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Apple’s Rotten Core

Apple has always been equally an enterprise and a secular religion. The Apple Faithful do not tolerate heretics or critics, and non-believers “just don’t get it.” So the first thing any critic must do is establish their credentials as a Believer:My … Continue reading

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Commoditization = Deflation

Apple’s slumping sales growth in China re-energized discussions on the commoditization of smart phones: the basic idea is that once devices, services, goods, platforms, etc. are interchangeable and can be produced/generated anywhere, they are effectively commodities and their value declines accordingly. In the case of … Continue reading

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Loving Our Servitude in America’s Plantation Economy

One of the themes I’ve been addressing since 2008 is the neocolonial-plantation structure of the U.S. economy. The old models of colonial exploitation that optimized plantations worked by cheap imported labor (or situated in peripheral nations with plenty of cheap … Continue reading

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The Flaws in Basic Income for Everyone

Finland made the news recently by proposing a pilot program of guaranteed income for all, also known as Universal Basic Income: Desperate Finland Set To Unleash Helicopter Money Drop To All Citizens. The goal is two-fold: by providing every household … Continue reading

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Automation Doesn’t Just Destroy Jobs–It Destroys Profits, Too

The idea that taxing the owners of robots and software will fund guaranteed incomes for all is not anchored in reality. Automation is upending the global order by eliminating human labor on an unprecedented scale–and the status quo has no … Continue reading

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