Is Proozy Legit? (2024)

Is Proozy Legit?

If you are a person who is constantly moving and leads a very hectic lifestyle, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will talk about one thing – is Proozy legit?

When you go through the product pages, you will see that the prices are very reasonable and the website looks quite legitimate. In this article, we will discuss whether Proozy is a legitimate shopping portal.

So, is Proozy legit? Let us learn more about it in this article. 

What Is Proozy?


Before we get into the gist of this ‘Is Proozy Legit’ article, let us first learn some basics about it. Established in 2006 by husband-wife duo, Jeremy and Rachel Segal, Proozy is a company that offers outdoor and fitness gear from authorized dealers.

The duo’s dream and idea were to promote an active lifestyle by providing the best-branded products. In fact, Jeremy has also been named the Best Entrepreneur in Heartland.

Proozy is one of the fastest-growing online shopping portals today and has amassed a respectable following on its social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. 

The company aims to provide only the best quality outdoor and fitness apparel for a very affordable price rate; additionally, you will also find the company’s Proozy Oakley merch here.

However, you can also find products from other companies in the same niche like Spyder, Reebok, Newbalance, Nike, Herschel, ECCO, and Adidas. 

Is Proozy A Legitimate Shopping Portal?

Now, we will answer the question – is Proozy legit? Yes, Proozy is a respectable and trustworthy shopping portal. The company is very transparent and has provided its complete development timeline.

While the company did start in 2006, it stepped into the world of e-commerce for the first time in 2013.

Since then, Proozy has been collaborating with some of the top brands to provide outdoor and fitness gear at an amazingly affordable price rate. 

Additionally, the company is also known to be quite active on its social media handles like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram; overall, Proozy has more than two million fans from all parts of the world.

When you take a look at the customer reviews, you will be very impressed by how the company conducts its business.

Hence, you can rest assured knowing that Proozy is quite a legit business and will the best services by the book. 

What Is The Online Shopping Experience?

There is a reason why Proozy is so popular among its customers – the company is known to provide the best, quick, and easy shopping experience.

The website has a very user-friendly interface and will allow you to navigate from one page to another with minimum hassles. 

Additionally, the website is known to offer a wide range of products and inventory to its customers, particularly when it comes to sports and outdoor gear.

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When you start your shopping, you will see that all products have been categorically divided into the Men, Women, and Youth (Kids) sections.

Most recently, Proozy has also started a brand-new section where you can find all products under Home Improvement.

At Proozy, you will find a wide range of products like sleepwear, sweatshirts, footwear, hoodies, outerwear, pants, sweaters, etc.

You can even find other types of products like electronics (vacuum cleaners, toasters, headphones), kitchen improvement items, and bedroom products in the Home section. 

As you can see above, the shopping catalog at Proozy is quite extensive. Another aspect of the website is that you can make use of the filtering option for each category, like specific brands, sizes, colors, etc. 

As mentioned previously, Proozy offers a wide range of products from various famous brands like Reebok, Adidas, etc.

Most of these products are also offered at very affordable prices. Once you have added the products to your Shopping Cart, you can make use of various payment methods like American Express, JCB, MasterCard, etc. 

What Are The Types Of Products You Can Find At Proozy?


As you have read in the previous sections, Proozy offers a wide range of products, most of which are related to an active lifestyle, like shoes, bags, workout clothing, bags, etc.

All these products are sourced from genuine brand retailers.

Some types of products you can expect to find at Proozy include:

  • Footwear for men, women, and children
  • Clothing for men, women, and children
  • Beauty and bath products
  • Bags, like handbags and backpacks
  • Dining and kitchen equipment 
  • Simple electronic products
  • Lingerie like sports bra and underwear
  • Apparel like dresses, sleepwear, leggings, hoodies, pants, shirts, etc. 

Pricing At Proozy

Proozy is known for offering some of the best products at very affordable prices. Additionally, the company also keeps offering occasional deals and discounts.

Even without the discounts, you can easily buy clothing and/or footwear at Proozy. As previously mentioned, Proozy collaborates with many high-end brands around the world.

The company has managed to build great business relations with these brands, which is why you will always find great discounts and deals here. 

Discounts And Promotions At Proozy

As mentioned in the above sections, Proozy is known to offer some of the best deals and discounts in the market. In fact, the company’s business concept is based on offering the best promotions and deals.

For instance, Proozy keeps offering the Warehouse Sale, where new items are always updated to the Clearance section; here, you can find discounts up to 90%. 

Then, there are also many other types of deals. If you join the official Proozy Facebook group, you will be offered a wide range of family deals.

These mostly reward programs where you will receive points for every dollar that you spend. These points can then be redeemed the next time you shop for something. 

Quality Of The Products

It is natural for most people to question the quality of products that are very affordable, especially when it comes to branded products. This is quite normal because most people think that they will end up receiving fake knock-offs. 

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However, you do not have to worry about the quality of the products you receive from Proozy. The company sells only real and authentic products from authorized retailers from different parts of the world.

Since all the products come from authorized retailers, you will only receive high-quality products at Proozy. 

For instance, let us consider clothing. The fit and size of the clothing will be perfect. Additionally, you will also not be disappointed by the stitching and finish of the clothing.

Of course, their quality will depend on the brand. For instance, the quality of a Nike sweatshirt will be different than that of Adidas. 

However, most customers are very happy with the quality of the products. While the prices may seem too good to be true, it does not mean that the products will be cheap. 

Shipping And Locations

Another great aspect of Proozy is that its shipping services are nothing short of excellent. As of now, the company delivers its products to customers in the US only.

If you are a US-based citizen, you will definitely love the ‘Order for Pickup’ service. 

This particular service allows you to pick your order on the same day within two hours if you live in St. Paul, Minnesota. However, you will have to place your orders well within 3 pm.

This delivery service is perfect for people who are looking for the same-day delivery option and do not have the patience to wait for the shipping. 

Charges Of Shipping

The shipping charges will depend on the type of shipping service that you have. You have three options – Standard, Express, and Expedited. However, if your order exceeds $100, you are liable for free delivery. 

Proozy Return Policy

The company has provided quite a straightforward return policy to its customers. You can return your products well under 30 days; however, the items need to be unworn and in their original condition. 

Based on reviews, it has been found that most customers were very satisfied with the return policy, often mentioning that the process is uncomplicated and fast.

As for the return money, customers will be charged $7 and the amount will reflect into your account within two weeks. 

Customer Care Support

Proozy is known to offer a great customer care service to its customers. Many people are very satisfied by their experience talking with the agents.

These agents are knowledgeable and will respond to your queries quickly. You can reach out to the customer care agents via live chat, email, and telephone. 

Final Thoughts 

So, is Proozy legit? Based on this review and the many online customer feedback, it is safe to say that Proozy is a dependable platform where you will only find high-quality materials at very affordable prices.

The catalog of available products is quite massive and mostly caters to people who follow a very active lifestyle and take their exercising very seriously. 

Additionally, the prices of these items are very affordable, particularly if you can manage to bag a deal or discount.

Even if you are not happy with the products, the 30-day guarantee allows you to return the purchase and get your money back.

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