Windows, while Follow Adder has one that is compatible with Linux and Mac as well. This definitely gives them a slight advantage as they cater to a broader audience.

As we mentioned, all of their services are pretty similar to Jarvee’s. We like that they have a dashboard because it means that you can keep their features customized to your engagement strategy. You can log in at any time of the day and see how their service is working for your profile. They can also help you set up competitions and campaigns to get even more people interested in your Instagram. Follow Adder is one of those bots that have been around forever, and when it comes to industry intel and expertise, they’ve got it. They’re a good company to have on your side when you need them.

Alternative #2: FanBump


One of the first things you read on the FanBump website is that they’ll help you grow your Instagram account organically. While this may not mean much, it does when you compare these guys to hundreds, if not thousands of rival companies out there. There aren’t that many brands anymore that have organic engagement they can offer – the internet is now clogged with companies trying to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting Instagram users. Fan Bump is above this, though, and wants their customers to grow a loyal following that’s going to be around in six months.

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FanBump also knows that every customer brings a unique set of requirements when it comes to creating their Instagram engagement strategy. This is why they can tailor their features to suit your industry and your niche – whatever it is. As you can imagine, the end result here is a considerable increase in your following within a few short months – and you can bet that your followers are going to be real people who actually keep up with the content that you put out. The more Fan Bump knows about your Instagram goals, the better they can help you.

Alternative #3: Stellation Media


Because there are so many Instagram growth companies out there now, this means that there are a lot of features to choose from. If you want help with your direct messaging, you may go to a different company than the one you get your automated engagement from. However, having multiple sources for your engagement could get inconvenient after a while. Enter Stellation Media.

Stellation Media knows that there’s so much more to growing a brand than just managing your Instagram. While most other companies just offer Instagram engagement, Stellation Media is different – they want to help you build your brand up from nothing across all channels and platforms online. This means that they want to give your website a spruce up to make sure that it’s performing well, but they also want to help you set up the ultimate email marketing campaign to get more traffic to your Instagram account – as well as your website. They are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to online marketing, and there’s very little that they can’t do for you. What’s more, they throw in a free consultation too, so you can sit down, have a chat and let them know exactly where you want to be headed. Along with reasonable prices, Stellation Media seems to have it all.

Alternative #4: Following Like


You may have heard of Tweet Attacks Pro, a Twitter bot that can exponentially boost your engagement over there. If you’re looking for the Instagram equivalent, you need to check out Following Like. This is the Instagram bot if you manage multiple Instagram accounts at once or you work for an agency where your MO is engagement all day. They can help you handle all of those Instagram accounts at once, as well as hundreds more. Their services are made for serious Instagram engagement, so if you’re on the social media platform in a big way, Following Like can help out.

As you can imagine, their price points are divided by how many accounts you want them to help with. Their cheapest package is for one account, while the next one up can help you with five accounts. Lastly, they have their unlimited accounts package that can not only help you run unlimited Instagram accounts at once, but it can also automate any supporting sites you have as well. Additionally, they’re continually updating the software they use for this, so you’re always getting the latest features.

Alternative #5: Hashtags for Likes


We love the staples on offer in the social media marketing industry like the ones we’ve mentioned above, but we have a special place in our hearts for companies that stick their neck out and really work on having a point of difference. If you think it’s difficult to stand out on Instagram, it’s virtually impossible to do so in the social media marketing industry. The more niche you are, the better your chances of looking different and drawing people in.

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Hashtags for Likes is one of these companies. They have come at the Instagram engagement game from a completely new and different angle – hashtags. We all know just how important hashtags are for the content that we put up, and so does this company.

That’s why they’ve developed a search engine where you can put any hashtag you like, and it gives you the current data and information you need to decide whether to use it or not. This is a great way to keep up with your hashtag strategy and change things up when you think they’re not working anymore. Hashtags for Likes has a basic service, and a premium one as well, which usually means more data and information.

If you want to stay ahead in the game and be one of the few that has exclusive information on their hashtags, you need to check out this company.

Final Thoughts

The reality is, Instagram growth services come and go. It’s a fickle industry that’s ever-changing, and sometimes it’s almost impossible to keep up. You never know who to trust, and even some of the best companies have their bad days.

With our list of the best Jarvee alternatives, you can stay informed and updated on what to try out next for your Instagram engagement, so you don’t have to miss too many days on the gram. The more you know about the company you’re working with, the better they can help you become successful on Instagram. If you want that loyal following, try out these options.

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