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Amnesty International “Human Slaughterhouse” Report Lacks Evidence, Credibility, Reeks Of State Department Propaganda

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post BrandonTurbeville.com In yet another act of “convenient” timing, Amnesty International has released a bombshell report alleging the execution by hanging of 13,000 Syrian prisoners by the Syrian government from 2011-2015. The report, “Human Slaughterhouse: Mass Hangings … Continue reading

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Who Wants All Your Attention on “Hamas” and “Rockets,” and Why

European colonizers invaded the North American continent, surrounded Native Americans, herded them into ghettos, tortured and exterminated them – men, women, children, and babies alike – stole their land, and took it over for themselves. Under now-binding international law, those were war crimes. It was, indeed, also … Continue reading

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Sign Amnesty Int’l Petition to “Urge U.S. Government to stop arming Israel”

Sign this Amnesty International petition to urge the US government to stop providing lethal weapons and other support to Israel as it carries out yet another massacre in Palestine.  Providing such support to Israel, as Amnesty has noted, is illegal … Continue reading

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