SocialUpgrade Alternatives: + The Shut Down & What Happened

Social Upgrade Alternatives

SocialUpgrade Alernatives: SocialUpgrade has been added to the long list of companies shut down by Instagram for various reasons that we’ll get into below.

The thing is, it’s getting harder and harder for people like you to find reputable Instagram automation companies that can help with your engagement. This is because they’re becoming less and less effective, as Instagram gets more and more powerful.

To stand up to a giant like that is no easy feat, and the number of companies that have a good reputation behind them is dwindling rapidly. Let’s take a look at Social Upgrade and why it got shut down, and what’s out there in terms of alternatives.

What Was SocialUpgrade?

Social Upgrade was a growth tool that helped you grow your following on Instagram.

They said that they could organically help you grow your Instagram account with a service that was completely managed for you. They had some pretty affordable price points, starting out at just $39 and going up to $99. You could do a lot worse than this, so we think that they’re in the middle of the road when it comes to their services and how much they cost. Just like other companies out there, Social Upgrade used automatic software to help their customers grow their Instagram accounts. Let’s take a look at why they got shut down by Instagram.

Why Did it Get Shutdown?

For a while now, Instagram has been on the hunt for companies like Social Upgrade to shut down. Why? Because according to Instagram, they are in violation of the terms and conditions. This is because Instagram has its own paid promotions and ads that ideally they’d like their users to choose instead. This means that Social Upgrade and others are their direct competition.

It’s no surprise, then, that Instagram has become so serious about wiping out the competition. Unfortunately, they have the power, status, and money to do so. These guys simply don’t stand a chance. As we mentioned before, it’s harder than ever to find a growth service that will actually work. Let’s take a look at some we think might be able to help.

Social Upgrade Alternatives

Alternative #1 FanBump


It looks like FanBump has been able to brave the battle and keep on keeping on, despite Instagram’s recent rampage. In fact, they boast about this on their homepage, saying that they haven’t had one account gets removed as a result of using their services. This is definitely the boost of confidence you need right now, so it’s good to know that there are still companies out there like this that can make an impact on your engagement.

Fan Bump offers its customers an organic, customized engagement strategy that is unique to their profile and niche. This means that you can get targeted interactions with real, authentic people who are most likely going to follow you when they visit your page. Fan Bump has client graphs on their website that indicates just how effective their growth service has been so far. They also have a disclaimer to remind you that results are going to vary, which is a sure sign that they are the real deal. If their results didn’t vary, then they would just be selling fake engagement.

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Alternative #2 Stellation Media

One of the first things you see when you visit Stellation Media’s website is that they offer a free consultation. This is great, especially considering the number of features options they have. The more personable you can get with your third party marketing company, the better they can understand what you’re hoping to get out of working with them.

When you have your consultation with them, you’ll find out that they have many different services on offer. They can help you build up your website again so that you stay relevant, and they can also help you create your next email marketing campaign. What’s more, they can stay on top of that social media management and even develop your brand to the point that’s going to be attractive and appealing. All in all, Stellation Media can cover everything from A to Z – just think of them as the HQ of online marketing.

Alternative #3 Follow Adder


There’s a lot to be said for the old-timers – those companies who have been around since this industry first started out. They have both experience and expertise on their side, and the fact that they are still standing also says a lot. Follow Adder is one of those companies that has just gone from strength to strength, having established a solid reputation for itself that means its customers keep coming back for more.

What we love most about Follow Adder is that you can download it onto your desktop, and it’s compatible with most desktop software. This is great if you like to have a bit of the control still.

Alternative #4 Hashtags for Likes


We love an established brand, and we like newcomers as well – but we have a special place for companies that come up with an impressive point of difference. Hashtags for Likes has taken the hashtag approach, as you may have guessed from their name.

It’s super important to have the right hashtags on board with your engagement strategy – otherwise, you’re not going to connect to the perfect audience. Hashtags for Likes uses its search engine to help you find information on hashtags that you’re already using or want to use so that you can stay ahead of the competition and Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm.


SocialUpgrade has been shut down, which means there’s one less option out there for your Instagram growth. Automation is becoming harder and harder to implement on Instagram as the social media giant cracks down on companies that violate its terms and conditions.

With our list of the best Social Upgrade alternatives, you can be confident that you’ve got a few options to keep you going. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll become an overnight success, we do know that all of these companies are fan favorites.

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