Is Jaxxon Legit? (2024)

Is Jaxxon Legit?

Do you intend to purchase gold-plated accessories to gift yourself or for someone special? Are you seeking information regarding ‘Is Jaxxon legit?’

Kindly read to the end of the article to learn everything there is to know about it. The article delves deep into the men’s jewelry portal, which promises to offer warranties on its items.

Finding the ideal accessories, particularly for men, can be a difficult undertaking. Shopping for accessories online provides you access to a wider variety of items while saving you money on another costly trip to the mall.

As a result, Jaxxon is here to help. If you are thinking about buying something from their store, there are a few things you should know about the site.

We will inform you about its price, product quality, customer reviews, shipping, and, most importantly, the answer to ‘Is Jaxxon legit.’

What is Jaxxon?

Jaxxon is a high-end jewelry company best known for its men’s line, which includes anything from wedding rings to necklaces to gold chains.

Jaxxon was founded in 2017 by partners Josh Deemer, Josh Pierce, and Steve Ulikyan.

The millennial-focused brand has over 250,000 Instagram followers and has been published in magazines like Men’s Journal and US Weekly, among other media. 

A jewelry connoisseur will notice a modest selection of chains and necklaces, bundle sets, wristbands, and rings. The website’s style is clean and basic, featuring excellent HD images on the main page.

All of its jewelry designs, much like the layout of the website, are simple, which is now popular and will be appreciated by a wide range of people.

Jaxxon guarantees its consumers a lifetime warranty and only sells the highest-quality jewelry.

The Los Angeles-based brand provides jewelry to customers directly, with no industry markups. The rise in internet purchasing among today’s youth and millennials has aided Jaxxon’s quick growth.

Its items are currently sold in over 100 nations, and the company has diversified into women’s jewelry.

Every one of the items comes with a statement that includes the size and the fact that they are manufactured of 14k gold and 925 pure sterling silver.

However, the lack of contact details may cause customers to ask ‘Is Jaxxon legit!’

Quality of Products


Jaxxon chains are produced from the highest quality and most long-lasting valuable metals, ranging from pure gold to sterling silver. Their Gold Bonded Chains are made by covering a Solid Sterling Silver Chain in genuine gold three times.

It is an extremely expensive and time-consuming operation carried out by experienced jewelers in Italy. 

According to the website, some brands sell low-cost flash-plated pendants with a stainless steel foundation and a thin coating of gold plated over the steel.

However, Jaxxon refrains from doing such activities and provides its customers only with the best of products. Jaxxon’s items are made using precious metals acquired responsibly in Northern Italy.

With over 1000 5 star ratings and over 1 million clients, the website has established itself as a leading company in men’s jewelry.

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On their website, Jaxxon offers a high-quality assortment of Solid Gold necklaces, bracelets, bands, and pendants.

They utilize Solid 14k Italian Gold for the items since it is the sturdiest grade of Solid Gold and is the ideal shade. Jaxxon collaborates with the highest-quality and most valuable chain makers in Italy. 

The chains are made with meticulous care, precision, and cutting-edge perfection by the world’s greatest jewelry producers.

The jewelry is created with the highest quality resources and workmanship, much like other luxury jewelry businesses, but without any usual markups.

The company’s gold-bonded necklaces are extremely durable and will not corrode if exposed to water.

However, the brand recommends that you wipe them immediately after coming out of the swimming pool or shower with the unique jewelry cloth that comes with your purchase.

If you own a Jaxxon silver chain, the company strongly advises you to keep it away from water, since it will ultimately lose its unique shine.

Target Audience

Jaxxon is ideal for guys who want to indulge in exquisite yet classically simple jewelry.

By minimizing the flashy quotient (even in its most expensive pieces), the company appeals to both jewelry enthusiasts and guys who are just beginning to gingerly try out and become open to the world of accessories.

And the men are not the only ones having a good time: the company’s women’s chain and bracelet collection has the same artistically attractive minimalism.

