SocialSteeze Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps (2024)

SocialSteeze Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

SocialSteeze Alternatives 2024

SocialSteeze Alternatives: The fact is, there are many SocialSteeze alternatives that operate via similar websites or apps.

The bad news is, a lot of these aren’t safe because they use low-level technology which can get you shadowbanned (or outright banned!). Some companies have even been known to steal big accounts.

The alternatives below have been vetted by the Bountii research team.

They are reliable, and more importantly, they are safe.

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
2NitreoGrowth ServiceVisit

SocialSteeze Shut Down: Why This Happened

BREAKING NEWS: SocialSteeze was shut down as part of a network of sites. The owners are currently being sued by Facebook. Facebook doesn’t like companies that sell fake engagement or promote automated technology.

Be safe. Make sure you use a vetted service.

What Was SocialSteeze?

As a person who has been in the marketing niche for ages, I have seen it all, heard it all and thought I had done it all until social media became the trend.

If you have been on the social platform for some time, you know too well that the pressures and the expectations of having a bigger social following than the next person are a reality.

I have used many techniques in the hope of being better than my competitors have and achieving my goals, but all has not been rosy.

When Instagram became a thing, I had to sit up all night to follow, like and unfollow users with the aim of increasing my visibility. But things are now easier with the introduction of Instagram growth service providers.

With all the tools and services on the market, you become confused regarding the one to choose. Today I take time to review one of the most popular services in Socialsteeze, and by good luck, the one I am using at this time.

Should You Use Social Steeze?

Many users go ahead to buy fake followers and likes. This might be their key to overnight social media celebrity status, but at the end of the day, it destroys the account.

It is strange when you have a million followers on Instagram and you can only get 20 likes on an image, but this happens when your followers are fake. The worst thing is that once you have fake followers, you cannot easily get rid of them.

What you need is an audience that knows what you want, and goes ahead to help you achieve your goals through proper engagement.

Here are the features that make SocialSteeze ideal for your needs.

Pinpoint Your Audience Accurately

SocialSteeze makes use of Artificial Intelligence that targets the audience as accurately as possible. This means you get to attract followers who are not only interested in your profile but who are also ready to engage with your content.

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You can use the technology to target followers by age, gender, location and more. If you donít want to engage with other users, you can easily blacklist them.

Easy Setup

Many people donít have the luxury of sitting on the computer the whole day filling out form after form. Social Steeze understands this, and they give you a short form that you can fill in minutes, after which you select a plan and they process the payment.

After this, you work with an account manager who then walks you through the steps to get the account up and running. They also monitor and optimize the account to improve the performance.


You choose between two plans depending on your budget and needs. The basic plan is suitable for users on a budget and who are just starting out. The advanced plan is ideal for users who are looking for the fastest growth.

SocialSteeze Alternatives: The Verdict

Socialsteeze was a top service that used advanced technology to give you the best user experience.

Use any of our vetted alternatives to get a similar or higher level of service.

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