SocialPlus Review 2023: Is It Safe or a Big Scam?

SocialPlus Review: Is It Safe & Legit or a Scam?

Let’s talk about SocialPlus.

How many of us have had issues in the past growing our Instagram account, and feel inferior being on there in the first place?

If this is you, then don’t worry – you’re not alone.

There are lots of people that struggle with creating and growing a successful Instagram account – but it’s not their fault. The fact that billions of people now use Instagram means that you’ve got your work cut out for you.

But it’s not all bad – there are some great companies that can hold your hand through the process. We know what it’s like to not know too much about the Instagram growth industry.

This is why we want to impart my knowledge onto you, so that you can make great choices when it comes to your Instagram profile.

Let’s review SocialPlus and decide if they’re worth using for your Instagram account.

SocialPlus Review 2023


SocialPlus is an Instagram growth service that claims to be able to organically help its clients reach new people who are going to be genuinely interested in their content.

It also claims to be able to help out with growing your brand long-term. There is a small risk that it’s a bot. 

What is SocialPlus?


So, what is SocialPlus? Well, on their homepage, they explain that they are an organic growth service for Instagram that can help you get ahead and build a brand on the gram that’s going to be around for a long time to come.

They seem to place a lot of emphasis on creating engagement for their clients that’s going to last them for ages, which of course, is the noble thing to do.

They offer views, automatic likes, and regular likes, and they offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days, in case you’re not happy with your order. They also claim to offer 24/7 support, and secure payment so you don’t have to think about your details getting stolen.

Getting Started with SocialPlus

So, how do you get started with Social Plus?

Well, first, you decide what kind of features are going to best suit your niche and industry, and then you work out which price range you fit into, and how quickly you want to grow your online brand.

As well as offering Instagram likes, views, followers, and automatic likes, they have an Instagram profile analyzer as well as an Instagram hashtag generator.

Additionally, SocialPlus offers services for YouTube as well, which include things like views, upvotes, subscribers, and likes.

Their pricing options are flexible so that you can choose one to accommodate your budget.

Pros & Cons

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit

What About Their Team?

Brands out there like this are usually able to talk a little bit about their people on their website.

We couldn’t find anything like this on SocialPlus’ website. This means that they’re not upfront and transparent with their customers.

SocialPlus Pricing


So, let’s talk about pricing for a second.

SocialPlus offers an interesting price range, which you won’t find with too many other companies like this. Their prices start from just $1.95, which can buy your 100 likes.

They claim that this gives you access to high-quality profiles, gradual delivery, and around the clock support. They also say that you don’t have to share your password to access their features.

Their pricing goes all the way up to $73 for 10,000 likes, which we think is definitely on the cheaper side of things. This implies that their likes aren’t high quality at all but, in fact, low quality and potentially fake.


Do I Need to Share My Password?

SocialPlus has explained on their website that their clients do not need to share their Instagram or YouTube password to have access to their features. However, depending on how you look at this, it can be a bad thing.

Usually, companies that need their client’s Instagram passwords are selling real, active engagement, that needs to be manually placed on your content. If they’re not, then they won’t need actually to access your profile, like Social Plus.

Will I Get Shadowbanned?

Don’t worry – a company like this can’t get you shadowbanned. This is largely because shadowbanning has a lot more to do with hashtags than anything else.

Just make sure that your hashtag strategy is above board, and relevant to your niche and industry. When Instagram shadowbans you, they limit your content’s reach so that it can only be shown to people that already follow you.

Will They Steal My Account?

We don’t think that there’s any intention here of SocialPlus stealing your account.

While they might want to sell you fake engagement or use a bot for their automation, we don’t think that their purpose as a company is to steal accounts.

It might be, but from what we can see right now, we’re pretty confident that it’s not.

Review Conclusion

Ultimately, we don’t think that SocialPlus is safe to use.

While they have the best of intentions and have shown a lot of features on their website that makes it easier to work with them, at the end of the day, we have to stick to our guns and explain that they are most likely either an automated bot, or they’re selling their client’s fake engagement.

Both put your profile at risk of being suspended or banned, and neither helps you in the long run.

It’s better to find a company that wants to grow your profile gradually, with real engagement.

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