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Why Our System Is Broken: Cheap Credit Is King

Cheap credit–newly issued money that can be borrowed at low rates of interest–is presented as the savior of our economic system, but in reality, it’s why our system is broken. The conventional economic pitch goes like this: cheap credit enables … Continue reading

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Governments Change, the Corporatocracy Endures

One little-remarked consequence of the central banks’ policies of near-zero interest rates and quantitative easing is the unrivaled dominance of mobile global capital, i.e. the Corporatocracy. The source of corporate political power is the ability to borrow essentially unlimited sums … Continue reading

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The Global Template for Collapse: The Enchanting Charms of Cheap, Easy Credit

According to polls, the majority of Greek citizens want the benefits of membership in the euro/EU and the end of EU-imposed austerity. The idea that these are mutually exclusive doesn’t seem to register. This is the discreet charm of magical … Continue reading

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What Happens When Cash Is No Longer Trash?

Those who actually create value as opposed to chasing yield with nearly-free money will actually have some traction once the swamp of excess liquidity drains. When those closest to the money spigots of the Federal Reserve can borrow billions for … Continue reading

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Dear Keynesians: Your Sad Devotion to Your Failed Religion Hasn’t Conjured Up a Recovery–Here’s Why

That any schoolkid could predict eliminating feedback and consequences will lead to a series of disastrously poor choices by speculators and imprudent borrowers doesn’t register with the Keynesian Cargo Cult. The Keynesian Cargo Cult’s ability to print and squander money … Continue reading

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