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The mainstream media mouthpieces for the establishment peddle false narratives, disingenuous storylines, and outright propaganda to keep the ignorant masses confused, oblivious to reality, misinformed, and passively submissive to the opinions of highly paid “experts” and captured fiscal authorities. The … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve Has Declared the Winner in the Generational Financial War

The policy of safeguarding Boomer benefits with asset bubbles will lead to the destruction of the unprepared, the unwary and those who foolishly trusted our “leadership” and central bank to tell them the truth. Though it is exceedingly politically incorrect … Continue reading

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The Coming Global Generational Adjustment

All sorts of promises, explicit and implicit, were issued to win votes. All the promises are now empty, and we might as deal with this reality head-on. Here’s what often happens when people start discussing Baby Boomers, Gen-X and Gen-Y … Continue reading

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The Happy Story of Boomers Retiring on Their Generational Wealth Is Wrong

This happy story is wrong on multiple counts. The conventional view of the Baby Boomers’ retirement is a happy story: since we’re living longer and remaining productive longer, Boomers will not be as much of a burden on Gen-X and Gen-Y … Continue reading

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The Generational Short Part 2: Who Will Boomers Sell Their Stocks To?

Those who see the current era as the New Normal also have one logical action: sell now at the top and wait for the smoke to clear in 2016. In The Generational Short: Banks, Wall Street, Housing and Luxury Retail Are … Continue reading

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