Story Views Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Story Views Review

Story Views Review 2024

Every thought about trying something else to boost your Instagram engagement? You may have reached a point with it where you’re tired of having to do it yourself. It may feel like everyone else is doing so much better than you, and you have to set aside too much time every day to make sure that it gets done.

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However, just because you want to make it big on the gram, it doesn’t mean that you have to put even more time into it than you already do. If you have the budget for it, you can reach out to a third party company and see if they can help. Let’s check one out.

What is Story Views?

You may have noticed that people are getting on the Instagram stories bandwagon like there’s no tomorrow. Everyone loves to use Instagram stories to give their followers a little insight into what’s going on, whether it’s what they’ve eaten for breakfast or a brand update that’s really important.

Either way, companies like Story Views are making the most of this and coming out with engagement features that specifically target this part of your target audience’s content. They claim to be able to attract real visitors to your page every day, and they even have a chatbox on their homepage so that you can ask them questions about how they work.

Story Views checks out other people’s Instagram stories for you as a part of your engagement strategy. We think that it’s time to kick the unfollow/follow feature to the curb – it’s not being effective enough anymore. Story Views will ask you to give them an idea of what your target audience looks like so that they can target the right people for you. They even claim to have a dedicated account manager who can help get things going as well.

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Why Story Views?


So, why work with a company like Story Views? They say that they can make growing your Instagram account easy. They also say that they can increase the number of profile views you get every day through their organic engagement features, and they also claim to care about how much money you’ve got to spend by keeping their prices affordable.

They say that because you are viewing real stories put up by real people, there’s a really good chance that this is going to get them to check out your account.

Final Thoughts

Story Views say that their Instagram engagement approach is risk-free. They appear to have real results from their former and current clients on their homepage, which is definitely a great way to feel more confident about a company.

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They also display their price points on their homepage, which is a bit of a pet peeve for us. However, we are glad that they’re there because this means that you probably won’t get ripped off with hidden costs. All in all, Story Views is a company that’s jumping on the Instagram story feature and has some pretty affordable price points.

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