The Legitimacy of the Website


Clients are presented with a plethora of potentially purchase-worthy accessory selections on the Jaxxon platform.

Each thing on the site appears to have been meticulously put to ensure that a new consumer may make immediate purchases.

The existence of a padlock on the website indicates that consumers’ privacy will be safeguarded at all costs.

They employ a blend of gold and sterling silver manufactured in Italy, and internet evaluations on YouTube and the website back up this claim.

And, while the lack of a legitimate phone number can be a cause of worry, you should know that fast fashion websites frequently lack contact info.

However, there is a message box on the website where you may write out your complaints and anticipate a prompt answer.

Overall, the Jaxxon website presents a credible appearance! However, Jaxxon Reviews are not entirely favorable.

Despite the excellent evaluations on their online webpage, many of their customers complain about poor quality products and problems in shipping over the internet.

They are unable to monitor the progress of their purchased items over the internet.

As is usually the case, what customers think is what matters. Therefore, we have reached the stage in our Jaxxon jewelry review when we look for consumer feedback regarding the company and its items.

There are many doubts regarding whether Jaxxon is safe. Nevertheless, when it comes to internet reviews, there are a lot of clips and reviews that are good.

Everything is highly appreciated due to the stated quality of gold-plated chains, rings, and customized wristbands.

It is largely a men’s brand that assures durability, which is backed up by several evaluations, mostly from the United States.

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The excellent thing is that almost all of the comments on come straight from Trustpilot, which is among the most reputable sites of genuine customer reviews.

The greatest news of all is that Jaxxon has an extremely excellent rating of 4.8/5 stars out of a combined amount of over 15,000 user ratings. Several of the positive comments highlight the company’s top-notch customer support and jewelry quality.

Only approximately 3percent of the hundreds upon hundreds of Jaxxon ratings are unfavorable, which is a very small percentage.

This Jaxxon jewelry review is pleased to report that the company’s customer service personnel reply to and handle buyer complaints rapidly.

According to the business’s Trustpilot website, Jaxxon responds to 99 percent of its bad comments and promises to correct the situation.

Is The Brand Worthwhile?


The aesthetic endeavors of style luminaries such as Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, and Daniel Kaluuya have greatly fueled the men’s jewelry revival in recent years.

Yet, high-quality men’s jewelry is still difficult to find, and judging on everything we discovered in our Jaxxon jewelry evaluation, we can confidently state that this company is worth a shot.

Jaxxon makes classic items that would be in vogue for generations to follow, and the same thought and craftsmanship is applied to its more new women’s line.

Furthermore, with all of the excellent comments the company has gotten, it is difficult to miss out on Jaxxon jewelry. Customers clearly adore these products, and the brand shines even brighter as a result of its great customer experience.

Criticism is infrequent, and even when it does occur, it is immediately replied to and resolved by the company’s personnel.

Jaxxon is somewhat more expensive than other e-commerce jewelry businesses, but we think you definitely get your money’s worth.

Therefore, if you want to indulge in gorgeous, resilient, and classic-style jewelry, then Jaxxon ought to be on your list.

Final Thoughts

Online as well as offline, a plethora of brands are being offered to men’s jewels and accouterments. The majority of them sell expensive things.

The portal of also has a rather hefty premium for items, but since the quality justifies it, it does not seem excessive.

The website fully embraces the simple style and provides something that everyone enjoys.

As per the existing ratings for its products or services, it is reasonable to believe that Jaxxon is completely legitimate and secure to purchase things from.

Although some reviewers believe it is great value for money, thorough research on things cannot be conducted until the truth is tested. If this is not the case, the site will appear to be legitimate since people will order from it and trust it.

However, before buying from internet sites, it is generally advised to conduct a thorough investigation.

We hope this review and analysis about the company has helped you come to a conclusion regarding Jaxxon’s legitimacy as a brand. 

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