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Japan: A Future of Stagnation

One of our longtime friends in Japan just sold the family business. The writing was on the wall, and had been for the past decade: fewer customers, with less money, and no end of competition for the shrinking pool of … Continue reading

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Four Ticking Global Time-Bombs Few Even Hear

The geopolitical and financial risks facing the global economy are well-known.Hot wars and currency meltdowns garner headlines around the world. But few even hear, much less discuss, four ticking global time-bombs: 1. The demographic time-bomb. 2. The public health time-bomb. … Continue reading

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The Echo Bubble in Housing Is About to Pop

The Federal Reserve-induced Echo Housing Bubble is finally starting to roll over, and the bubble’s pop won’t be pretty. Why is the bubble finally popping now? All the factors that inflated the Echo Housing bubble are running dry. These include: … Continue reading

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How Healthcare Is Dooming the U.S. Economy

Three charts crystallize the healthcare dynamics that are dooming the U.S. economy. The first depicts the runaway growth of healthcare costs–a rapid expansion that is a permanent feature of U.S. healthcare, regardless of which party is in office or what … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve Has Declared the Winner in the Generational Financial War

The policy of safeguarding Boomer benefits with asset bubbles will lead to the destruction of the unprepared, the unwary and those who foolishly trusted our “leadership” and central bank to tell them the truth. Though it is exceedingly politically incorrect … Continue reading

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