Social Boost Review 2024: Will Instagram Ban You?

Social Boost Review: Is It Safe & Legit or a Scam?

Taking On Instagram

Instagram is a great social platform to share virtually anything you want. That is, as long as you understand that they have restricted content that you must avoid to prevent getting flagged, suspended, or banned.

Instagram is great for social interactions and for influencers, micro-influencers, business owners, and brands to increase their presences online. Some people are making a living using Instagram. 

No matter how you’re using this social media platform, you do need to know its guidelines and terms of use. First, you need to read the terms of use and the restricted content information. You can find all that on the Instagram website, so there is no excuse for not knowing.

While the content restrictions, algorithm, the prohibited use of bots, automation, and fake engagement, and your time are all challenges, you can still make Instagram work for you.

You do need to make sure you understand and keep up with why this platform prohibits bots, automation, and fake accounts. It’s not because they are trying to make it harder for you to engage. It’s to protect their user’s privacy and protect them from unnecessary spam. 

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and all the social media giants work to protect their users this way. That’s why they are strict about how you engage on their platforms. 

You can overcome all the struggles of Instagram engagement. Knowing how to engage and where to get reliable help are two things that assist you with proper interactions. 

It’s hard to find a reliable and honest third-party service to help you build, grow, and interact on Instagram. 

That’s one reason we write these reviews. The information contained within this review is there to help you and guide you in making good decisions.

Social Boost Overview 2024

So, you’ve had your Instagram account for a while now, and you’ve been doing everything you can to try and grow it to where you’re happy with the follower count.

You’ve done campaigns, and you’ve spent hours of your own time every day trying to build it up – but nothing seems to be working.

Instagram is tedious that way. You can spend hours upon hours and not see results, or not see the results you want. That doesn’t mean you can’t win, though.

While it’s easy to think that it’s just not meant the be, the reality is that you’re not alone – there are actually a lot of people out there who have the same problem as you.

This is because the Instagram landscape is getting more and more difficult to navigate, and for some, it’s near impossible.

You need a third party company – but who to trust?

How on earth do you figure out who is worth your time and money out there, and who isn’t? Unfortunately, there are now a lot of companies out there that are more than happy to turn a quick profit at their client’s expense.

They want to help them get ahead overnight – but they don’t want to see them do well long-term. This is why you need a company that actually cares about the welfare of their clients.

Let’s review Social Boost to see if it cares about its clients and about the services it provides.

Social Boost Review


Social Boost claims to be a growth service for Instagram that grows its client’s accounts through their growth agency ‘organically’.

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This company claims to be the “#1 Organic Instagram Growth Service” and the “#1 Instagram Marketing Agency”, which seems a little suspicious to us to say the least.

They say that they are the number one Instagram growth service in the industry, and their website does appear legit on the surface. Further down, we’re not so sure.

While it’s nice to think that a company like might be able to help you with your Instagram growth, their website does look a little bit too-good-to-be-true.

It’s been my experience that when something looks too good to be true, it is. There are very few times in life that this has not been the case.

They have a chatbox on their homepage, for example, which is helpful – but who knows how long it might take them to get back in touch with you? You won’t really know until you sign up with them – even if you test it out beforehand, they might have a special category for potential clients where they get back in touch really quickly.

Why Avoid SocialBoost?

So, why do you need to avoid a company like Social Boost to help you? Well, why not? You’ve spent many days now of your own time trying to grow your Instagram account, so why not get someone else to do it now?

If you got someone like Social Boost to help with your engagement, you wouldn’t have that much more time to devote to making more of that awesome content that everyone loves. This is because while they claim to be legit, they’re really nothing more than an Instagram bot.

Social Boost says that they are a glorified Instagram marketer, which you can use as your personal assistant to help you with your Instagram engagement. However, this is an inflated statement, as they are just another automated bot that covers the bases. There is more risk in using a bot than using a personal account manager, so you’ve got to be cautious of this.

How Does Social Boost Work?


So, how does Social Boost claim to work? Well, we think that this company uses fake people to market your Instagram account for you. That’s right, they have fake people who don’t care about the legitimacy of your profile at all.

