10 Proven Promotional Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business


With so many marketing ideas available today, choosing the ones best suited for your brand can be difficult.

We have compiled a list of our favorite ten proven promotional marketing ideas for your small business.

Contests Or Giveaways

People love free items. This is what makes contests or giveaways so successful. You can use contests to give away products or services, which also helps build brand awareness.

You can even partner with other small businesses to make contests or giveaways more valuable and newsworthy.

In addition to gifting the winner, you can also issue smaller promotional items or discounts to applicants, thus increasing brand awareness and sales.

Video Tutorials

Video marketing is an excellent idea in today’s digital world. Video tutorials that describe exactly how to use your product or who needs your service can help answer customers’ most commonly asked questions.

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You can also use trending topics to earn a following and promote brand awareness. Video tutorials also offer a unique opportunity to add an element of personalization to your brand. Studies show that customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand they share values with.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to nurture potential customers through different buying stages. You can also use email messages to stay in communication with previous customers.

Update your email list on new events or products within the business. Share coupons or discounts to your email list to boost sales.

Email marketing is also a great way to position yourself as an expert in the market since you can use your list to share high-quality content relevant to your industry.

Promotional Free Items

People love free items. Whether it’s a free service or a physical item, customers are more likely to become repeat buyers of a brand in which they have previously received free items.

You can use promotional free items in a number of ways to promote your brand. One idea is to include a small gift with each customer’s purchase.

Another idea is to give away free notebooks or pens to conference-goers or shoppers at a show.

Choosing unique promotional ideas can help your brand stand out from others. For example, trade show customers will often receive ample company-branded notebooks.

Make your brand stand out with memorable promotional items, like custom mini baseball bat pens. Stock up on branded items, so you always have them when you need them.

Digital Advertising

Advertising is a must for any size of business. Additionally, it’s also important to choose the advertising strategies that best align with your small business’s goals.

There are many advertising opportunities, including PPC, SEO, content marketing, and social media ads, but it’s crucial to choose one that will get you the results you want.

Social Media

Social media gives you a unique opportunity to interact with your customers on an impersonal level.

Small businesses can use social media to give their company a personality and let the world know what makes them different.

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Social media also allows you to reach a wide range of customers. You can choose specific social media platforms based on your target audience.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are an ideal option for business-to-business companies. Trade shows give you the chance to meet with others who work in your industry.

Even better, they usually offer you the opportunity to meet with the decision-makers in a business, which can help you earn more sales.

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Sponsor Events

Sponsoring local community events can help earn customer trust and create brand awareness.

Sponsoring community fairs or children’s sports teams gets your small business name out there in the community.

You can push brand awareness even further with free promotional items, such as T-shirts or socks with your company logo.

Direct Mailers

While digital marketing offers many benefits, many brands can also find value in physical strategies. Direct mailers can be an effective way to reach local customers.

If you have a physical storefront or sell a product to a specific neighborhood, you may find direct mailers successful.


Podcasts are a good way to earn customer trust. Invite other experts in the industry to share tips and tricks with listeners.

Over time, your audience base will consider you an expert in your industry. When they’re ready to buy or book a service, you’ll be the first company they consider.

Small businesses can sometimes find it difficult to reach customers. Identifying goals and then creating a marketing strategy that includes promotional items and social media marketing can help you increase brand awareness and push sales.

Becoming a part of your community can also help you earn a loyal following of customers.

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