5 Legit Free Money Apps


If you’re looking for ways to supplement your income, free money apps are undoubtedly the best choice. And since we spend lots of time scrolling our phones, wouldn’t it be great to earn while doing this? 

Although these apps won’t make you a ton of money to sustain your day-to-day expenses, they help ease your budget. The great thing about these apps is you don’t have to put in a significant amount of effort that might interfere with other vital matters.

Therefore, here’s an in-depth post of five legit free money apps you need to check out.

1. Capital One Shopping 

The Capital One Shopping app is one legit free money app you need to consider. With this app, you get two ways of earning money, and that’s either by helping you get better deals on products or giving you rewards.

The first method entails this app, helping you find the best deals on products. This is achieved thanks to this app having a compressive database of sites selling products and prices these products are sold at. Once you’ve installed the app, you can start shopping for your desired products by comparing the different prices.

Moreover, the Capital One Shopping app can scan a product’s barcode in the local stores. Consequently, this money-saving app will then show you whether there’s another retailer within your locality selling the same item at a better price. Therefore, you eventually get to pay less to get a particular product, and each penny you save thanks to this app is equivalent to a penny earned.

Another way you can earn money using this app is by getting rewards once you’re done shopping. To do this, you need to add deals from both the online vendors and local retailers to your account. After shopping at each of these stores, you’ll be given reward points that are redeemable for gift cards on famous sites, and there’s no minimum withdrawal amount.

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2. iPoll 

This customized market research app earns you free money in various ways, including:

  • Completing retail missions, such as heading to a grocery store
  • Jotting down diaries, for instance, of your weekly consumption
  • Participating in market surveys.

But before doing any of these activities, you’ll need to register to provide your basic details, for example, your consumer habits or tastes and preferences. Using these details, you’ll be notified whenever there are any missions within your area and in line with your preferences. Thanks to this app’s personalized feature, you only get alerts for missions and tasks that suit your interests. This means you’ll always be doing tasks that are enjoyable to do.

With the iPoll app, you earn rewards for finished diaries, missions, or surveys. You can redeem these points in gift cards. Likewise, you can redeem these points for cash paid through PayPal with the minimum withdrawal amount set at $10.  

3. AppTrailers 

This app is another excellent way you can earn free money without having to do anything strenuous. All you’ll be required to do is watch videos on technology, DIY tips, and other different popular genres, which earns you reward points. If you wish to boost the reward points earned, you need to get likes, upload videos, and participate in a trivia game where you compete against other people answering questions.

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You earn $1 for every 1000 points earned. When looking to make between $1 to $2 daily, you only need to use this app for between 2 to 3 hours. These points earned can later be exchanged for gift cards from iTunes, Footlocker, Amazon, Sephora, or PayPal cash.

4. Honeygain 

The Honeygain app is also another excellent source of free money, and the best thing about this app is you don’t have to do anything. This is because this money-making app earns passive income, hence making it the perfect side hustle. To earn money with this app, you need to install it either on your computer or smartphone, and it then converts it to a gateway. This means the Honeygain clients can then go ahead and use your unused bandwidth to perform travel fare aggregation, market research, ad verification, brand protection campaigns, and SEO monitoring.


5. Dosh 

When looking for ways on how to supplement your income, the Dosh money-making app is one to consider. To use this app, you’ll be receiving cash back for eating, travel, shopping, just to mention a few, at both national and local stores and restaurants. After eating or shopping at a participating restaurant and store, your Dosh Wallet automatically receives a 10% cashback. You can also add extra income with this app by referring your friends. This usually is $5 for every person who registers and links a verified credit or debit card.


The search for the perfect app to earn you free money can be confusing due to the many options available. This comprehensive guide has highlighted the five apps you should consider using if this is an issue you struggled with. But if you want to not lift a finger and still enjoy a steady stream of passive income, the Honeygain app is undoubtedly the best choice.

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