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Shocking, Little-Known Facts About Debt

Both liberals and conservatives assume they have a rough idea of how much “the debt” is.  But the real numbers are shocking … Public Debt Is Soaring Global debt has soared to $199 trillion dollars. The debt to GDP ratio … Continue reading

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Are We Heading Into a Debt Supernova?

Financial luminaries such as Ray Dalio, Bill Gross, Kyle Bass, BCA Research,  Ken (“Excel”) Rogoff, John Mauldin and Martin Armstrong think that we’re at the end of a debt supercycle. Former director of the Office of Management and Budget said we’re … Continue reading

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“Imagine some national (and probably global) volcanic eruption, initially flowing along channels of distress that were created during the Unraveling era and further widened by the catalyst. Trying to foresee where the eruption will go once it bursts free of … Continue reading

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Perhaps This Is Obama’s Grand Strategy

Eric Zuesse Washingtonsblog’s anonymous founder and principal commentator is one of the most deeply knowledgeable writers on current events, and on July 19th he headlined “Governments Worldwide Will Crash the First Week of October … According to 2 Financial Forecasters.” He noted that both Martin … Continue reading

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Governments Worldwide Will Crash the First Week of October … According to 2 Financial Forecasters

Update: Please see correction at the end. Two well-known financial forecasters claim that virtually all governments worldwide will be hit with a gigantic economic crisis in the first week of October 2015. Martin Armstrong   Martin Armstrong is a controversial … Continue reading

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