They say that they don’t mess with automation or bots. They also say that their ‘real’ followers are targeted to match up with your niche and industry, and they can even direct message new people when they follow you, to make them feel welcomed and involved in your community. However, we know that this is simply not true.

Social Boost claims that each of their personal account managers are given a device, and are supposed to help you manage your Instagram profile. While this sounds great, it also sounds a little bit inflated again – it would take a lot of time and effort for each one of their personal account managers to stay on top of everyone’s profiles through different devices.

The Features and Pricing of Social Boost

Regardless of what we suspect about Social Boost, we still want to provide our readers with an unbiased review of this company.

That is why we include the features offered and the plans and pricing of the service.

Social Boost calls these their “Instagram Growth Plans”. Let’s have a look at them.

Basic – The Low-End Tier

  • Price: $59 per month or $590 per year
  • 100% Organic Growth
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Cancel Services Anytime

Premium – The Most Popular Mid-Tier

  • Price: $99 per month or $990 per year
  • Everything from the Basic Plan
  • Location and Gender Targeting
  • Weekly Optimization Audits
  • Faster Follower Growth

Turbocharged – The Highest Cost Upper Tier

  • Price: $249 per month or $2,490 per year
  • Everything from the Premium Plan
  • Turbocharged Growth
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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As you can see, each plan comes with an option to pay monthly or yearly for these features. 

Social Boost claims you get an Instagram marketer with these plans and that you can have your campaign set up in a mere few hours. 

Don’t Get Started with SocialBoost

We don’t suggest that you get started with Social Boost in any respect. Their fake engagement and automated bot is only going to hold you back from doing really well.

Another thing to be wary of here is that when a company promises an exact number of customers, they’ve got to be able to back this up with real reviews.

They seem to have a few reviews on their website, but nowhere near as many as 3000. We get that not every client is going to take the time to leave a good review, however, we think that if they had this many satisfied customers, they would probably have more.

What’s more, if you look a little harder at their reviews, you will notice that they’re fake.

Pros & Cons Review

We don’t love that they don’t give potential clients a free trial to work with. This is the most basic, yet most helpful way to figure out whether a company is going to work for you or not. Without this, there’s no way of knowing what their features are like.

We also feel that their prices could be a little bit cheaper, considering their glorified features are simpler than you might think. Also, the negative reviews should be considered here, because it means that not everyone is satisfied with their features.

  • Secure site
  • Chatbox on their website
  • No free trial
  • Could be considered expensive
  • There’s been some negative reviews

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit

Is Social Boost Safe?

We are going to have to recommend that you look elsewhere for help on your Instagram account. Social Boost isn’t safe in our opinion.

We cannot claim that Social Boost is a total scam, but they are also not exactly honest in their dealings. 

They cannot prove that the engagement they provide is manual and human. It’s unlikely that it is since they wouldn’t be able to manage as many accounts as they have.

Sadly, they also reported all their 1-star reviews on Trustpilot as if people don’t have the right to give them a negative review. 

We also noticed that Trustpilot recognized several fake reviews on their Trustpilot page for Social Boost that they are working on removing. 

All that is all-around disappointing.

There have also been reports of their clients getting their Instagram accounts flagged as well as complaints from clients regarding not getting their refunds.

Apparently, these customers were ignored after multiple attempts to cancel the service. That doesn’t give a company very good credibility. 

We suggest you try looking for more reputable methods of Instagram interactions.

SocialBoost FAQs

Will Social Boost Steal My Password?

We can’t see any reason why a company like Social Boost WOULDN’T want to steal their client’s passwords. They have sub par features that they won’t be able to sell to everyone.

Will Social Boost Steal My Account?

This question has a similar answer to the one about the password – we simply think that Social Boost DOES have an incentive to steal their client’s accounts. We think that they are in the business of selling their client’s profiles to third party companies.

Reviewer’s Conclusion

At the end of the day, after reviewing SocialBoost, we have decided that they are NOT a trustworthy company that you can use to help your Instagram growth.

While they might not offer a free trial so that you can get to know their features without committing first, and their prices aren’t as inclusive as we’d like, we think that the worst part is the fact that they are selling their clients an automated bot. You definitely don’t want to associate with this kind of growth.

Remember, there are plenty of companies out there that you’d rather avoid completely, and you can now add Social Boost to that list.

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