Poprey Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Poprey Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Poprey Review 2024

Using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy is smart, but it’s not easy.

Recently, Instagram was dubbed “the happiest place internet place in the world”, but that’s mostly for users. It’s more challenging for marketers, influences, brands, and businesses.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren't around when we wrote this article. We can't be held responsible for this service.

The competition is rampant with so many brands, influencers, businesses, and celebrities trying to stay on top of the game on this platform.

No wonder many Instagram users choose outside help to keep them on track. Third-party engagement companies offer various services to help grow and maintain your account.

The issue you might encounter is that not every company is effective at these tasks.

Is Poprey a Scam?


Poprey’s goal is to deliver likes, followers, auto-likes, views, and/or comments according to your needs.

You can choose from instant or gradual options for delivery of Instagram auto likes, 12-hour delivery, or fast and guaranteed services.

Poprey claims to be the light at the end of the tunnel that delivers engagement and followers to help you achieve higher popularity on Instagram.

What is Poprey?

Poprey is a third-party social media boosting service that was established in France in 2017. They use AI technology (bots) to engage.

Their website features a modern, yet minimalist appearance that is relatively easy to navigate.

This company is known for delivering real-looking followers, likes, video views, and comments on social networks like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Their most appealing feature is their offering of 10 free Instagram followers.

While they offer some customized options, most of their offerings are not customizable.

For Instagram, their services include:

  • Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Views
  • Instagram Auto Likes
  • IGTV Views
  • IGTV Likes
  • Story Views
  • Live Views
  • Live Likes

They do, however, offer an ample selection of services across social media accounts.

You get to choose between a 30-day replacement warranty or a permanent guarantee on select services.

Getting Started with Poprey

Poprey’s simple and safe website makes it easy to get started by placing your order for engagement activities.

You simply go to the website, choose what services you want from the top menu, and browse for the amount of engagement based on your needs or budget.

Across the top menu, you will see Likes – Followers – Auto-Likes – Views – Comments. Once you select the feature that matches your needs, you will be directed to various amounts of likes, followers, auto-likes, views, or comments on that page.

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When you see the number of services you want from a section, you click on the Buy Now Button shown below the features’ count and price point. A popup will generate where you input your Instagram username and your email to start choosing your posts.

Pros and Cons

All these features and options may seem appealing or even overwhelming, but when you are on the website, everything is made clear.

However, like everything you do online these days, Poprey has its pros and cons attached to its services.

  • The website is safe to browse
  • Clear and simple website layout
  • Transparent pricing and features
  • The replacement warranty for select services
  • Guarantee of delivery on select services
  • Real-looking followers
  • Onsite reviews are questionable
  • They use botting technology that may pose a risk
  • Limited customer support via the contact form
  • Restrictive refund policy
  • The quality of Instagram followers delivered by Poprey

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit


There are several selections for engagement, but here is an overview of each section.

  • Likes: Between 200 and 50,000 for between $2.00 and $139.90.
  • Auto-Likes: Between 1,000 and 200,000 for between $4.90 and $339.90.
  • Followers: Between 10 and 10,000 for between free and $39.90.
  • Views: Between 200 and 50,000 for between $0.80 and $54.90.
  • Comments: Between 25 and 5,000 for between $3.20 and $199.90.

Each selection features eight options.


According to the FAQs on their website, here are their most commonly asked questions and answers.

When Will My Order Be Processed?

Processing usually begins according to the purchased product’s description. However, sometimes there may be a delay of up to 48 hours. In cases where any delay may take longer, you have the right to receive a refund.

Is My Email Shared with External Parties?

No. Poprey’s terms of service say they don’t pass your email used for orders or support tickets to third parties.

Is My Information Safe?

Yes. Each piece of information, payment and personal, that you use on this system is secure to prevent data leakage to outside sources. Your anonymity is completely guaranteed.

How Does the Warranty Work?

You can apply for a refund if your order wasn’t processed within 48 hours due to your profile being locked. If the information you provide in the order is invalid, you will not get a refund. Warranty information is found in the description of the service you choose.

Review Conclusion

Overall, Poprey covers all the bases for delivery of engagement and followers via their automated system. We aren’t fond of this kind of service, but thus far, it seems to work for Instagrammers.

We think their refund policy is too restrictive, but they may have had problems in the past that we don’t know about that creates the need for such restrictions.

We believe it’s prudent to be aware of the risks involved when buying followers and engagement. Real-looking engagement is not the same as or as good as real followers and engagement, but if it passes Instagram’s restrictions and are not flagged, it can be an effective source.

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Poprey’s vast array of services, especially for Instagram users, is a plus for people on a budget. The ease of navigation and simplicity of website design is a nice touch. It can be appealing to some people but off-putting to others.

Even with their restrictive refund policy and limited customer service options, this system seems to be a good provider for Instagram and other social media growth and engagement.

Ultimately, it’s your Instagram account and it’s up to your discretion regarding how you engage and from what company you obtain followers and engagement. Just be sure to do your research.

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