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The Ruling Elites Love How Easily We’re Distracted and Turned Against Each Other

Let’s say you’re one of the ruling elites operating the nation for the benefit of the oligarchy. What’s the best way to distract the populace from your self-serving dominance in a blatantly neofeudal system? 1. Provide modern-day versions of Bread and Circuses to … Continue reading

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Recipe for Collapse: Rising Military and Social Welfare Spending

Whatever you think of former Fed chair Alan Greenspan, he is one of the few public voices identifying runaway entitlement costs as a structural threat to the economy and nation. We can summarize Greenspan’s comments very succinctly:there is no free … Continue reading

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If You Want to Limit the Power of the Super-Wealthy, Stop Using their Money

Many well-meaning people want to limit the wealth and power of the super-wealthy, i.e. the Financial Aristocracy/Oligarchy. (For more on the modern class structure, please see America’s Nine Classes: The New Class Hierarchy.) Reformers have suggested everything from a global … Continue reading

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The Class War Has Already Started

Pundits and apologists are quick to chastise anyone who even speaks of class war, as if the words alone might spark what the pundits and apologists fear. The pundits and apologists dread the words because they know the Class War … Continue reading

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Untangling America from the American Empire

The Status Quo would have us believe that America and its Empire are one entity. This is handy for those with Imperial designs but it is false: America could be untangled from its Empire, and many of us believe it … Continue reading

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