Is Seek Socially Legit? A Comprehensive Review 2024

Is Seek Socially Legit?

Is Seek Socially Legit? Full Review 2024

A lot of tools that can help you with Instagram growth come and go, but there are some that stick around for a while, and really make an impression.

The challenge that you’ve got is to work out which ones are legit, and which ones aren’t.

Today, we’re going to review, in particular, Seek Socially, and we’re going to discuss their features, what they offer their clients, and ultimately, whether they are legit or not.

This way, you can determine whether they are a good fit for your Instagram growth or not. Let’s get on to it.

What is Seek Socially?

Seek Socially

Seek Socially is a company that claims to be the ultimate social growth tool. They have been reviewed by Digital Journal, Increditools, WP Dev Shed and The Small Business Blog, which are absolutely incredible outlets to have a name attached to.

They say they provide their clients with genuine followers that are targeted and real, and they also say that they can help their clients with engagement that is powered by the world’s leading artificial intelligence.

You’re probably here because you want to be able to grow your Instagram, but the good thing about these guys is that they can help you with your Twitter and TikTok as well.

You will see tabs for all of these social media channels when you visit the website for the first time, so that you can click on the one that applies to you right now.

They say that their features and their services are safe to use for public figures, influencers, and businesses.

Seek Socially Features

Seek Socially Features

Speaking of features, let’s take a look at some of the features that Seek Socially says they can offer their clients.

One of the standout features of this growth service is that they can help their clients with standard organic growth as well as priority support.

Of course, if you are using an ongoing service to grow your Instagram or other social media channels, you need to be able to contact the company directly should you have any issues.

We can see that they have good customer support because they have a chat box on their home page where you can communicate with them whenever you need to.

When it comes to Instagram features, they say that the first thing you’ll need to do is select your targets. This is going to be a list of profiles that have a similar interest to the audience that you are trying to target.

This is going to help them reach out to the right people for your content.

Once you’ve done this, they can start to interact with these people for you, based on your specific targeting criteria. As a result, you will see your real Instagram followers grow.

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Seek Socially for TikTok and Twitter

Seek Socially - Buy TikTok Followers
Seek Socially - Buy Twitter Followers

Seek Socially offers their features for TikTok and Twitter as well.

They offer the same targeting features for these social platforms as they do for Instagram, so the same rules apply, you just send them a list of accounts that are similar to the audience you’re trying to target on TikTok and Twitter, and they will go about trying to interact with the right people for you.

Seek Socially Pricing

Seek Socially Pricing

Seek Socially is pretty reasonably priced in our opinion. The thing about the world of social media growth is that there are either companies out there that are super expensive, or they’re really cheap and too good to be true.

We think that these guys fall right in the middle, which is where most legit companies need to be. Their starter pack is going to cost you $44 a month, and this offers limited growth features, as well as their standard organic growth.

They also say it comes with normal support.

They’ve also got a premium package, which is going to cost you $99 a month, which features maximum organic growth, all the necessary growth features for you to do well, and priority support.

Again, we think that their pricing reflects reasonable, high-quality features that are going to really do your Instagram profile a favor.

What About Their Team?

One of the things that it is important to find when it comes to reviewing companies like this and determining whether they are legit or not is how much information they have on their website about the team behind the features.

Seek Socially mentions on their homepage that they use powerful artificial intelligence to implement their features, so you’ve got to wonder who’s behind this powerful artificial intelligence, e.g., who is managing it, and who has developed it.

We are pleased to say that there is ample evidence of information around their team on their website, so that you can really get to know them before you choose any of their features.

What About How They Did in Tests?

Seek Socially went through a testing system which we do to all companies like this that we review, because this is one of the best ways that we can work out whether they are legit or not.

We decided to sign up for their starter pack, which as you know costs us $44 a month. We were promised standard organic growth, as well as a normal level of support.

We are pleased to say that they delivered on both of these, and our experience overall was positive.

We sent them a list of targeted accounts that were going to help them figure out our ideal demographic, and they started interacting with these kinds of profiles almost straight away.

As a result, we got a great level of engagement that we haven’t been able to find with too many other companies out there.

We also believe that these guys have a high retention rate, which means that the engagement that they source for you isn’t going to fall off your Instagram profile anytime soon.

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Is Seek Socially Legit? The Final Review Verdict.

The thing about the social media marketing industry is that there is a ton of companies out there that claim to be legit and claim to be able to help you with your Instagram growth.

However, when the rubber meets the road, they can’t, and everything that they pretend to be is a house of cards.

The good news is that we believe Seek Socially to be completely legit, which means that you can trust them to help you with your Instagram growth, as well as helping you with Twitter and TikTok as well.

Good luck!

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