Why Getting A Professional Writer Helps Craft An Impressive Resume In Your Job Search


Jobs and job openings are becoming scarce these days. Many factors come into play in why that’s the case—the youth study for a significant period since they are nothing without a degree.

The demand for a degree is at an all-time high, and the level of degree required to be even considered by the hiring manager is only getting higher.

Almost everyone has a master’s degree or is at least pursuing it, bringing down its prestige.

There’s no reason to waste an opportunity of obtaining a job, start to make money of your own as well as become independent.

Our Skillhub Indianapolis resume writing services won’t let that opportunity go to waste.

We’re crafting a resume that will impress the employer, earning you at least an interview and an increased chance of being hired.

Why Are Opportunities For Work Rare?

Graduates and new workers coming into the labor market are experiencing difficulties when it comes to finding a job.

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Since Covid-19, people have been getting hired at a decreased rate. Some reasons why:

  • Internal hiring within companies. Some companies prefer hiring old faces already in the company but currently, work in a different section. The job might seem open but is reserved for a company worker to whom the employer’s already accustomed.
  • Jobs are not always publicly posted. Hiring managers may instead prefer hiring through recommendations of other employees or recruiters for talent for the wanted field of work.
  • The age of retirement is rising. Everywhere in the world, the period for recommended pension is increasing due to work being less physically challenging than it used to be. The increase in retirement age can lead to young adults having difficulties finding jobs when coming out of university.
  • Technology. With innovations coming in daily, AI’s slowly replacing human work. The replacement of the human workforce hasn’t been as standard today, but it’ll most likely be a problem in the future. 

A report published in 2020 about that year’s graduates finding employment: in the U.K., it has been researched that only 18% of graduates secured a job this year.

The study in the U.S. shows that the number of available jobs popular with graduates dropped to 61% compared to the pre-epidemic time.

Resume Tips That Could Help You Getting Hired

Getting hired’s, in most cases, more challenging than keeping your job for a prolonged time.

Demand for qualified professionals is always in the labor market. Here are some resume tips to help your chances of getting hired:

Making It Through The ATS

The Applicant Tracking System is a software that reviews resumes based on keywords. The software makes the hiring employer’s job a lot easier.

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The ATS puts all the resumes applicants send in a ranking system, which the employer can review and eliminate the worst rankings.

Don’t Be Afraid To Keep Trying

Apply for more positions and different job openings. Everyone sometimes fails, so even if you don’t get a callback from all the functions you applied for, one should be more than enough. 

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Why Resume Writing Services Are Worth It

  • A high-quality writer should know how to get past the ATS. A professional who knows what they’re doing should know the ATS’s algorithms. Knowing what it looks like most, they can adjust the essay based on the robot’s algorithms, giving you an edge over other candidates.
  • They can help you relax. Hiring someone to write a CV for you can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. It feels good to know that a document that can make or break a job is in the hands of a certified professional.
  • They help you focus on the most critical factors of a resume. You might get caught up in writing the resume by writing everything about you and everything about what you have done. The hiring managers don’t care about this; they care only about information relevant to the work applied for. 
  • You can spare time. There are a lot of busy people in the world. Taking care of family, working at different jobs, studying, etc. People have all sorts of occupations there; a resume doesn’t have to be one of them.

Problems And Doubts People Have With Resume Writing Services

Finding these problems and doubts was challenging since we found so much positive feedback regarding professional resume writers on Reddit. After a long time of searching, we found this:

Paying Someone When An AI Can Write A CV For You

The problem with AI is that it’s still in development; it can compose a text at an average level but not at the station to land you a job.

An AI also isn’t human; it doesn’t know what employers think and is looking for. The AI probably doesn’t know how to pass the ATS for interview consideration.

People Shouldn’t Rely On Their CVs To Get Called Back For An Interview

The Reddit user claims you should reach out directly to recruiters through LinkedIn.

The problem with this is some hiring managers prefer the classic method of first submitting a CV, then an interview, etc.

Even if the recruiter is interested in you, you’ll still need to provide a copy of your resume to the hiring manager.

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It Depends On The Person

Some people know how to market themselves excellently, meaning they don’t need a professional resume writer.

Or at least they feel like they don’t need one, but better to be safe than sorry and reach out to one. 

To avoid unnecessary problems and stress while writing, contact our Skillhub resume writers.


1.) I’m Worried I Won’t Like The Writer’s Product; What’s Next?

With skillhub, you’re eligible for a 60-day money-back guarantee and unlimited revisions if unsatisfied with the writer’s work. All our packages come with those features.

2.) What If I Write It Myself?

That’s great and can sometimes be successful. With the effort, time, and nerves put into writing, it might be better to let a professional do their job.

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It’ll save overthinking and ensure a bigger chance of success since they know what they’re doing.

3.) What If I Still Can’t Get A Job?

Your resume will increase your chance of getting it, but the CV isn’t the only one needed to be hired.

First impressions on the interview are also, if not more important than, the resume. Keep trying; everything will align once, and a job will be there for you.

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